Entry nominations in 2018 Oceania Road Championships - Road Race - U19 Women, U23 & Elite Men 22 Feb 09:06

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Cycling Tasmania website.

Name Status
COXON, Joel Entered
ALBRECHT, Jasper Entered
MAWDITT, Lionel Entered
LANGHAM, Jacob Entered
GIGANTE, Sarah Entered
BUTLER, Jonathan Entered
NOBLE, Jonathon Entered
LACK, Alex Entered
LOFTHOUSE, Tim Entered
BEIKOFF, Joshua Entered
WARD, Tristan Entered
SUNDE, Blake Entered
LANIGAN, Bryce Entered
WHELAN, James Entered
OLIVER, Jake Entered
VAN STADEN, Cuan Entered
HARPER, Chris Entered
EVANS, Alexander Entered
AUSTIN, Blair Entered
GILMORE, Zack Entered
LAKE, Andrew Scratched
SIMPSON, Nicholas Entered
CHRISTIE, Jason Entered
WILSON, Joshua Entered
EDWARDS, Sophie Entered
ROBINSON, Tom Entered
DRIZNERS, Jarrad Entered
THOMAS, Ryan Entered
SPENCER, Trevor Entered
ROBARDS, Lauren Entered
BOWDEN, Scott Entered
MARTIN, Oliver Entered
BENNETT, Iven Entered
WHITE, Liam Entered
WHITE, Nicholas Entered
RANDALL, David Entered
WHITE, Calan Scratched
LEA, Jason Entered
TOOVEY, Ayden Entered
LAKE, Sean Entered
BAYLY, Cameron Entered
RENNIE, Portia Entered
COOPER, Xavier Entered
PHILLIPS, Leigh Entered
LEAHY, Conor Entered
WATTS, Emily Entered
CARMAN, Ben Entered
AVER, Nathan Entered
MONK, Cyrus Entered
GROUBE, Carne Entered
CALDER, Angus Entered
EDWARDS, Liam Entered
LOUIS, Jordan Entered
LOUW, Anya Entered
MURTAGH, Conor Entered
LEONARD, Nicholas Entered
MARRYATT, Jake Entered
CAMERON, Tim Entered
KAESLER, Tom Entered
SCHMIDT, Jordan Entered
ELWORTHY, Oscar Entered
LYONS, Angus Entered
LAWLOR, Liam Entered
VAN DAM, Ben Entered
SENS, Connor Entered
HOLMES, Chelsea Entered
HOFFMAN, Lucas Entered
MAGENNIS, Liam Entered
HAMILTON, Ben Entered
BROWN, Connor Entered
WALTERS, Bailey Entered
NIQUET-OLDEN, Bentley Entered
MASCARO, Emily Entered
REARDON, Connor Entered