Entry nominations in Round 3 Eagle MTB Park 21 Sep 03:58

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Gravity Enduro SA website.

Name Status
MOORE, Brendan Entered
MCDONNELL, Bradley Entered
NORTHCOTT, Dylan Entered
RISCHBIETH, Will Entered
HOSKINS, Josh Entered
MITCHELL, Jamie Entered
PAULL, Jake Entered
MAHADEVAN, Praanesh Entered
DAVIS, Josh Entered
MOORE, William Entered
MAROLD, Olav Entered
MAROLD, Jensen Entered
VAN DEVENTER, Ewan Entered
D'ANDREA, Connor Entered
NEL, Zander Entered
SCOTT, Raine Entered
SCOTT, Alistair Entered
PFEIFFER, Harry Entered
WEBB, Jim Entered
TURNER, Albert Entered
TAYLOR, Nathan Scratched
BULL, Felix Entered
BUSTO, Cody Entered
WHITING, Chris Entered
WHITING, William Entered
WALKER, Mark Entered
OVERWEEL, Adam Entered
AHLFORS, Kurt Entered
HANNAFORD, Matt Entered
HANNAFORD, Seth Entered
D'AMBROSIO, Jason Entered
SUSKIN, Ryan Entered
HILL, Nigel Scratched
PITT, Lucas Entered
BROWN, Jordan Entered
SCHAPEL, Jaclyn Entered
HARRIS, Ethan Entered
PENA, Pablo Entered
LIPAPIS, Nick Entered
GREEN, Susie Scratched
RAMOS, Kristian Scratched
HILL, Josh Entered
MCDONALD, Angus Entered
FOWLER, Craig Entered
ECKERT, Paul Entered
MULLIN, Corrie Scratched
FOWLER, Kalan Entered
PANNELL, Josh Entered
SCHILD, Nick Scratched
DENTON, Scott Scratched
HOUSELY, Lee Scratched
CHADWICK, Oliver Entered
MORCOM, Daniel Entered
STACEY, Kylie Scratched
MUTCH, Thomas Entered
LANGE, Jesse Scratched
BURNETT, Matthew Entered
SZEITZ, Justin Entered
WADE, Liam Entered
PATERSON, Tam Entered
MAHONEY, Hugh Scratched
MILCHEM, Guy Entered
RAYMENT, Jason Entered
WILSON, Nathaniel Entered
SUTHERLAND, Findlay Entered
PODOLAK, Dom Entered
WINTULICH, Timothy Entered
PARKINSON, Shawn Entered
HERRMANN, Kyle Entered
FUNK, Brayden Entered
GWYNN-JONES, Henry Entered
BIRD, Daniel Entered
PRESTON-WARD, Daniel Entered
IBBOTSON, Brett Scratched
HARDIE, Samuel Entered
CREEPER, Brendon Entered
WADDICOR, Alex Entered
KADE, Joshua Entered
CREIGHTON, Sam Entered
MILLER, Adrian Entered
SCARLETT, Luke Entered
LAMERTON, Denver Entered
LEICESTER, Kurtis Entered
MCCUBBIN, Ashton Entered
HODGSON, Tyler Entered
WILKINSON, Henry Entered
LEWIS, Peter Entered
HERD, Mika Entered
CHURCH, Richard Entered
LAMEY, Ben Entered
PALM, Peter Entered
DEDRICK, Sean Entered
CHAFFEY, Luke Entered
SANDERCOCK, Callum Entered
RADNOR, Luke Entered
NORRIS, Layla Scratched
CARABELAS, Dom Scratched
HILLS, Malachy Entered
ANDERSEN, Lachlan Entered
YATES, Craig Entered
VANCE, Hamish Entered
DEMASI, Kieren Entered
QUINN, Henry Entered
GUY, James Scratched
RIDDELL, Nick Scratched
DISCOMBE, Michael Entered
FOALE, Jamie Scratched
RICCIOTTI, Daniel Entered
CHANDLER, Markus Entered
TEAGUE, Tom Entered
RITCHIE, Lloyd Entered
TURNER, Albert Entered
NIXON, James Entered
BUTTON, Giles Entered
HILL, Tony Entered
WHITTON, Paul Entered
BUSH, Max Entered
EARL, Brad Entered
PHILLIPS, David Entered
MCCULLOCH, Fin Entered
MANCERA, Erman Entered
SMITH, Lachlan Entered
MILOSEVIC, Jamie Scratched
HEALEY, Will Entered
AXFORD, Callum Scratched
DAVIES, Cooper Entered
SYME, Bennet Entered
LUMSDEN, Dale Scratched
DANGAR, Charlie Entered
MEREDITH, Max Entered
MUNGER, Sam Entered
JOLLY, Alice Scratched
GILES, Maxwell Entered
FLOOD, Shelly Entered
WOODS, Thomas Entered
MITCHELL, Jamie Scratched
FILIPPINI, Matthieu Entered
SUSKIN, Alex Entered
GENEROWICZ, Simon Entered
COUZNER, Tom Entered
TWINING, Tully Entered
WYNESS, Lachlan Entered
HUTTON, Brodie Entered
KAT, Jordan Entered
REILLY, Felix Entered
SANDMAN, Steve Entered
MOLINEUX, Jayden Entered
PRINSLOO, Miguelita Scratched
MATHIE, Russell Entered
SCHUTZ, Gary Entered
NORMAN, Ben Entered
NEWELL, Nathan Entered
MASLIN, Tom Entered
DOOLAN, Kevin Entered
WELLS, Travis Entered
RYAN, Cameron Entered
MCDOUGAL, Daniel Entered
HALLEDAY, Noah Entered
JARVIS, Russ Entered
HENNESSY, Daniel Entered
CONTI, Seb Entered
KUHLMANN, Andrew Entered
DEMASI, Kyle Entered
HODGSON, Matt Entered
HILADO, Luigi Entered
COURTNEY, Nathan Scratched
YOUNG, Jack Entered
KIRWAN, Andrew Entered
MOORE, Tait Entered
MILLHOUSE, Lewis Entered
LLOYD, Ryan Entered
MADZIA, Sam Entered
RAYMENT, Trent Entered
BOUWMEESTER, Mello Scratched
NOSKE, Paul Entered
WHEATON, Oliver Entered
DEDRICK, Steve Entered
HARRISON, Andrew Entered
WEBB, Cooper Entered
HIGGINS, Bradley Entered
GRUNDY, Jaxon Scratched
NORRIS, Zoe Entered
WOODING, Rhys Entered
DILLON, Lee Entered
NORRIS, Matt Entered
READ, Seth Entered
TREGONING, Ross Entered
LIEBIG, Ben Entered
GUELEN, William Entered
GORE, Michael Entered
SCHMIDTKE, Rachel Entered
MARSH, Steve Entered
WILDY, Travis Entered
WILKS, Toby Entered
EATON, Sam Entered
GIBBINS, Craig Entered
JOHNSTON, Oscar Entered
GIBBINS, Alexander Entered
PEARCE, James Entered
HABERMANN, Fiona Entered
IRELAND, Dale Entered
WOODS, Toby Entered
HUTCHINSON, Ethan Entered
WEST, David Entered
FOALE, Kael Entered
BRANSTON, Cain Entered
FIELDER, Izack Scratched
HABERMANN, Bow Entered
CASTON, Brett Entered
WINTER, Cooper Entered
WINTER, Darren Entered
SAMUEL-WHITE, Benjamin Entered
ALLAN, Jake Entered
STONE, Dylan Scratched
PROBERT, Max Entered
GOSSINK, Bryce Entered
HERREEN, Brett Entered
VENNING, Martin Entered
SMITS, Kiedis Entered
MULLAN, Arlo Entered
FISHER, Brenton Entered
MUDGE, Dion Entered
PEARCE, Merridy Entered
WEBER, Jason Entered
BRADEY, Luke Entered
LARRETT, Jackson Entered
SCALLAN, Eoin Entered
VELISEK, Tim Entered
KUHN, Nick Entered
CROUCH, David Entered
DIPPEL, Ben Entered
YORATH, Gryff Entered
RAUSCH, James Entered
GEBERT, Steven Entered
SIINMAA, Tom Entered
EARL, Sam Entered
BATTLE, Geoff Entered
CLANCY, Conor Entered
HERFT, Eddie Entered
MILES, Dave Entered
BROOKES, Lachie Scratched
STEINERT, Calvin Entered
GOULDER, Flynn Entered
HOLMES, Ethan Entered
WATSON, Deegan Entered
KIRBY, Stephen Entered
MITCHELL, Zarah Entered
WOODWISS, Sueann Scratched
DE JONG, Justin Entered
WATSON, Daryl Scratched
MILNER, Tate Entered
DEJONG, Shane Entered
JONES, Owen Entered
WILLIAMS, Tom Entered
BLOOMFIELD, Archie Entered
LIM, Richard Entered
WHEATON, Ben Scratched
DAVIS, Josh Scratched
FREEMAN, Tom Entered
WILLIAMS, Jess Entered
WATSON, Aaron Entered
IVAS, Samuel Entered
KATHIGITIS, Josh Entered
PLANK, Jan Entered
GREER, Orlando Entered
WOODGER, Troy Scratched
BETHUNE, John Entered
THOMAS, Tudor Scratched
HUTCHINS, Ben Entered
RUBINICH, Dave Entered
WALTER, Sam Entered
GONCALVES, Ricardo Entered
BAJ, Lachie Entered
SOMERVILLE, Cade Scratched
STUART, Matthew Entered
OERTEL, Fraser Entered
WALSH, Sam Entered
SOMERVILLE, Dillon Entered
MARLEY-DUNCAN, Casey Entered
O'DANIEL, Anthony Scratched
TAGGART, Ryan Entered
BUITENHUIS, Leon Scratched
CAMPBELL, Simon Entered
MCKEOWN, Stephen Entered
STRONACH, Deacon Scratched
MCBAIN, Thomas Entered
SMITH, Haiden Entered
PITT, Lucas Scratched
GRANDISON, Ash Entered
CHEESMAN, Karl Entered
BROOKS, Nick Entered
BRIDLE, Ricky Entered
BENTLEY, Wade Entered
CHEESMAN, Ashley Entered
PITMAN, Louis Entered
TIBBY, Jack Entered
SCHILD, Caelum Scratched
DEVERELL, Philip Entered
HACQUOIL, Andrew Entered
MASLIN, Eli Entered
TAYLOR, Ryan Entered
HILLS, Ian Scratched
SCOTT, Cedar Scratched
LAMERTON, Denver Scratched
MILLHOUSE, Lewis Scratched