Entry nominations in Road Race 14 Dec 20:16

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Norwood Cycling Club website.

Name Status
ALBERTS, Rico Entered
MARTIN, Jazz Entered
DAVIES, Michael Entered
WOODWARD, Thomas Entered
BEVERIDGE, Samuel Entered
BRENT, Kurtis Entered
WOOD, Chris Entered
HENRIKS, Nadia Entered
HARTLAND, David Entered
MATHWIN, William Entered
DOWDELL, Rylan Entered
MANEY, Stephen Entered
SIMMONDS, Leo Entered
CARR, Lachlan Entered
TATTERSALL, Jason Entered
LAWLOR, Liam Entered
CHANDLER, Markus Entered
PEARCE, Callum Entered
HICKS, Darren Entered
HAND, Dylan Entered
ZLATKOVIC, Genevieve Entered
BIRD, Matthew Entered
ROLTON, Todd Entered
NATT, Mitchell Entered
BAXTER, Tom Entered
WIGHT, Luke Entered
RYAN, Cameron Entered
KRISTENSEN, Soren Entered
SIWEK, Daniel Entered
DOWDELL, Ralph Entered
HOMBURG, David Entered
CLARK, Nicholas Entered
BEDDOME, Craig Entered
KIELY, Gabrielle Entered
EDWARDS, Sophie Entered
JOHNSON, Alec Entered
HAN, Andy Entered
PLOUFFE, Maeve Entered
AL FARIZI, Farhan Entered
PARTRIDGE, Danny Entered
MILLER, Cameron Entered
WEBB, Darren Entered
RYOO, Dongjae Entered
SCAIFE, Peter Entered
GILLARD-MARTIN, Declan Entered
SIBLEY, Ella Entered
HARPER, Chris Entered
KINNANE, Alex Entered
FEAR, Glenn Entered
ZHONG, Wenhao Entered
THURSBY, Jude Entered
BAZELEY, Colin Entered
FIELKE, Jai Entered
SAUNDERS, Tristan Entered
SAYERS, Cooper Entered
LATTY, Miles Entered
KEANE, Craig Entered
BEAUMONT, Ryan Entered
TREGENZA, Daniel Entered
CURRIE, Jacob Entered
CURRIE, Jarrod Entered
DRIZNERS, Jarrad Entered
HABIB, David Entered
THOMPSON, Andrew Entered
KOHN, Tessa Entered
SANDOW, Eloise Entered
BIRRANE, Ethan Entered
DARCH, Lachlan Entered
MARRIAGE, Zac Entered
MITSIGEORGIS, Nicole Entered
YOUNG, Sam Entered
THOMAS, Kael Entered
KUCHEL, Keenan Entered
MCINTYRE, Bryan Entered
SHARPLEY, Nick Entered
GRIVELL, Peter Entered
MILLER, Angus Entered
NUGENT, Emerson Entered
SMITH, Alexander Entered
WALKER, Lewis Entered
WALTER, Sam Entered
FROST, Max Entered
HILL, Justin Entered
BOS, Jacob Entered
BOS, John Entered
SEARLE, Darren Entered
WEILIANG, Qian Entered
CHUNG-ORR, Katarina Entered
HOLMES, Daniel Entered
BASTIRAS, Con Entered
EVANS, Karl Entered
COOPER, Tyson Entered
VOLTZ, Jacqueline Entered
HOFFMAN, Lucas Entered