Entry nominations in 2022 AusCycling J11-J19 Criterium State Championships - Victoria 14 Jul 01:22

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the AusCycling Victoria website.

Name Status
JIROVEC, Ollie Entered
TOBIN, Makayla Entered
TOBIN, Evan Entered
WHITE, Alex Entered
HRIBAR, Alana Entered
SUTTON, Sophie Entered
SHINE, Daniel Entered
ARNOTT, Ethan Entered
BAILEY, Belinda Entered
ROWLING, Hudson Entered
CHALMERS, Nate Entered
MADDERN, Leshae Entered
TATARINOFF, Liliya Entered
HOLMES, Wil Entered
JONES, Lilyth Entered
DUNCAN, Nicole Entered
WILLEN, Harry Entered
BLAND, Xavier Entered
COATES, Ben Entered
BAIN, Andrew Entered
DOUGLAS-SAVAGE, Zachary Entered
BUTLER, Tom Entered
DELARDES, Stella Entered
MILLER, Freya Entered
DICKSON, Adele Entered
DICKSON, Reilly Entered
HOLGATE, Max Entered
LIPEC, Calven Entered
LOADSMAN, Thomas Scratched
LANG, Charlotte Entered
MATHWIN, William Entered
PHILLIPS, Alexis Entered
MOORE, Maximus Entered
KIRMIZI, Omer Entered
MAYE, Patrick Entered
EAVES, Alex Entered
DUBIER, Anna Entered
FORSYTH, James Entered
FORSYTH, Alistair Entered
STRETTON, Mitchell Entered
HINDELL, Taj Entered
SIRIANNI, Xavier Entered
MATTHEWS, James Entered
MOORE, Lucas Entered
MARCKS, Edward Entered
TUPPER, James Entered
MAXTED, James Entered
DUSHA, Bodhi Entered
BAIN, Chloe Entered
DESAI, Aarav Entered
CLARKSON, Hamish Entered
GOOLD, Max Entered
HARNETTY, Hope Entered
SQUIRE, Paige Entered
COLES, Jamie Scratched
LARSSON, Alexandra Entered
VERHOEF, William Entered
VERHOEF, James Entered
HILDITCH, Samuel Entered
LOVETT, Cadel Entered
LOVETT, Charlotte Entered
TREWHELLA, Max Entered
LOUIE, Mitchell Entered
FINKBEINER, Cooper Entered
APPLETON, Talia Entered
JELBART, Tobias Entered
CARNES, Eliza Entered
GRAAFSMA, Grace Entered
ROSE, Caitlin Entered
VON WYSS, Oskar Entered
DROHAN, Matthew Entered
KERR, Ella Entered
ROBINSON, Ebony Entered
LAKE, Alanah Entered
GARDINER, Georgia Entered
GALLAGHER, Oscar Entered
GILL, Angus Scratched
JACK, Haylee Entered
SMITH, Maddison Entered
WILSON, Georgia Entered
GELDARD, Sam Entered
HARRISON, Curtis Entered
GOLTMAN, Liam Entered
GOLTMAN, Kai Entered
DOUGLAS, Madeleine Entered
VELU, Jayden Entered
NUSPAN, Maxx Entered
TANKSALE, Charvi Entered
TANKSALE, Paravi Entered
HEWES, Alex Entered
RYAN, Kaeden Entered
GREENWOOD, Darcy Entered
HONE, Levi Entered
DIXON, Emily Entered
GRIFFITHS, George Entered
GRIFFITHS, Lenny Entered
WITHINGTON, Angus Entered
PRITCHARD, Tallis Entered
PRITCHARD, Audrey Entered
LOWRIE, Nicholas Entered
RUSSELL, Isabelle Entered
VIMPANI, Hayden Entered
BROWN, Ewan Entered
ERMERT, Lachlan Entered
WARD, Lavinia Entered
DRUMMOND, Rab Entered
TAYLOR, Eli Entered
MACDONALD, Bailey Entered
WILLIAMS, Mia Entered
RUSSELL, Billie Entered
SHELVERTON, Jonas Entered
RICHERT, Luke Entered
MOORE, Megan Entered
STEVENS, Hayden Entered
TAYLOR, Alastair Entered
SHEPARD, Ruben Entered
TROWELL, Nate Entered
LANDMAN, Ewan Scratched
WARD, Philippa Scratched