Victorian CX Series
VICXS Rd 2 - Beechworth SAT

Sat, 4 May 2019
Entries open
Sun, 14 Apr 2019 12:00 noon AEST
Entries close
Wed, 01 May 2019 11:59 PM AEST
Scratch cut-off
Wed, 01 May 2019 11:59 PM AEST
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Sat, 04 May 2019 11:59 PM AEST

Round 2: 2019 VICTORIAN CX SERIES – ‘CX WARS – Beechworth’

proudly presented by Beechworth Chain Gang & Cycling Victoria

General Info


  • Seniors: $45 per day (&80 for both days)
  • Young Guns: - $15 (will be transponder timed)
  • Kids: -- (on the day) - no need to pre-register. Please register on the day until ' before the kids race
    All senior grades and Young Guns are pre-enter via Entryboss only.


  • On-The-Day Entries: - Entries on the day will not be accepted
  • Scratching: - online entrants can withdrawal with a self-serve, automated refund within EntryBoss prior to the scratching cut-off.
  • Time Management: - Please aim to arrive with sufficient time to rego, get ready, familarise yourself with the course, say hi to mates and to warm up. Most people need at least an hour prior their race start.


If in doubt, please refer to this article from the FOJCX way-back machine for advice regarding grading.

RACE SCHEDULE (Provisional)

Main Activity Start Time Duration Finish Time
Free Practice - may be partial course 08:30 AM 90 10:00 AM
CX C (40mins) & Open M (30mins) & Young Guns (3 laps) 10:10 AM 40 10:50 AM
CX B (50 mins) 11:00 AM 50 11:50 AM
Free Practice (non kids track) 12:10 PM 25 12:35 PM
Kids Race 12:10 PM 15 12:25 PM
CX WA (50 mins) & CX WB (40 mins), CX WC (30 mins), Open W (30mins) 12:40 PM 45 01:25 PM
CX A (60 mins) 01:40 PM 60 02:40 PM
Presentations 03:00 PM 15 03:15 PM

Subject to change depending on entry numbers.

  • Presentations: - See race schedule.
  • Start procedures: - Riders need to present for their race start at least 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time so that they can be Called-Up by Commissaires. It is likely that the first 3 rows will be called, rest in random order. Cycling Victoria administer the Series points and as such the call up order. First race of the season, call-ups are based on last year's series points. See series rules for further detail.
  • Riders in timeslots with multiples categories racing. - We generally stagger the start for riders with shorter race durations, which means once the chequered flag comes out, that signifies the end of the race for all categories. This means, for instance, WA racing for 50 minutes will start at the schedule start time, with WB who are racing for 40 minutes starting approx 10 minutes later - with everyone finishing together. It's still a good idea to be in the start area early for you call up, regardless of whether you have a staggered start or not (because: logistics of organising people).


  • CX bikes must run CX tyres - 35mm max width (as written on tyre with tiny allowance for tyre flare on wide rims). Definitely no gravel grinder or Monster Cross tyres in CX Race Category. Riders can race Opens with any tyre, any bike.
  • PITS will be in operation: - As is the tradition in Cross, mechanical assistance must be taken from the designated pit area. Spare wheels & bike changes cannot be taken from random locations on the course - only in the pits. Riders must run the course to the pits if their bike is unrideable. We will run double-sided pits so the max distance to pits should be no more than half a lap depending on course layout.
  • Series Races - minimum ages? - Open category races are not part of the VIC CX Series points aggregate and are regarded as 'club racing' categories. The minimum age for Series races is riders born 2003 (please check CV Series rules for DOB/effective date requirements). Older juniors (say U15), with suitable experience, looking to race the full course for a full race duration can enter Opens. Young Guns will be for a reduced number of laps and can be chaperoned (see below for more info).


  • Licensing: - All riders need to be licensed to race (kids race excluded). Either Cycling Australia or MTBA Race Competition licenses, or an on-the-day MTBA license ($30). PLEASE NOTE: No temporary and trial Cycling Australia memberships for State-level events, although they will be accepted for the Men’s and Women’s Open category.
    If you are unlicensed, we recommend having a look at MTBA 2 Month Free trial licenses from the MTBA website which are accepted for all categories.

ABOUT Beechworth CX venue.


  • Address: Lake Sambell Caravan Park, Peach Drive, Beechworth.
    No parking on site, drop gear turnaround circle and park next to course at Lake Sambell reserve.


  • Parking: Follow the signs.
  • Toilets: Onsite toilets and cold shower available.
  • Coffee Person: yes
  • Food Van: yes
  • Beer; yes
  • Water: yes
  • Electricity: Yes


Ben Kraus Ph0422929235_

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Young Gun

$80 for both days. Discount automatically applied on 2nd day's entry.

A payment card fee may apply (calculated at checkout).

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