The race entry system.

Race Organisers deserve systems and processes to make their lives easier. Entry management and race preparation is about to get a whole lot less time consuming.

EntryBoss is the first system built specifically for club race management. Designed and developed by a team close to the sport - we are race managers and competitive cyclists ourselves - EntryBoss gives you hours of time back, to get on with what you love: running bike races.

Easy to use
Quick & easy entry interface
Fast setup with expert support
Cycling-specific dashboards
Reliable online architecture
Participant self-service tools
Mobile friendly
Self-service scratching
Automated refunds
Schedule opening, close, cut-off times
Google sheets & Excel exports
Manage entire seasons at once
Eases process management end-to-end
Grade limits and waitlisting
One-click handicapping
Numbering & startlist publication
Live race entrants list
Race templates
Customisable emails
Amazing value
Save your club’s most valuable asset - your people - time & headaches
Secure online payments
Very low cost
Reduce ‘no show’ losses
Full audit trail
Fewer queries from participants

We are set on making EntryBoss the world’s leading race management system, catering specifically to the needs of race organisers and entrants.

You can help us by using EntryBoss and by contributing your ideas. If you can imagine it, we can build it - and we invite you to be part of our journey. Early adopters literally get to help build the system of their dreams.

ABOUT US: We are event organisers, sports competitors, system developers and process nerds. We started building EntryBoss because we saw a desperate need to improve this important area. EntryBoss is already in use and well-progressed - with a lot more to come.

CONTACT US for a demo. We are confident that you will be impressed!

EntryBoss Rate Card

We’ve got three packages, designed to help clubs of all sizes.


per event

  • Includes all entry & event management features.
  • Intended for small clubs & associations.
  • Max 60 entries per race.
  • Available now.

per event

  • Includes all entry & race management features.
  • For larger clubs and events.
  • Max 200 entries per race.
  • Available now.

per event

  • Includes all entry, race & series management features.
  • Supports team entries.
  • Max 500 entries per race.
  • Available now.

Merchant fees

Our payment service has very low merchant fees of 1.2% + 30c per payment (for Australian domestic payment cards). It is up to you whether to absorb the merchant fee or pass it on to entrants.

Our experience is that these costs are more than recouped by reduced ‘no shows’ once your event goes pre-paid.

Terms & Conditions

All packages offered in conjunction with our standard T&Cs and therefore governed by our Agency Agreement.

Payment & terms

You don’t pay upfront. We are acting as your agent in collecting entry fees, and will simply deduct our rate from your final transfer.

By listing events with EntryBoss you accept our Agency Agreement that governs, amongst other things, how and when payments & refunds occur.

What now?

Let us know that you’re interested!

CONTACT US at info@entryboss.cc and ask for a demo.