St Kilda Cycling Club
KOM Financial Advice Elite Women’s Race, Total Rush Support Racing and Hunter Bros Cycling Fixed Racing

Sun, 15 Dec 2019
South Melbourne
Entries open
Fri, 22 Nov 2019 4:00 PM AEDT
Entries close
Thu, 12 Dec 2019 6:00 PM AEDT
Pay online by
Sat, 14 Dec 2019 11:59 PM AEDT

Welcome to Super Crit!!

If you want to learn more about the day head to

Read on for information regarding:

  • Priority entry
  • Scratching policy
  • Grading policy

Junior riders to race their normal club grade All entries are "Provisionally entered" until they are Confirmed as "Entered" * see Priority entry policy below

Online start lists will be refreshed regularly showing which riders have been "Entered"

Scratchings can be made online *see scratching policy further on.

Priority Entry Policy

Riders will be Confirmed as "Entered" in this order:

• Womens A, B & C Grades, and individual Elite Womens entries will be confirmed as "Entered" within 24hrs of entering as it's unlikely that these grades will be oversubscribed.

• St Kilda CC and Caulfield Carnegie CC members who enter Mens A-D Grades from now until midnight 2/12/19 will have their entries ** confirmed as "Entered"** within 24hrs of entering.

• Any rider who has raced with St Kilda CC THIS SEASON (from 10/11/19) and who enters Mens A-D Grades now until midnight 07/12/19 will have their entries confirmed as "Entered" on 08/12/19. Entries for riders in this category will be confirmed as "Entered" in order of the date they entered.

So those who enter now will have a much better chance of having their entry confirmed as "Entered" on 08/12/19 before their grade fills to capacity.

• All other riders who enter Mens A-D Grades will have their entries confirmed as "Entered" in order of entry and according to grade availability.

Scratching Policy

Riders can scratch online up to Thursday 12th December at 6pm after which point no more scratchings will be taken.

Grading Policy

Riders must enter the Grade they are graded to with SKCC

If your grade is oversubscribed, you must enter that grade and wait for a scratching.

Entering another grade will not ensure you of a start.

Criterium timetable

7:30am C grade women (25 mins+3 laps) / B grade women (30 mins+3 laps) /A grade women (35 mins+3 laps) $40 per rider
8:15am D grade men (40 mins+3 laps) / B grade men (50 mins+3 laps) $40 per rider
9:15am C grade men (45 mins+3 laps) / A grade men (55 mins+3 laps) $40 per rider
10:30am Women’s Fixed Crit (30 mins+3 laps) $40 per rider
11:30am Men’s Fixed Crit (30 mins+3 laps) $40 per rider
12:30am Elite Women (60 mins+3 laps) $75 per rider
2:00pm Elite Men (75 mins+3 laps) $770 per team (incl. tent space)
Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular entry
Women's Elite

A payment card fee may apply (calculated at checkout).

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