Entry nominations in Ride Day 06 Dec 20:06

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Inside Line Mountain Bike Club website.

Name Status
MANFIELD, Darcy Entered
SPRANZ, Krischan Entered
MCCUBBIN, Ashton Entered
HALL, Terence Entered
MCCUBBIN, Noah Entered
JERMY, Alex Entered
HALAS, Kane Entered
BRADEY, Luke Entered
FILIPPINI, Matthieu Entered
GOWER, Pippa Entered
CONTI, Seb Entered
WILKS, Toby Entered
STRUIK, Woody Entered
HODGSON, Heath Entered
WILSON, Jordan Entered
RUTT, Archie Entered
WILKINSON, Rebecca Entered
NETTLE, Innis Entered
VINCENT, Clancy Entered
BLACKWOOD, Kaden Entered
LAMOND, Luke Entered
WAKEFIELD, Roan Entered
WADE, Daniel Entered
NOURSE, Deegan Entered
KEOGH, Finn Entered
KITSON, Alex Entered
GOODWIN, Oliver Entered
WASS, Will Entered
KEOGH, Conor Entered
SCOTT, Mitchell Entered
MITCHELL, Oliver Entered
WAGSTAFF, Jamie Entered
TURNER, Aaron Entered
ROBINSON, Henry Entered
LARRETT, Jackson Entered
BLOOMFIELD, Archie Entered
TIBBY, Jack Entered
VERRALL, Ben Entered
ORBACH, Jed Entered
LEE, Isaac Entered
BARRY, Oliver Entered
PATRICK, Cameron Entered
WAGER, Nate Entered
GREER, Orlando Entered
BROOKES, Lachie Entered
RYAN, David Entered
CRANWELL, Hugo Entered
STANDISH, Paul Entered
O'CONNOR, Mahlon Entered
WEBB, Cooper Entered
BAKER, Jordan Entered
MASLEN, Hugo Entered
LEE, Brayden Entered
MASLEN, Brad Entered
O'BRIEN, John Entered
CARSLAKE, Cameron Entered
AVERY, Angus Entered
KAT, Bailey Entered
GRAHAM, Edward Entered
BARBARA, Luke Entered
SMITH, Haiden Entered
KELLEY, Corey Entered
ANDERSON, Rylan Entered
BURNS, Harry Entered
ANDERSON, Kyle Entered
CHEESMAN, Ashley Scratched
HILLS, Malachy Entered
HUGHES, Josh Entered
REEVES, Flynn Entered
DEJONG, Shane Entered
CULLINAN, Mia Entered
WARD, Connor Entered
HABERMANN, Bow Entered
GRANDISON, Ash Entered
BADCOE, Sam Entered
PAJKIC, Filip Entered
PHILPOTT, Rhys Entered
RAE, Caden Entered
FOALE, Kael Entered
FOALE, Jamie Entered
CARMAN, Zac Entered
MILICS, James Entered
FLOOD, Shelly Entered
WALSH, Sam Entered
BROSNAN, Troy Entered
TAKAHASHI, Riley Entered
EDWARDS, Hamish Entered
DURHAM, Will Entered
QUINN, Henry Entered
KAMP, Max Entered
MITCHELL, Zarah Entered
ABBOTT, Decklan Entered
WARD, Tyler Entered
HARRISON, Dylan Entered
TAYLOR, Fergus Entered
STEPHENS, Phoebe Entered
BATTLE, Geoff Entered
BATTY, Lachlan Scratched
SHAHIN, Bilal Entered
SUMNER, Chris Entered
KAT, Jordan Entered
NORTON, Philippa Entered
PARTON, Carrie Entered
SMITH, Nathan Entered
THOMAS, Jamie Entered
SCARLETT, Luke Entered
TWINING, Tully Entered
MATSON, Thomas Entered
BUTCHER, Jayden Entered
DODSON, Hunter Entered
MCBAIN, Thomas Entered
WINTER, Cooper Entered
KUHLMANN, Andrew Entered
SINGLETON, Max Entered
HUTCHISON, Cameron Entered
HUTCHISON, Ewan Entered
VELISEK, Tim Entered
HODGSON, Tyler Entered
MEDDER, Lucas Entered
MEDDER, Isaac Entered
BAULDERSTONE, Fergus Entered
BAULDERSTONE, Archie Entered
ECKERT, Paul Entered
MUDIE, Owen Entered
BUTTON, Giles Entered
O'DANIEL, Anthony Entered
GRIFFITHS, Jai Entered
CHEATLE, Sam Entered
MCGAVIGAN, Sachin Entered
VERRALL, Harry Entered
DYSON, Flynn Scratched
HIGGINS, Bradley Entered
MADZIA, Sam Entered
YATES, Craig Entered
FARMER, Sebastian Entered
GALPIN, Kurtis Entered
PROKOPOWICZ, Patrik Entered
WILSON, Sam Entered
CONROY, Tom Entered
BROWN, Scott Entered
MILOSEVIC, Jamie Entered
SUSKIN, Alex Entered
SUSKIN, Ryan Entered
BLOCK, William Entered
STRONACH, Deacon Entered
BLOCK, Adam Entered
STRONACH, Chase Entered
HUTTON, Brodie Entered
MARLEY-DUNCAN, Casey Entered
SUTHERLAND, Findlay Entered
HACQUOIL, Andrew Entered
SAMUEL-WHITE, Benjamin Entered
HACQUOIL, Matthew Entered
ELLIS, Max Entered
EARL, Claire Entered
EARL, Brad Entered
EDWARDS, Lucy Entered
EDWARDS, Tom Entered
HOLLINSHEAD, Connor Entered
GROOBY, Darcy Entered
WOODS, Thomas Entered
BURCHELL, Solomon Entered
BAJ, Lachie Entered
HUTCHINS, Ben Entered
SANDMAN, Steve Entered
IVAS, Samuel Entered
PELTTARI, Aaron Entered
DE JONG, Justin Entered
FIELDER, Izack Entered
PAECH, Chad Entered
MULLAN, Arlo Entered
NANKERVIS, Luke Provisionally entered
SIERP, Sasha Provisionally entered
BAULDERSTONE, Fergus Scratched