Entry nominations in 100th Pt Noarlunga Classic 11 Dec 08:10

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Norwood Cycling Club website.

Name Status
KOHN, Tessa Entered
KRISTENSEN, Soren Entered
NORTHAM, Craig Entered
TREGENZA, Daniel Entered
ALTREE, Thomas Entered
MARRIAGE, Tim Entered
STEWART, Bowie Entered
MARCUCCI, Patrick Entered
RADFORD, Thomas Scratched
TIERNEY, Jack Entered
WALSH, Sam Entered
STEWART, Macey Entered
SAYERS, Cooper Entered
WILSON, Nichola Entered
DAVIDS, Brendon Entered
GOODWIN, Scott Entered
THOMASON, Jason Entered
GODDARD, Matt Entered
INGLIS, Paul Entered
TURNBULL, George Entered
GOLDING, Will Entered
HARDY, Max Entered
BOS, John Entered
SHERIDAN, Peter Entered
LENNON, Tim Entered
RIEDEL, Stacey Entered
SHUTTLEWORTH, Matthew Entered
RICHES, Virginia Entered
PURCZEL, Carl Entered
BAXTER, Tom Entered
KEANE, Craig Entered
MANNING, Tessa Entered
BAKER, Ronan Entered
WALKER, Elliott Entered
ANDERSON, Oliver Entered
LEMON, Meg Entered
BEGGS, Inneke Entered
MATHWIN, William Entered
DARCH, Lachlan Entered
SCHOEN, Frank Entered
JOHNSTONE, Zakk Entered
JOHNSTONE, Caleb Entered
HAWTHORN, Matt Entered
IZAZ, Zidaz Entered
ALBERTS, Rico Entered
EASSON, Joanne Entered
BENNETT, Iven Entered
SAMPSON, Mark Entered
BLACKBURN, Harrison Entered
SYKES, Jack Entered
CHRISTINAT, Raphael Entered
DRIZNERS, Jarrad Entered
GLASSPOOL, Lachlan Entered
JONGEWAARD, Christopher Entered
SMITH, Reynard Scratched
SUTTER, Christopher Entered
PORTER, Alexander Entered
VARRICCHIO, Peter Entered
FOWLER, Duncan Entered
MACPHERSON, Jenny Entered
TOMLINSON, Adam Entered
EDMONDSON, Alex Entered
GILL, Russell Entered
HAANSBERGEN, Alana Scratched
SUTTON, Jack Entered
CORBETT, Angus Entered
SAUNDERS, Tristan Entered
MORAN, Chloe Entered
CHUNG, Edward Entered
LYNCH, Daniel Entered
GALLOWAY, Patrick Entered
DICKSON, Angus Entered
WIGHT, Luke Entered
CURRIE, Jacob Entered
SIMMONDS, Leo Entered
ROUTLEDGE, Ian Entered
BEAUMONT, Ryan Entered
ROLTON, Todd Entered
GALVIN-RIDGE, Connor Entered
INGRAM, Craig Entered
AL FARIZI, Farhan Entered
HARPER, Chris Entered
MCSPORRAN, Kayla Entered
SMITH, Frank Entered
DOS SANTOS, Christopher Entered
MILLER, Angus Entered
BROWN, Aaron Entered
BROWN, William Entered
BAYLY, Cameron Entered
DOWDELL, Curtis Entered
MARRIAGE, Zac Entered
MURADA, David Entered
MACDONALD, Bradley Entered
CURRIE, Jarrod Entered
MANEY, Stephen Entered
MACDONALD, Nicola Entered
COOMBE, Andrew Entered
LUXTON, Chris Entered
STEVENS, Danielle Entered
YOUNG, Sam Entered
RISCHMUELLER, Thomas Entered
HARGRAVE, Breanna Entered
WHEELER, Olivia Entered
EDMONDSON, Annette Entered
MITSIGEORGIS, Nicole Entered
DOWDELL, Rylan Entered
COOPER, Tyson Entered
KINNANE, Alex Entered
BUCKLEY, Liz Entered
GASSNER, Justin Entered
VLAHOS, Kerry Entered
HOMBURG, David Entered
GASSNER, Matthew Entered
KAVANAGH, Stephen Entered
SMITH, Aneeka Entered
HOGAN, Jack Entered
SIBLEY, Ella Entered
GLASSPOOL, James Entered
DOWIE, Nathan Entered
STEELE, Madeleine Entered
CHANCE, Holly Entered
BEGGS, Ryan Entered
CARR, Lachlan Entered
CHUNG-ORR, Katarina Entered
STEELE, Amanda Entered
SORELL, Alison Entered
BEVELANDER, Dean Entered
HOLMES, Wil Entered
THOMPSON, Andrew Entered
HOLLAMBY, James Entered
REDMOND, Natalie Entered
PLOUFFE, Maeve Entered
ENRIGHT, Jesse Entered
ASKEW, Harry Scratched
LIENERT, Willis Entered
DAVIES, Brad Entered
BEAZLEY, Paul Scratched
GOMER, David Entered
KUCHEL, Keenan Entered
SEARLE, Darren Entered
THOMAS, Kael Entered
MUNDY, Jessica Entered
PONTIFEX, Todd Entered
BETROS, Luke Entered
FROST, Max Entered
CRICK, Nathan Entered
BEDDOME, Craig Entered
KENNETT, Chris Entered
HABIB, David Entered
WISBEY, Jack Entered
DOWDELL, Ralph Entered
CULLEN, Oliver Entered
HESELTINE, Stuart Entered
SPEARS, Cameron Entered
GRIVELL, Peter Entered
SMITH, Colin Entered
SMITH, Alexander Entered
CAMPBELL, Heath Entered
WHITTAKER, Josiah Entered
GALE, Daniel Entered
MCINTYRE, Bryan Entered
KELLY, James Entered
KELLY, Annabelle Entered
TUCKER, Kalan Entered
BASTIRAS, Con Entered
ANGUS, Sean Entered
HOLMES, Daniel Entered
CHAPMAN, Tom Entered
SIWEK, Daniel Entered
CLARKSON, Andrew Entered
COX, Annabel Entered
PARTRIDGE, Danny Entered
MEDLIN, Samuel Entered
ROUTLEDGE, Rafi Scratched