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Kermis Cross - Melb Cup Day

Tue, 3 Nov 2015
Fields of Joy CX
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KERMIS CROSS (Melbourne Cup Day)

proudly presented by Sunbury Cycling Club


  • 'kermis' - Flemish for Kermesse
  • Date: - Morning of melbourne Cup Day - Tuesday 3rd November 2015
  • Course: - A simplified version of FOJCX - part CX, part kermesse - featuring a lot more road than we normally run. We are hopeful that the road section allows riders to regroup after stringing out on the dirt & CX features. Total lap approx 2km, with approx 1/3rd being closed road goodness (note to self re tyre choice & pressures).

  • Men's Categories: - CX-A, CX-B, CX-C & Opens (+ optional BLIND DATE PAIRS race)

  • Women's Categories: - CX-A, CX-B & Opens (+ optional BLIND DATE PAIRS race)

  • Kid's Categories: - kidz - generally graded small, medium, larger - Boys & Girls, + Young Guns (Young Guns can ride BLIND DATE PAIRS race)

  • Bikes: - CX races are for CX bikes, Opens are for any bike (inc CX bikes).


  • Race entrants are invited to race a second race ... BLIND DATE PAIRS... as the day's final race. Riders will be randomly paired and race one-lap-on / one-lap-off with a transition change-over each lap. Blind Date Pairs is open all Senior grades including Opens + Young Guns. This race is free with standard race entry. Please let us know at Rego whether you are racing pairs so you can be buddied up (pairs will be random but it is possible we could accept a bribe eg parents wanting to ride with their kids etc)
  • Bikes - each rider rides their own bike from what they raced earlier.
  • Can I race Pairs only? Not sure why you wouldn't race twice but see us at rego.


Based on feedback from last year's Melbourne Cup Crit, we are aiming to conclude racing by 12:00 to allow people to get to any Melbourne Cup functions they may be attending. If your start time is a little early for you, you are welcome to start in a higher grade than normal.

Time Grade(s) Duration
8:00AM Mens C + Women B + Opens (M&W) + Young Guns 50 Minutes
9:00AM Mens A + Mens B + Women A 60 minutes
10:10AM Kidz 20 minutes
10:40AM BLIND DATE PAIRS 40 minutes
11:30AM Presos 15 minutes

Please note - course is simplied with more road hence longer durations.

Start procedures: - The Chief Commissaire will separate grades and send them away in waves (eg separated by say 1 minute) if grade numbers are sufficient. Small grades may be combined. All results are captured separately regardless of startline grouping.


  • Adults $20
  • Kids - by donation (on the day) - no need to pre-register.
  • Volunteers - race free.



  • On-The-Day Entries: - There will be some on-the-day entries. If you know you will be racing, please enter online as it helps us be better organised come race day. If you have some friends that really should be racing, drag them down and we'll get them started (just be mindful to allow enough time. 5 minutes before race start generally cuts it a bit fine)
    • Scratching: - online entrants can self-scratch with an automated refund up to 12:00 midday the day prior.
    • Time Management: - Please aim to arrive with sufficient time to rego, get ready, familarise yourself with the course, say hi to mates and to warm up. Most people need at least an hour prior their race start.
    • Licensing: - All riders need to be licensed to race. Either Cycling Australia or MTBA Race Competition licenses, or an on-the-day MTBA license ($20) or, or ,or.....warning - lots of options coming up.... if you are unlicensed, we recommend having a look at MTBA 2 Month Free trial licenses from the MTBA website. Cycling Aust 3 Race Licenses are also an option. Kids 8 & under can ride on CA Kidz recreational license or get a $5 on-the-day license. Older kids need a race license or a day license or a MTBA free trial license. Please feel free to email if you need a hand navigating the options. One massive benefit from having a license is 24/7 insurance whilst racing & training and we encourage all unlicensed riders to join a club and get licensed purely so they are covered.


  • Kids enter on-the-day. Pre-entry is not necessary. Kids are guaranteed a start (note: must be licensed for insurance purposes).

  • Balance Bikes and Non-Balance bikes race separately with separate courses. Non-Balance bikes will be graded by Commissaires on the day prior to race start (either by wheel size or age - to be decided based on logistics of administering the finish).


Young Guns is a special category allowing older kids with suitable experience to ride the full course (as a guide, say 12yo+ but depends on child). Young Guns can be chaperoned by a parent or other capable rider. Anyone entering Young Guns needs to talk to the Race Director on race day to assess your child's suitability. Spots are limited. Please allow time to have the required conversations. The course is tough (although not as tough as usual) and we want kids riding Young Guns to have a positive experience. Feedback on Young Guns has been fantastic but we recognise this category is not for everyone. Young Guns need to be Race Licensed (not Recreational Licenses sorry). Young Guns enter on-the-day by donation & will be timed like other riders.


Address: Larkin Court, Essendon Fields, Melbourne Australia

Getting There:

Essendon Fields is 12km from the Melb CBD in the grounds of Essendon Airport. Follow the signs to Essendon Airport.
From the City, take the Tullamarine Freeway and exit left at Matthews Ave Essendon. Turn Right at lights onto English Street Essendon Fields. Continue straight (English St turns into Wirraway Rd) to first major roundabout on Wirraway Rd. Turn right into Larkin Court. Continue to signs for parking.


  • Parking: On the grass. Follow the signs.
  • Toilets: Onsite toilets available. Alternate locations at Shopping Centre and Essendon Airport.
  • Coffee Guy.


Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular entry
Volunteer entry

Junior entry is by donation. No need to enter online. Please enter on-the-day

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Michael Blyth Fundraiser

Sunbury Cycling Club are asking for the support of the Cycling Community to raise money for Michael Blyth.

Your pledge amount will be added to your race entry.