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2021 Fox on Rocks Funduro

Sat, 18 Sep 2021
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Tue, 31 Aug 2021 5:00 PM AEST
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Fri, 17 Sep 2021 7:35 AM AEST
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COVID-19 Notice

We are taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously.
By entering this event, you agree to the following:

  • you agree to follow Government COVID recommendations applicable to your jurisdiction
  • you agree to follow the Event's COVID directives
  • you agree that you may be asked to leave the event for non-compliance
  • we appreciate your cooperation, our intention is simply to run a safe event.

2021 Fox on Rocks Funduro


Women’s only Gravity Enduro (GE) style event held by “Dirt Angels”- Toowoomba Women’s Mountain Biking in conjunction with Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club -TMBC. Since 2016 we have hosted annual Fox on Rocks Funduro events attracting 75 women riders and their supporters. By allowing self-shuttling to the top of the Toowoomba Range, with special timed stages that transition back down the range to the event village, the event is accessible to those women with less confidence or fitness and hence we call it a “Funduro”. The ‘Funduro” format has been used by other event organisers and notably the Enduro World Series 2019 held in Derby Tasmania opened the weekend of racing with a Fox on Rocks Funduro for local women riders. As we return to our origins with a women’s only event let us make Fox on Rocks Funduro 2021 bigger and better than ever...


The aim of Fox on Rocks Funduro is to provide a relaxed, fun entry into the discipline of Gravity Enduro (GE).
Most MTB riders like riding downhill quickly but the Down Hill (DH) format can be challenging for beginners and the less confident rider. Many MTB riders find racing uphill a less appealing challenge and lining up on the start line of a cross country (XC) race can also be intimidating. We believe Gravity Enduro is the racing “sweet spot”.

Jubilee Park is always open (weather permitting) and the course maps will be available well before race day with the specific stages being released over a consecutive number of weeks in The lead up to the event. There are plenty of local Dirt Angels who would love to show you around and by joining the Dirt Angels- Toowoomba Women’s Mountain Biking Facebook group you can kept informed of any social events planned in the lead up to Fox on Rocks Funduro 2021

Unofficial Practice

Dates: Saturday 18th September 2021 held at Jubilee Park, Toowoomba. Prior weekend (4th and 5th of September and 11th and 12th of September 2021) is unofficial practice.

The weekends prior allows for unofficial practice of the course with timed racing on the Saturday the 18th of September. The Funduro is all about building confidence and a sense of community with other likeminded women who ride bikes.


Organisation: Club: Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club
Race Director: Gillian Chesterfield
Organising Group: TMBC,
Timing: TMBC
Commissaire: TMBC Lonnie Toia
Registration: All participants must have Auscycle/MTBA licence.
Venue: Jubilee Park, Amos Road entrance Withcott Queensland

Race Format:

The course will be designed for sequential stages with short transitions. Self-shuttling or utilizing the Frenzy MTB Shuttles on public roads allowed to access the top of the course. Depending on COVID 19 restrictions and registration numbers the field may be split, and several categories may be directed to do the five stages in a non-sequential order.
Self-seeding, 60 second intervals between riders is the minimum and passing on the course is part of Enduro racing.

Timed Special Stages depending on category.

Total timed race ~ 25 - 40 mins Total time on course ~ 2.5 hrs

Event Schedule

Saturday* : TIMES MAY VARY

  • 1100 Registration opens Coffee Van available.
  • 1230 Race Briefing
  • 1300 Self shuttle to Bridge St Quarry, E-Bike could ride up, Frenzy MTB shuttle (extra cost)
  • 1330 Estimated first release at Bridge St Quarry
  • 1430 Estimated first riders down to Event Village BBQ on!
  • 1600 Estimated last riders down
  • 1630 Presentations at Event Village Amos Rd


Group A Velocity Vixen (Open Female) 5 Stages:
Full Face Helmet required for the elite stage (4a)
The race goers amongst you. You have race experience (XCO or other formats) or are up for the full course challenge. Open to any age if you want to claim the title “Fox on Rocks”.
Group B Red Fox (Sport Women) 5 Stages:
Full Face Helmet recommended but not required
Regular social mountain bikers and want to have a go at some racing but XCO seems too hard and too serious! You are not usually the racing sort but do not want to “sandbag” the beginners. You are in it for the fun!
Group C Silver Fox: Over 40s. (Masters Sport Women) 5 Stages:
Full Face Helmet recommended but not required
Regular social mountain bikers and want to have a go at some racing as well. Having been around the traps for a while and have earned your own category!
Group D Arctic Fox (Beginners) 5 Stages:
Full Face Helmet recommended but not required
Shy and wary. Have recently been introduced to MTBing, love it, and want to test your new skills in a fun and supportive environment on the less technical course.
Group E Fox-E (e-Bike) 5 Stages:
Full Face Helmet recommended but not required
Pretty self-explanatory. We are all about inclusion and are expecting this category to have grown since its introduction in 2019.
Group F Cub Fox (Juniors) 5 Stages:
Full Face Helmet recommended but not required
The young foxes U15’s. You are an up and comer and want to give Enduro a go.
Group G Kits fresh from the Den:
Full Face Helmet recommended but not required
The fresh kit foxes U12's. You are an up and coming shredder and keen to drop in with a parent or guardian to follow.


Auscycle/MTBA race licence is required. 4-week trial membership is available if you have not accessed it before.

Otherwise day licences are available for purchase at time of online registration, as are upgrades if you are a social (non-race) Auscycle/MTBA member.
Racing under the Auscycle/MTBA licence states that a full face helmet( FFH) is required for Group A (Velocity Vixens : Open Women) as Stage 4a is a Black rated trail and therefore deemed GE -Standard A ( GE events incorporating very technical terrain OR steep mountainsides OR very high speed trails). All other Groups B,C,D,E,F,G may wear an open face helmet, but FFH is recommended, as the stages being raced are green and blue trails and deemed GE-Standard B. Juniors must have elbow length sleeves, elbow and knee protection and full finger gloves as per Auscycle/ MTBA regulations.
Serviceable MTB with Dual suspension is preferable to enhance enjoyment, but a Hardtail will suffice for group B, C, D, E, F, G

Other Requirements

At the point of editing QLD CoVID restrictions and requirements do not impact this event. However, a link to up to date CoVID requirements is attached below. It is expected that all competitors will comply with social distancing guidelines, do not race or attend the Funduro if suffering from a runny nose, shortness of breath or temperature, wash hands regularly, use sanitising spray regularly and cover your mouth with your elbow if coughing or sneezing. Use your own water bottle and do not share snacks or drinks.
Link to QLD COVID Restrictions:

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