Entry nominations in NCC Road Championships 17 Dec 10:34

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Norwood Cycling Club website.

Name Status
BIRRANE, Ethan Entered
WALSH, Sam Entered
BIRD, Matthew Entered
KINNANE, Alex Entered
ROSENZWEIG, Isaac Entered
MITSIGEORGIS, Nicole Entered
SIMMONDS, Leo Entered
BASTIRAS, Con Entered
DAVIDS, Brendon Entered
SYKES, Jack Entered
DOTY, Austin Entered
DOWDELL, Curtis Entered
LEE, Steven Entered
HARDY, Max Entered
BENMAX, Louis Entered
HARRIS, Philip Entered
LAWLOR, Liam Entered
DICKSON, Angus Entered
SAMPSON, Mark Entered
GILL, Russell Entered
TIDSWELL, Kyran Entered
DAVIES, Michael Entered
LACAILLE, Charlie Entered
INGRAM, Craig Entered
WHEELER, Olivia Entered
WHEELER, Michael Entered
WALLACE, Trent Entered
GASSNER, Matthew Entered
GALLOWAY, Patrick Entered
DIMONTE, Matthew Entered
HILL, Ben Entered
MCRAE, Lachlan Entered
SEARLE, Darren Entered
SHARRAD, Patrick Entered
PARTRIDGE, Danny Entered
BENNETT, Iven Entered
AMBROSE, Lachlan Entered
BEDDOME, Craig Entered
EDWARDS, Sophie Entered
SIWEK, Daniel Entered
RISCHMUELLER, Thomas Entered
HARNESS, Billy Entered
BROWN, Kimberly Entered
HEDGER, Tim Entered
GOLDING, Will Entered
DOWDELL, Ralph Entered
WALSH, Richard Entered
EGGLESTONE, Ethan Entered
ALBERTS, Rico Entered
DAVIES, Brad Entered
NUGENT, Emerson Entered
GALVIN-RIDGE, Connor Entered
DARCH, Lachlan Entered
THOMASON, Jason Entered
SHARPLEY, Nick Entered
ALTREE, Thomas Entered
GROSS, Rebecca Entered
HOFFMAN, Lucas Entered
SAUNDERS, Tristan Entered
THOMAS, Kael Entered
KUCHEL, Keenan Entered
HOLMES, Chelsea Entered
HOGAN, Jack Entered
EASSON, Joanne Entered
AL FARIZI, Farhan Entered
GOMER, David Entered
JACOBS, Juan Pierre Entered
ASKEW, Harry Entered
GREENWOOD, Rob Entered
EVANS, Karl Entered
THURSBY, Jude Entered
WALKER, Elliott Entered
WALKER, Lewis Entered
REDMOND, Natalie Entered
DOWDELL, Rylan Entered