About the system

EntryBoss is for bicycle race entries.


You will require an appropriate racing license in order to enter races.

If you are not a member of nationally affiliated club, we suggest you join one. You cannot enter races without a licence. Some races allow short-term licenses purchased on the day. Check the race details for more information.


This is EntryBoss v0.9 (production).


entryboss.cc is owned and operated by EntryBoss Pty Ltd, trading as EntryBoss, ABN 86 607 407 812.

GPO Box 2017
Melbourne VIC 3001

Our mission is to improve all aspects of race entry management through the application of technology. Our focus for now is fixtures in Victoria, Australia, but we hope to ultimately benefit the entire cycling community.

If you require assistance or just want to get in touch, please email us.

Privacy policy

Our policy is to keep your personal information private. We will not disclose any information relating to you or your race entry, with the following exceptions:

Payments & refunds

For some fixtures, you are not obliged to pay online. If a cash-on-the-day price is listed, then you may enter via this system and pay in cash at race registration. Your choice of payment method will not in any way affect your waitlisting status or handicapping. However, if you do not pay via EntryBoss then you cannot receive a refund through us.

We can accept credit and debit cards with Visa and Mastercard branding.

Your payment card details are not stored by EntryBoss. Instead, we use the services of a secure payment provider, Pin Payments, who store the card details on your behalf and supply us with a token to use them. You can change and remove your payment details at any time.

When you pay through us, we are acting as an agent for the race organiser. We undertake to forward your race entry fee, less applicable operating costs, to the race organiser. You are paying for the right to occupy a position in a race start list, and numbers are limited by permit regulations from relevant authorities.

If you appear on a start list, we consider your entry to have been fulfilled and the fee becomes non-refundable.

If you pay for your race entry via EntryBoss, you are entitled to a refund if, and only if:

In particular (although not limited to), you are not entitled to a refund if:

Scratching with automatic refunds may be offered through EntryBoss prior to the scratching cut-off, the date of which is evident at entry time. All other refunds will be processed after the race date.

Some events may have a different refund policy. This will be clearly stated on the entry form.

All pricing is in Australian Dollars.


Some races may invite you to contribute to a cause, such as a community foundation or the race organisation. This will be made obvious at entry time. We want you to have a clear understanding of who will benefit. Donating is always optional and has no effect on waitlisting or handicapping status.

In the event that your entry is scratched and refunded prior to the cut-off, we may also refund your donation. Nonetheless, as far as EntryBoss is concerned, your donation is a voluntary commitment to simply pay more for your race entry.