Entry nominations in 2022 AusCycling State Time Trial Series (VTTS) Round 4 | Victoria - 1 in 20 ITT 30 Jan 23:01

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the AusCycling Victoria website.

Name Status
TEESE, Ronan Entered
GALLAGHER, Oscar Entered
PRICE, Aubrey Entered
SABLE, Daniel Entered
HAAS, Gary Entered
TEESE, Aidan Entered
MADDEN, Dean Entered
WRIGHT, Jake Entered
MCRAE, Lachlan Entered
NUSPAN, Maxx Entered
ARTHUR, Matt Entered
ATKINS, Julia Entered
MARSTON, Milla Entered
MASTERS., Andrew Entered
RALEIGH, Oliver Entered
METCALF, Benjamin Entered
BEATON, Ned Entered
BEATON, Oliver Entered
CHU, Ananda Entered
GIAMPA, Marco Entered
FORBES, James Entered
MASTERS, Amy Entered
REDFORD, Greg Entered
HITCHINER, Jacob Entered
STEWART, Scarlett Entered
WILLIAMS, Mia Entered
STEWART, Lachlan Entered
RANDO, Marco Entered
JONES, Lilyth Entered
WOODS, Barry Entered
HARNETTY, Hope Entered
RIGOLI, Renato Entered
RIGOLI, Boris Entered
PUNAY, Joshua Entered
RADFORD, Jamie Entered
VILLANI, Michael Entered
MEZGER, Harry Entered
SANDRI, Jen Entered
MENESES, Julio Scratched
HADDOW, Juliette Entered
RUSSELL, Billie Entered
OROSZI, Martin Entered
FELSTEAD, Kai Entered
FELSTEAD, Peter Entered
SILINSKIY, Alexander Entered
SLATTERY, Charlotte Entered
HARVEY, Nick Entered
SHARP, Tom Entered
BAIN, Andrew Entered
GILL, Jasmine Entered
KIPPER, Tobia Entered
KNIGHT, Richard Entered
SHERWIN, Matthew Entered
KIRMIZI, Omer Entered
WARREN, Phil Entered
DURRAND, Anthony Entered
ROBINSON, Zac Entered
BURKE, Damian Entered
CLARKSON, Hamish Entered
SAMPSON, Andy Entered
DAVIS, Anna Entered
MCGOVERN, Mitchell Entered
OCAL, Bilal Entered
BROOKER, Joshua Entered
HARVEY, Finnian Entered
HARRIS, Rowena Entered
SPANO, Joe Entered
MICKLE, Emma Entered
SIMPSON, Tanya Entered
ANSKEY, Nick Entered
WATSON, Toby Entered
SABLE, Jack Entered
REGESTER, Rob Entered
FABIAN, George Entered
LAKE, Glenn Entered
LAKE, Caitlyn Entered
LAKE, Alanah Entered
ANILE, Massimo Entered
LOWRIE, Nicholas Entered
ERMERT, Lachlan Entered
TAYLOR, Michael Entered
TIERNEY, Graham Entered
TIERNEY, Sue Entered
BROWN, Ewan Entered
WATSON, Oscar Entered
SANDBERG, David Entered
LIVEROED, Anders Entered
ATTARD, Paul Entered
WELLS, Scott Entered
DURRAND, Tom Entered
LEAPER, Tom Entered
O’CONNELL, Anthony Entered
WILLIAMSON, Rebecca Entered
ANQUETIL, Zach Entered
ANQUETIL, Max Entered
BAILEY, Barry Entered
WHITE, Alex Entered
ASCUI, Andre Entered
MANOLITSAS, Carlo Entered
PATERSON, Joseph Entered
UGRASBUL, Tayfun Entered
SUTTON, Sophie Entered
BRAZZALE, Jackson Entered
MARSHALL, Cameron Entered
HOOPER, Julie Entered
WHEELER, Baden Entered
BULL, Geoff Entered
CLEMENTS, Olly Entered
ANTONELLO, Peta Entered
WALTERS, Gregory Scratched
DEELEY, Justin Entered
TANKSALE, Charvi Entered
MORRIS, Bronwyn Entered
MARTIN, Alexandra Entered
GELDARD, Paul Entered
GELDARD, Sam Entered
PEARCE, Simon Entered
BAKER, Robyn Entered
CICCHELLI, Ivana Entered
O‘BRIEN, Lachlan Entered