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2021 Melbourne Track Endurance GP

Sat, 23 Jan 2021
Entries open
Thu, 14 Jan 2021 6:00 PM AEDT
Entries close
Thu, 21 Jan 2021 11:59 PM AEDT
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Sat, 23 Jan 2021 11:59 PM AEDT

2021 Melbourne Track Endurance GP

State Open Track event hosted by AusCycling.


Date: Saturday, 23 January 2021

Location: DISC

Event Type: Track (Omnium-style endurance events) incl. Trials for State and National Team riders.

Race Categories: J11, JM13, JG13, JM15, JG15, JM17, JG17, Men ABC, Women AB (Categories may change/be combined on the day depending on the final number of participants).

Membership Requirements: J11, J13, J15, J17, J19, Elite, Masters

Riders must hold a valid AusCycling Race All Discipline membership.

Entry Fees: Juniors $25, Seniors $35 (+ credit card fees)

Riders are able to scratch (full refund) from a race before close of entries by logging into their Entryboss account.

A medical certificate within 7 days of the event will be required for refunds after entries have closed.

A refund may be granted for other reasons at the discretion of AusCycling.

Close of Entries: At midnight on Thursday, 21 January 2021

Trials: Riders wishing to run a trial/s ($20 payable at registration by card) must register online before the close of entries using this form.

Event Information

Registration: From 9am at the registration desk in the infield.

Start Time: Juniors 10 am, Seniors not before 1pm (exact start times to be confirmed)

Race Schedule/Program: TBC

Race Format and Regulations:

The event will be run in an Omnium-style format where riders will score points in each event towards the overall Endurance GP classification of the day.

The Endurance GP will consist of at least 4 (3 for junior categories) of the following event types: Mystery event, Scratch, Tempo, Elimination, Points Score.

Scratch and Elimination (every 2 laps) will be run in the standard format.

Tempo: first 5 laps no points, then each lap the first rider crossing the finish line will score points starting with 1 and increasing by 1 every lap. (e.g. lap 6 = 1 point, lap 7 = 2 points, ..., lap10 = 5 points etc.).

Points Race: First Sprint 5,3,2,1 points; 2nd sprint 10, 6, 4, 2 pts; 3rd sprint 15, 9, 6, 3 pts; 4th sprint 20, 12, 8, 4pts.

Riders are not required to ride/finish every discipline for the overall standing but will obviously miss out on scoring points this way.

Overall ranking points for each event (except Points Score): 1st 15pts - 2nd 12pts - 3rd 10pts - 4th 8pts - 5th 6pts - 6th 5pts - 7th 4pts - 8th 3pts - 9th 2pts - 10th 1pt etc.

Points scored in the Points race will be added to the overall tally.

The rider that scores the most points over the day will be declared the winner of the Endurance GP.

Prizes and Presentations:

Complimentary race entries and/or tickets to the Melbourne Cup on Wheels and the Austral Wheelrace.


Start lists and results can be found here.


AusCycling (State Office Victoria)
Annina Gallagher

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