Entry nominations in Acciona Gunning Wind Farm Goulburn Great Divide Masters Road Races 22 Feb 18:30

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Cycling New South Wales website.

Name Status
VROOMANS, Marc Entered
PLAYEL, Bree Scratched
STEWART, Andrew Entered
JONES, Amanda Entered
HANLEY, Stephen Entered
GILMORE, James Entered
APPS, Glen Entered
JACKSON, Andrew Entered
FOWLER, James Entered
ROSS, Mark Entered
HOLLINGS, Paul Entered
HUNT, Irene Entered
BLACKBURN, Stephen Entered
CALEY, John Entered
MURFETT, Anthony Entered
LAWSON, Michael Entered
DOUGHTY, Alan Entered
MCNAMARA, Dan Entered
DUNSTONE, Nigel Entered
CUMMINGS, Anthony Entered
BAXTER, Geoff Entered
JACKSON, Fiona Entered
RIX, Trevor Entered
DEVLIN, Tim Entered
CRISPIN, Steve Entered
RYAN, Jeremy Entered
JACKSON, Suzanne Entered
VILLAFANA CARPIO, Cristian Entered
HEINRICH, Renee Entered
LEKHAC, Daniel Entered
SMITH, Allan Entered
DUPONT-BROWN, Emma Entered
DAVIDSON, Brett Entered
ROSSER, Michael Entered
COURTNEY, Michael Entered
ROSS, Jordan Entered
SCHWARTZ, Daniel Entered
SPENCELEY, Dugald Entered
PATTISON, Jason Entered
POTGIETER, Jake Entered
GANDY, Chris Entered
ASH, Pip Entered
CLARKE, Rhys Entered
MATTHEWS, Andrew Entered
BEEVORS, Christian Entered
LANGRIDGE, Robert Entered
HARRIS, Mark Entered
BEHAN, Lynda Entered
MORGAN-THOMAS, Eleri Entered
COCHRANE, Greigory Entered
BREMAUD, Mathieu Entered
MILLYNN, Paul Entered
PEPPARD, John Entered
ROWLING, Mark Entered
DAVIDSON, Dayna Entered
LING, Chris Entered
OLGERS, Kate Scratched
GRIEVE, Stuart Entered
BERRY, Simon Entered
DALE, Susanna Entered
HENRY, Sue Entered
MASON, John Entered
COCHRANE, Lois Entered
HAWKINS, Craig Entered
KWOK, Fiona Entered
MASSEY, Jennifer Entered
RIEPSAMEN, Angelique Entered
MASSEY, Kingsley Entered
DORSETT, Robert Entered
FOX, Russell Entered
JUDSON, Cameron Entered
MENZIES, Clare Entered
HASTINGS, Rosemary Entered
MILLER, Samantha Entered
RAYMOND, David Entered
SCHNEIDER, Benedikt Entered
LEONG, Clinton Entered
ROBERTSON, Peter Scratched