Entry nominations in Tasmanian Sport Carnivals - Devonport Criterium 17 Dec 11:17

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Cycling Tasmania website.

Name Status
CUMINE, Rob Entered
STRETTON, Paul Entered
WARREN, Justin Entered
BERNAL, Matthew Entered
SCHEIBNER, Angus Entered
LAYCOCK, Joel Entered
MUSGRAVE, Harrison Entered
WHITE, Anthea Entered
JOHNSON, Zachary Entered
RIGG, Jason Entered
GRAY, Ainsleigh Entered
RICHARDS, William Entered
ATKINSON, Luke Entered
VON HOFF, Steele Entered
LANGHAM, Jacob Entered
PETERS, Jeremy Entered
ADAMS, Adrian Entered
HALL, Campbell Entered
WOOLSTON, Dale Entered
SAWYER, Jessie Entered
OLIVER, Jake Entered
STRATES, Suzanne Entered
WELLS, Andy Entered
WALKER, Greg Entered
AVER, Nathan Entered
LOONE, Daniel Entered
JARVIE, Phil Entered
LANGHAM, Amalia Entered
COY, James Entered
JARVIE, Kate Entered
PRICE, Simon Entered
OVERTON, William Entered
O'SHEA, Braden Entered
CHAPLIN, David Entered
SMITH, Scott Entered
LOUW, Anya Entered
JAMES-SMITH, Henley Entered
DYKSTRA, Renee Entered
STONE, Stephen Entered
MIDGLEY, Aaron Entered
HARTLEY, Adam Entered
MARGISON, Andrew Entered
WOOLSTON, Kathryn Entered
WHEELER, Olivia Entered
VINEY, Grant Entered
NUSPAN, Elizabeth Entered
PLOWRIGHT, Jensen Entered
POLDER, Koen Entered
BIRTWISTLE, Kris Entered