Entry nominations in Individual Time Trial 27 Oct 01:24

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Penrith Cycling Club website.

Name Status
BRITTS, Edwin Entered
PLOHL, Matthew Entered
MORAN, Duncan Entered
SALVATORI, Roberta Entered
MARKOVSKI, Ashley Entered
GREEN, Tom Entered
CHURCHWARD, Michael Entered
GEORGE, Dylan Entered
WILL, Stuart Entered
BRUNT, Sean Entered
DRUMMOND, Rab Entered
DRUMMOND, Keira Entered
BRIENESSE, Laura Entered
GILMOUR-WALSH, Emily Entered
MERCURIO, Constantine Entered
GALEA, Alexander Entered
LINDSAY, Jason Entered
SHORT, Benjamin Entered
WILL, Keira Entered
BLOCH, Brayden Entered
PATAO, Adam Entered
SALAS, Eddie Entered
MCCARNEY, Craig Entered
HILL, Jodie Entered
HILL, Greg Entered
MERCURIO, Chris Entered
FANTIN, Michael Entered
SHOCKAIR, Rayhan Entered
SHOCKAIR, Shariff Entered
CAMERON, Laura Entered
SHORT, Ryland Entered
SMITH, Greg Entered
GRANT, Ian Entered
PHAN, Sean Entered
COLEMAN, Kat Entered
SANFORD, Glendon Entered
DON-WAKEFIELD, Wentworth Entered
GRIERSON, Josiah Entered
CARLIN, Aimee Entered
GREWAL, Devraj Entered
WAKEFIELD, Peter Entered
WARE, Ben Entered
BRODIE, Joshua Entered
HAZARD, Matt Entered
MATLEY, Tom Entered
JACOBS, David Entered
BUSH, Darren Entered
KWOK, Cooper Entered
COCHRANE, Greigory Entered
SHARP, Leon Entered
WANT, Mathew Entered
HURRELL, Wesley Entered
SCOTT, Jeff Entered
HAZZARD, David Entered
BARAL, Randolph Entered
KUZNETSOFF, Chris Entered
PERRY, Deren Entered
SCHNEIDER, Sarah Entered
LING, Chris Entered
ROBERTSON, Andrew Entered
BROWN, Thomas Entered
SCHNEIDER, Benedikt Entered
CLARSEN, Timothy Entered
GIANATTI, Hannah Entered
HEBDEN, Mark Entered
ELIAS, Michael Entered
COCHRANE, Lois Entered
TODHUNTER, James Entered
HAMILTON, Jett Entered
CAPPADONA, Michael Entered
WINES, Scott Entered
HERRETT, Tayha Entered
COVINGTON, Malachi Entered
HACKNEY, Peter Entered
BANERJEE, Katie Entered
MIDDLEBROOK, Daryn Entered
PFEFFER, Michael Entered
JORDAN, Rick Entered
RYDON, Gareth Entered
THOMAS, Andrew Entered
HOLLAND, Adam Entered
MCGEE, Lyn Entered
BRAY, Andrew Entered
TAGGART, Jeff Entered
THOMPSON, Jeremy Entered
CAPLIKAS, Vic Entered
DAVID, Jerel Entered
FARRIER, Kaydi Entered
FARRIER, Kyle Entered
DAVIS, Paul Entered
BOWLES, Ross Entered
DUONG, Kiet Entered
WALLINGTON, David Entered
MACKIE, Alex Entered
MACKIE, Ethan Entered
TRAN, Jason Entered
MIMNAGH, Brian Entered
MILOSTIC, Lindon Entered
SUMNER, Barnaby Entered
TIMMS, Ian Entered
YOUNAN, Nadia Entered
GOODCHILD, Cameron Entered
GOODCHILD, Amelie Entered
AUSTIN, Stuart Entered
POMERING, Daniel Entered
PARKER, Edward Entered
ALLPORT, Luke Entered
RICHARDS, Rob Entered
KOUREMBES, Jimmy Entered
WARD, David Entered
CLARKE, Rhys Entered
FRANCIS, Michael Entered
ROBERTSON, Peter Scratched
SHEPARD, Ruben Scratched
WAI, Andrew Scratched
MILOSTIC, Annalise Scratched
MILOSTIC, Riley Scratched
MILOSTIC, Peter Scratched
APPS, Nigel Scratched
DOWNES, Warren Scratched