Nambucca Valley Cycle Club
Jacks Ridge Triple X 2022 | AusCycling National Cup Silver Event

Sun, 2 Oct 2022
Jacks Ridge Mountain Bike Park
Entries open
Mon, 14 Feb 2022 9:00 AM AEDT
Entries close
Fri, 30 Sep 2022 6:00 PM AEST
Pay online by
Fri, 30 Sep 2022 6:00 PM AEST


The new date for the Triple X is Sunday 02 October 2022. All current registered riders will be automatically rolled over to the new date.

This will be a Covid Safe event

We are taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously.
By entering this event, you agree to the following:

  • Please do not attend if you have cold or flu-like symptoms or are feeling otherwise unwell.
  • You may not attend if you are waiting for a Covid test result, or have been requested by NSW Health to self-isolate due to a positive PCR or RAT result.
  • You should not attend if you are a close contact of a Covid positive person.
  • Currently the event is open to all, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Currently, registering with Service NSW using a QR code is not compulsory but is highly recommended.
  • Copies of the QR code will be displayed around the event village for your convenience.
  • The current Omnicron variant is highly contagious and it is recommended that you following the social distancing guideline of 1.5m between persons when practicable.
  • Updates will be made in line with any changes to health rulings up to and including race day.


  • Event: Jacks Ridge Triple X - 2022 AusCycling MTB XCM National Cup (Silver T2)
  • Date: Sunday 02 October 2022
  • Location: Jacks Ridge Mountain Bike Park, Nambucca State Forest NSW
  • Registration Opens: Monday 14 February 2022 at 9:00am
  • Registration Closes: Friday 30 September 2022 at 6:00pm
  • Daylight Saving Time: DST commences at 2:00 am on Sunday 02 October 2022. Please remember to move your clocks forward by 1 hour to avoid being late for the race start.

  • EntryBoss Registration System: All participants new to the EntryBoss registration system will be required to create an EntryBoss account. Creating an EntryBoss account & profile is a quick and easy process.

This event will also include the race for the "Brian Cockbain Memorial Trophy"


The fastest male and female solo riders who compete in the 84km race, regardless of their chosen category (except E-Bike categories), will be announced as the winners of the Brian Cockbain Memorial Trophy.

Race day includes a National Cup Silver (T2) event and a separate event/race for recreational solo and team riders. Both events will be run at the same time and on the same track.

There will be 15 UCI categories for men and women to choose from in the National Cup race, and 12 categories for men and women to choose from in the recreational race.

As this event is part of the National Cup Series (Silver T2), only solo riders competing in the National Cup solo categories are eligible for National Cup points. No points will be awarded to any other category.

The track length will be approximately 21km. National Cup category riders will do 4 x 21k laps. Full details for both National Cup riders and riders in the recreational categories are listed in the table below.

This course will feature all the Jacks Ridge single track with sections of fast flowing fire roads included.

Racing commences at 9:00am and all riders must have completed their final lap by 3:30pm.

Race Fees

Online Entries

84km Riders

$60.00 for Solo riders 19 years old and over.
$30.00 for Solo riders Under 19 years of age (50% discount).
Team of 4 - $20.00 for each rider.
Team of 2 - $30.00 for each rider.

42km Riders

$40.00 for Solo riders 19 years old and over.
$20.00 for Solo riders Under 19 years of age (50% discount).
Team of 2 - $20.00 for each rider.

Junior discount (discount automatically applied based on the age in your EntryBoss Profile. Ages as at 31-Dec-2022)

Race Day Entries - no guarantees

Race day registrations may be accepted at the clubs discretion at an extra cost of $5.00 per rider. Race day registrations will close at 08:30 am.

EFTPOS with “contact free payment” is available and is our preferred payment method.

"Scratch" Function

Have you already entered the event, but then for some reason you are unable to attend on race day? No problem, just use the SCRATCH function to withdraw from the event and receive a refund.

Race Licencing

All participants must hold, or obtain an AusCycling "Race Off-Road" or "Race All Discipline" membership, or obtain an Event Day Licence, or a 4 week free trial membership. Note that Event Day Licences are now $30 for both adult and juniors. We strongly advise you get the free trial option if eligible. The free trial option is only accepted for the Recreational categories.

Please note that due to AusCycling regulations the free trial option cannot be accepted for the National Cup categories.

Event Day Licences can be pre-purchased from the AusCycling website prior to the race.

Go to for more options.

Categories, Fees and Race Lap Details

National Cup Categories

When registering please select from one of the following applicable categories if you wish to be part of the national cup. Note - National Cup categories only contain the category name and age in brackets, for example:

Masters 5-Men (50-54)

Category Code Age Entry Fee Lap Details
Elite Men/Women ME/WE 19+ $60.00 4 Laps
Expert Men/Women MX/WX 19-29 $60.00 4 Laps
Junior Men/Women (U19) MJ/WJ 17-18 $30.00 3 Laps
Under 17 Men/Women M17/W17 15-16 $30.00 2 Laps
Under 15 Men/Women M15/W15 13-14 $30.00 1 Lap
Masters 1 Men/Women M1/W1 30-34 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 2 Men/Women M2/W2 35-39 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 3 Men/Women M3/W3 40-44 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 4 Men/Women M4/W4 45-49 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 5 Men/Women M5/W5 50-54 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 6 Men/Women M6/W6 55-59 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 7 Men/Women M7/W7 60-64 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 8 Men/Women M8/W8 65-69 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 9 Men/Women M9/W9 70-74 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 10 Men/Women M10/W10 75-79 $60.00 4 Laps

National Cup Junior Categories

National Cup Points will be awarded to Juniors competing in the U15 (1 Lap), U17 (2 Laps) and U19 (3 Laps) races. When registering for the Junior National Cup please select from the following applicable categories:

Junior Men/Women (U19)

Under 17 Men/Women.

Under 15 Men/Women.

Note - categories including the total race length i.e. 42km/84km or the words Solo or Teams are recreational/Non National Cup Categories and will not be awarded National Cup Points.

Recreational Categories (Non National Cup)

If you do not wish to be part of the National Cup please select from one of the following applicable categories:

Note - Recreational categories contain the distance, solo or team and category for example:

42km Solo Masters 5-6

Category Minimum Age Gender Entry Fee Lap Details
84k Teams of 4 13+ Male/Female/Mixed $20.00 per rider 4 Laps
84k Teams of 2 15+ Male/Female/Mixed $30.00 per rider 4 Laps
42k Solo Expert 19-29 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42k Solo Masters 1-2 30-39 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42k Solo Masters 3-4 40-49 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42k Solo Masters 5-6 50-59 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42k Solo Masters 7-8 60-69 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42k Solo Masters 9-10 70-79 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42k E Bike Solo 19+ Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42k Solo U19 17-18 Male/Female $20.00 2 Laps
42k Solo U17 15-16 Male/Female $20.00 2 Laps
42k Team of 2 13+ Male/Female/Mixed $20.00 per rider 2 Laps

Further Information for Team Registrations

For riders entering in the Team categories you will notice the EntryBoss registration process is different to the MTBA Online Services (MOS) system.

The MOS system allowed for one team member to enter and pay for all team members, however EntryBoss requires each team member to enter and pay for themselves.

For Example: When the first rider of a team registers, that person creates the team name and pays for their own registration. When the next member of that team registers, they select their team name from a list of created teams and then adds themselves to that team. That person then continues their registration process and pays for themselves.

Race Schedule

Time Activity
7:00am Set up track & rego
7:05 Track open for practice
7:10 Registration opens
8:15 Track closed for practice
8:30 Registration closed
8:45 Race Briefing
8:50 Call up for all riders
9:00 All previous National Cup XCM Champions & Elite riders to the front of the grid
Remainder of National Cup riders to self seed behind the front of the grid
9:02 Mass start for all recreational category and team riders (except E-Bike riders)
9:04 Mass start for all E-Bike riders
12:30pm Results and presentations for 42k Solo & Team riders
3:30 Results and presentations for all National Cup and 84k Team riders
4:00 Track closed


Male and Female winners of the Brian Cockbain Memorial Trophy announced and called to the podium.

Place getters for all distances and categories will be called to the podium as per the Race Schedule.


All NVCC races are timed using the RACE | RESULT electronic timing system.

You can follow the race "live" by clicking on this link:

Final race results can be found by clicking on this link:

Or, by clicking on the RACE | RESULT Triple X pages here:


Parking - Parking along Jacks Ridge Rd and Rosella Drive only. No parking will be available at the trail head.
The club will be running a shuttle along Jacks Ridge road to shuttle riders and their gear to the Event Village. This will operate all morning up until the event commences.
Toilet and hand washing facilities onsite, includes toilet with accessible access.
Catering - Hot food and cold drinks will be available all day.
Coffee Van - TBA
First Aid - St Johns Ambulance
BYO race food and water.


In the event of wet weather or strengthened Covid-19 restrictions the race may be postponed. If it’s clearly going to be too wet we will make the call by 6pm on Friday 30 September 2022. A full refund will be offered for those unable to attend the re-scheduled event.

More info



Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular 84km Entry
84km U19
84km Team of 4
84km Team of 2
Regular 42km Entry
42km U17 / U19
42km Team of 2

Pricing is displayed as per rider. PLEASE NOTE: Race distances are now amended due to recent heavy rain.