2020 SA Tatiara Masters Games
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Fri, 17 Apr 2020 - Sun, 19 Apr 2020
Entries open
Sun, 29 Mar 2020 6:00 PM AEDT
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Fri, 03 Apr 2020 11:59 PM AEDT
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Sun, 19 Apr 2020 11:59 PM AEST


Event Cancellation

Orgnaisers have advised that the 2020 TATIARA SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MASTERS GAMES has been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

For more information - please see full statement here: https://www.tatiaramastersgames.com/

Full refunds for all entrants have been submitted for processing by EntryBoss, with credits on individual bank statements expected within coming days (depending on individual bank processing times).

Optional "Teams Entry"

You can nominate for Team Entry results.
Teams of 4 (minimum & maximum of 4) all in the same event (can be from different categories).
Teams can be men, women or mixed - base your team on who is likely to earn the most points in their respective race categories and events. This is an optional entry and is available for an additional $20 (to cover additional admin)
Approx $5000 in prizemoney for team result entrants !!!

From the Technical Guide...
"You enter as an Individual but teams of four (4) riders can join together for the Team Category to be eligible for the Team Awards and Prize Money for near $5,000. The four (4) riders can be in different categories or age groups. It’s an additional $20 (per team) to entered a team in the Team Category, this is an administration fee. Points are awarded to each rider in his or her category from 1st to 8th. The team with the most points wins the Team Category."

Team Points available in all categories if registered in the Team Category. 1st =10 Points – 2nd = 8 Points – 3rd = 7 Points – 4th = 6 points – 5th = 5 Points – 6th = 4 Points – 7th = 3 Points – 8th = 2 Points

About the Tatiara Masters Games

The 2020 South Australian Masters Games will be held in and around Bordertown, South Australia. All cycling races will be staged in the Tatiara Council District about a three hour drive from the CBD of Adelaide. This will include the Time Trial – Road Race – Criterium. Famous as the birth town of Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

If you’re visiting South Australia from interstate, Bordertown is 275 Kilometres east of Adelaide on the South Australian and Victorian border.

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Sun 19 April 2020 Criterium https://entryboss.cc/races/4879

Technical Guide

It is important that all entrants read & understand the rules and information within the event Technical Guide.
The Tech Guide can be found here

More Information

w: https://www.tatiaramastersgames.com/cycling

Cycling Events Director:
Max Stevens
0408 820 555

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular entry

This is an optional Teams Result set. You and your team mates must all be entered in the underlying events. Min & Max of 4 team mates.

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