Entry nominations in Rd 1 North Coast Enduro Series Kyogle 01 Aug 21:15

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the White Lightning Events website.

Name Status
SOCHON, Dave Entered
CORCORAN, Mick Entered
BATEMAN, Cohen Entered
SMITH, Amber Entered
FOWLER, Peter Entered
HAYES, Iain Entered
KERWIN, Paul Entered
KERWIN, Fiona Entered
KERWIN, Travis Entered
EWART, Lincoln Entered
CONNOLLY, Kylie Entered
HARRIS, Darcy Entered
WHITE, Brad Entered
EVERITTT, Piers Entered
FISHER, Brock Entered
WEBB, Max Entered
SOANES, Rebekah Entered
PALMER, Luke Entered
NOLAN, Zac Entered
MURRAY, Elise Entered
MURRAY, Toby Entered
MURRAY, Sam Entered
ZMEGAC, John Entered
BOCKING, Kody Entered
BOCKING, Jesse Entered
BOCKING, Elise Entered
BOCKING, Scott Entered
PEARCE, Todd Entered
ROGERS, Hayden Entered
SOCHON, Finley Entered
HARNELL, Dean Entered
SPENCER, Miley Entered
FOWLER, Katie Entered
WALSH, Hunter Entered
COOPER, Caelan Entered
COOPER, Jaiden Entered
MAIERHOFER, Chris Entered
PINDER, Troy Entered
WHITMORE, Travis Entered
SCHEIBEL, Nick Entered
HAWKSHAW, Steve Entered
HAWKSHAW, Jacob Entered
SCHEIBEL, Ashton Entered
THOMAS, Jirah Entered
MILLAR, Marco Entered
NICHOLSON, Greg Entered
GRIEVE, Brendan Entered
WALSHE, Wayne Entered
BAJWA, Mungi Entered
SCANLON, Jirra Entered
MILONAS, Adam Entered
MIER, Richard Entered
WILLIAMS, Shaun Entered
PINDER, Max Entered
PINDER, Jett Entered
MURCHISON, Oscar Entered
MCKENZIE, Rory Entered
BURTONWOOD, Jemma Entered
ARDETTI, Tristan Entered
BAUER, Alice Entered
DUNCAN, Trevor Entered
FOLPP, Connor Entered
FOLPP, Jackson Entered
DUCKETT, Ben Entered
DENMAN, Tom Entered
SHARKEY, Graeme Entered
SHARKEY, Tyler Entered
HOLLAND, Joshua Entered
HOLLAND, Angus Entered
HOLLAND, Ivan Entered
PORTER, Simon Entered
MASTERS, Eli Entered
MASTERS, Tyler Entered
SMITH, Phillip Entered
SMITH, Jackson Entered
CASE, Jesse Entered
CORNALL, Rory Entered
MARSH, Lachlan Entered
MARSH, Ben Entered
FELLNER, Neil Entered
SMITH, Garry Entered
DIXON, Adrian Entered
DIXON, Jet Entered
BLACK, Ilo Entered
FILMER, Eli Entered
FLEMING, Graeme Entered
RICHARDS, Dash Entered
NICHOLSON, Tom Entered
NICHOLSON, Sam Entered
BEST, Byron Entered
BEST, Philip Entered
HOY, Jonnie Entered
HOY, Matt Entered
STOCKTON, Rowena Entered
STOCKTON, Rocco Entered
STOCKTON, Beau Entered
KENN, Clinton Entered
RUTH, Michael Entered
RUTH, Mitchell Entered
HOOPER, Lauren Provisionally entered
GASKE, August Scratched