Entry nominations in 2019 SpecTRACKular 03 Jul 22:42

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Central Districts Cycling Club website.

Name Requested category Status
CLARKE, Brodie Junior C grade Entered
BOYD, Curtis Junior B grade Entered
RADBONE, Guy Open C Entered
BURDEN, Markus Junior B grade Entered
LIEBEKNECHT, Maxwell Junior A grade Entered
ROLLISON, Jaden Open A Entered
FITZPATRICK, Ayden Open C Entered
FITZPATRICK, Tara Junior C grade Entered
WILLIAMS, Jackson Junior B grade Entered
KNIGHT, Gordon Open C Entered
AL FARIZI, Farhan Open A Entered
MAHNEY, Gabrielle Junior C grade Entered
NORDMEYER, Summer Junior B grade Entered
HOGAN, Jack Open A Entered
KEY, Declan Open A Entered
WHEWELL, Harriet Open C Entered
VAN NIEKERK, Niel Junior A grade Entered
ZIMMERMANN, Leo Junior A grade Entered
SAUNDERS, Tristan Open A Entered
FIELKE, Jai Open A Entered
TUCKER, Kalan Junior B grade Entered
SIBLEY, Ella Open B Entered
STEVENS, Lee Open B Entered
STEVENS, Tyler Junior B grade Entered
DRAKE, Dan Open B Entered
RADZIKIEWICZ, David Open B Entered
SLAMA, Tia Open B Entered
CORBETT, Angus Junior C grade Entered
BARTON, Hamish Junior B grade Entered
BARTON, Daisy Junior B grade Entered
SCHMIDTKE, Matthew Open B Entered
SCHMIDTKE, Luca Junior D grade Entered
SCHMIDTKE, Ava Junior B grade Entered
KOOP, Jacob Open A Entered
WILLIS-HELL, Mirella Junior A grade Entered
WILLIS-HELL, Maximilian Junior B grade Entered
FROST, Max Junior A grade Entered
BLACKBURN, Harrison Junior B grade Entered
KULATHUNGA, Binuk Junior B grade Entered
TATTERSALL, Dan Open B Entered
HOFFMAN, Lucas Open A Entered
MAY, Penny Open C Entered
DIXON, Phillip Open A Entered
MILLER, Angus Open A Entered
CHUNG-ORR, Katarina Open B Entered
WIGHT, Luke Open A Entered
WIGHT, Tess Junior A grade Entered
GOMER, David Open C Entered
SQUIRE, Paige Junior C grade Entered
HILL, Alexander Open C Entered
THOMAS, Kael Open A Entered
MATHWIN, William Junior B grade Entered
THOMAS, Mark Open C Entered
YOUNG, Michael Open C Entered
PENTLAND, Matthew Open B Entered
BAILS, Mitchell Open C Entered
KELLY, Annabelle Junior B grade Entered
KELLY, James Open B Entered
BROWN, Aaron Open B Entered
BROWN, William Junior C grade Entered
KEY, Jameson Junior B grade Entered
SYMONS, Chelsea Open B Entered
ANDERSON, Jamie Junior A grade Entered
PALLICH-VEGA, Kai Open C Entered
MCINTYRE, Bryan Open B Entered
JOHNSTONE, Caleb Junior A grade Entered
BAILS, Michael Open C Entered
AMBROSE, Lachlan Open A Entered
HOLMES, Wil Junior B grade Entered
MAY, Heather Open A Entered
GOLDFINCH, Dale Open C Entered
CORDINGLEY, Casey Junior C grade Entered
WINTER, Codi Junior B grade Entered
GIBBINS, Jack Open A Entered
LANDMAN, Riaan Open C Entered
LANDMAN, Ewan Junior B grade Entered
BOS, Jacob Junior A grade Entered
KADE, Benjamin Junior C grade Entered
KING, Paul Open B Entered
UNDERWOOD, Ryan Junior D grade Entered
UNDERWOOD, Liam Junior C grade Entered
VOLTZ, Jacqueline Junior A grade Entered
STANTON, Imogen Junior D grade Entered
STANTON, Riegan Junior C grade Entered
STANTON, Dylan Junior A grade Entered
LITTLE, Ken Open C Entered
SNODGRASS, Harry Open C Provisionally entered
RAWLINGS, James Open A Provisionally entered