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Sat, 6 Aug 2016
Scratch (2016)
Balliang (Hell of the West)
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Sun, 31 Jul 2016 6:00 PM AEST
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Thu, 04 Aug 2016 8:00 AM AEST
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Sun, 07 Aug 2016 11:59 PM AEST


Presented by Sunbury Cycling Club: One of the highlights of the year, this race has a bit of everything including wind, dirt and of course the famous Glenmore Road climb (Cut Hill) – put your thongs in your back pocket in case you need to walk!

Welcome Footscray

The Northern Combine extends a very special welcome to Footscray Cycling Club who will be joining us this race. Both organisations have worked together to make the most of a clash of dates and it is the intention of the Northern Combine to make Footscray feel especially welcome.

Footscray members please note: please select 'volunteer' when entering as the Northern Combine will recognise your 'home club' volunteer status for this race.

Minor Course Changes

Roadworks (requiring an automated traffic light) at the start of Glenmore Road have resulted a minor course change.

Please note the dirt sector will now come late in the race as a result.

Riders will be briefed of the changes by commissaires prior to their start.

Course map to follow.

Race Schedule

  • Rego Open: 9:00AM
  • Race Start: 10:00AM (Grades will be sent away progressively under the direction of Commissaires from 10:00AM. Please be present & ready for your grades' call up & briefing)

Race Distances

  • Race Distance: Normally 90km (will be slightly shorter with the revised route ~ 83km)

Race Fees

  • Race Fees: Volunteers $15, Non-vols $27.
  • Pre-Pay Only: - Race Fees are pre-pay only for 2016.
  • Waitlisting: - Races have pre-set limits per grade. Riders may be notified (via Entry Confirmation Email) they have been wailtisted once entries reach these limits. Waitlisted riders are generally still a good chance of a start after scratchings and rider re-grades. Riders not wanting to be considered for promotion from the waitlist should scratch. Provisionally Entered riders can consider their entry as accepted but subject to handicapping review. All riders need to meet licensing requirements.
  • Scratching: - Scratching is a self-serve, automated refund via EntryBoss if withdrawing within scratching cut-off (generally midday Friday - pls see above).

Race Day Procedures

  • No License, No Race: - riders need a current license (or proof of renewal) to race. CA licenses only.
  • New to Racing: - 3 Race Licenses are available for new riders ($55 cash on-the-day). Please allow time to process prior to race time.
  • Red Light Policy: - The Northern Combine complies with Cycling Victoria's red light policy. Riders are required to have a rear red light on solid to race. Spare lights may be available at Rego to borrow for riders who forget (no guarantee).
  • On-the-day Entries: Sorry, on-the-day entries are not accepted.
  • Spectating: - It is requested that family & friends watch from roadside vantage points & do not follow bunches in vehicles.
  • Announcements: - Please check the Northern Combine Facebook page, twitter or website for any announcements regarding racing.

Course Info

  • Registration & Start Location: - Balliang Hall- (Bacchus Marsh-Balliang Road, Balliang, 3340)
  • Getting there: - Balliang Hall- (Bacchus Marsh-Balliang Road, Balliang, 3340)
  • Parking: - Please park in the parking area at the rear of the hall.
  • Toilets: - Inside the hall (please do not use the outside toilets which are likely to be locked).

Course-Specific Notices

  • No Parking - CFA: No parking at the CFA under any circumstances.
  • No Parking - Outside the Balliang Hall: Please keep the roadside completely clear of cars outside the hall ie No parking. There is generally plenty of parking at the back of the hall.
  • Dirt: - This course includes a dirt sector which is approximately 3kms in length. Inspection of the course prior to race day is a host club responsibility and an update on the condition of the dirt should be available this week.
  • CFA Fundraiser: - This race will be used as a fundraiser for the CFA. Please consider adding a donation to you race entry.

More Information


The Northern Combine is looking for sponsors. If you or someone you know may be interested in supporting grass-roots racing please contact us via

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular entry
Volunteer entry
Donation info


In a new tradition, The Northern Combine thanks the local community of Balliang by supporting the CFA with a Fund Raiser at one of our races - with $5 from each riders race entry donated directly to the CFA.

Riders are also able to contribute directly themselves via Entry Boss. Any such contribution from riders is entirely voluntary and goes directly to the CFA.

PLEASE NOTE: CFA BBQ The CFA will be hosting a BBQ after the race. Riders are requested to consider making time to support this if possible.