Entry nominations in NSW Senior Metropolitan and Country Road Championships 06 Apr 21:35

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Cycling New South Wales website.

Name Status
OFFORD, Matilda Entered
COULLS, Deborah Entered
DAVID, Jerel Entered
LLORET, Ivan Entered
HILL, David Entered
DALE, Susanna Entered
EBERLE, Paul Entered
HERLIHEN, Andrew Entered
VELLA, Don Entered
GRAF, Tony Entered
THOMPSON, Sam Entered
EAGLES, Rachel Entered
BRACE, Bob Entered
BROWN, Tom Entered
LINDSAY, Michael Entered
LYNCH, Tom Entered
MIANSAROW, Georgia Entered
OCH, Jonathon Entered
HAYDON-SMITH, Rohan Entered
BORG, Stephen Entered
STRBIK, Anthony Entered
OCH, Jonathon Entered
VAN GELDER, James Entered
LLOYD, Adam Entered
FARLEY, James Entered
DYBALL, Ben Entered
BROWNE, David Entered
HUTTON, Craig Entered
EMERY, David Entered
VESTY, Amy Entered
CROUDSON, Toby Entered
SMITH, Kel Entered
FIORENTINO, Mark Entered
CLARKE, Rhys Entered
SCHEMBRI, Michael Entered
COOPER, Peter Entered
CORCORAN, Joshua Entered
MILLER, Christopher Entered
FITYUS, Lucie Entered
FISHER, Troy Entered
MCMANUS, Shaun Entered
MATTHEWS, Andrew Entered
BAHLMANN, Charlie Entered
BROWN, Steve Entered
TRAYHURN, Scott Entered
GROUNDS, Simone Entered
DRADY, Robert Entered
FARLEY, Jonathan Entered
GRANT, Patrick Entered
MCMURTRIE, Brett Entered
CROSS, Ben Entered
GIBSON, Mark Entered
BALZAN, Carlos Entered
TROJKO, Benjamin Entered
BUTLER, Scott Entered
GARSTANG, Russell Entered
EAST, Andrew Entered
SINTEUR, Craig Entered
MENZIES, Russell Entered
FOWLER, James Entered
KASHER, Matthew Entered
WORTH, Marcus Entered
FONG, Bradley Entered
HENRY, Sue Entered
JACKSON, David Entered
STRAPP, Ruth Entered
RYAN, Jeremy Entered
SMITH, Allan Entered
DOLE, Eric Entered
FOZZARD, Mark Entered
SELKRIG, Peter Entered
ROBERTS, Cameron Entered
TRAN, Jason Entered
JOHNS, Nick Entered
PENDER-BUCHAN, William Entered
BUCHAN, Wade Entered
TRAPPITT, Andrew Entered
HASWELL, Anna-Marie Entered
MERCURIO, Constantine Entered
BOWLES, Ross Entered
CROSS, Michael Entered
BRAY, Andrew Entered
MUSICH, John Entered
VALE, Sean Entered
LEIGHTON, Jon Entered
BUTT, David Entered
CRIDLAND, Luke Entered
LORKING, Jacob Entered
WIN, Phillip Entered
SCHWARTZ, Daniel Entered
HALL, Rob Entered
BRITTS, Edwin Entered
BALL, Claire Entered
MANSFIELD, Steve Entered
BOOTH, Anna Entered
WINFIELD, David Entered
WHITE, Edward Entered
WELCH, Samuel Entered
GLANVILLE, Matthew Entered
DONALDSON, Gerard Entered
GILMORE, James Entered
ROWBOTHAM, Penelope Entered
GORDON, Owen Entered
CUFF, Stephen Entered
SWEENEY, James Entered
GRANT, Ian Entered
NELSON, Adam Entered
YOUNGER, Faye Entered
CULL, Roger Entered
MCKAY, Paul Entered
ROSS, Jordan Entered
ROBINSON, Craig Entered
BERRY, Simon Entered
GREEN, Christopher Entered
JONES, Peter Entered
EEDLE, Mark Entered
HOGAN, Ben Entered
ROBERTSON, Peter Entered
STAIT, Graham Entered
WAGNER, Rodney Entered
BALL, Simon Entered
FORREST, Taylor Entered
MCCANN, Luc Entered
BURGETT, Greg Entered
DOLE, Tahlia Entered
COLEMAN, Kat Entered
REYNOLDS, Aden Entered
HOOKER, Matthew Entered
FORREST, Andrea Entered
THOMAS, Ian Entered
BUNN, Emma Entered
RICKARDS, Geoff Entered
WILLIAMS, Jarrod Entered
CLAYTON, Tom Entered
KILLMORE, Chris Entered
JUDGE, Marcus Entered
ROSS, Mark Entered
TWYEROULD, Rob Entered
PAGE, Guy Entered
PARKER, Edward Entered
SMITH, Jeff Entered
SCHOFIELD, Chris Entered
FINKBEINER, Matthew Entered
DAVIDSON, Dayna Entered
MEASURES, Richard Entered
TRUEBA, Luis Entered
DEASEY, Luke Entered
DAVIDSON, Brett Entered
BALLARD, Simon Entered
CYRESZKO, Maximilian Entered
MCINNES, Christopher Entered
BAXTER, Scott Entered
BEHAN, Lynda Entered
MCGARRITY, Steven Entered
ASH, Pip Entered
CRIDLAND, Jonathon Entered
YOUNG, Robert Entered
GREWAL, Devraj Entered
DICKINS, Sarah Entered
BOOTH, Nathan Entered
BALASSONE, Daniel Entered
AITCHISON, Anthony Entered
MOUTTER, Finley Entered
VAN GURP, Piet Entered
WHITEHOUSE, Georgia Entered
SCOTT, Jeff Entered
COCHRANE, Lois Entered
BALLAS, Andrew Entered
COCHRANE, Greigory Entered
REYNOLDS, Christopher Entered
WOODS, Justin Entered
MILOSTIC, Peter Entered
COOPER, John Entered
JACKSON, Fiona Entered
WARE, Ben Entered
COY, Matthew Entered
SPENCELEY, Ben Entered
COCKERTON, Graham Entered
YUEN, Jack Entered
YOUNAN, Nadia Entered
WAKEFIELD, Peter Entered
PEREYRA, William Entered
FRASER, Cameron Entered
GOOGE, Daniel Entered
MARSHALL, Oliver Entered
GAMMIE, Megan Entered
SALAS, Eddie Entered
NIELSEN, Brian Entered
BURVILL, Jess Entered
CALLADINE, Robert Entered
JACKSON, Andrew Entered
GRAYDON, Mark Entered
BUDD, Peter Entered
EMMERTON, Jacob Entered
BERKELEY, Kevin Entered
KNEZEVIC, Bosko Entered
OLGERS, Kate Entered
HILL, Samuel Entered
GANDY, Daniel Entered
GIOVANETTI, Andrew Entered
BERNARD, Daniel Entered
MCCOSKER, Andrew Entered
DAVIES, Miren Entered
JONES, Phil Entered
MUIRHEAD, John Entered
HOPSON, Jeremy Entered
LANE, Alistair Entered
BREMNER, Bridget Entered
ROBERTS, John Entered
ZUMBO, Dominic Entered
CUMMINGS, Anthony Entered
GRAINGER, Ian Entered
GREENWOOD, Ian Entered
MACKAY, Harry Entered
BRITTEN, Luke Entered
ROURKE, Harry Entered
ARNOLD, Neil Entered
MARSHALL, Zachary Entered
POTGIETER, Jake Entered
DORSETT, Robert Entered
MCMILLAN, Adrian Entered
SCHNEIDER, Benedikt Entered
MARSHALL, Michael Entered
BAXTER, Geoff Entered
KELLY, Michael Entered
THOMPSON, Adam Entered
LAW, Merrick Entered
PONNUSAMY, Brett Entered
MISTRY, Nosh Entered
MCLAREN, Will Entered
RANIERI, Antonio Entered
DRUMMOND, Rowan Entered
BRADLEY, Paul Entered
SKALKA, Adam Entered
LEDGER, David Entered
WALLACE, Tess Entered
YOUNG, Kevin Entered
LATHAM, Rodney Entered
ATKINS, Bryan Entered
STANTON, Michael Entered
JAWORSKI, Benjamin Scratched
MADSEN, Jared Scratched
THEBRIDGE, Ian Scratched