Entry nominations in Broadford Spring Kermesse 09 Jul 18:29

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Sunbury Cycling Club website.

Name Status
CONVERY, Matt Entered
BAYLISS, Liam Entered
BAILEY, Belinda Entered
SZCZEPANIK, Kuba Entered
BOVALINO, Damien Entered
IRVING, Nicholas Entered
CUMMINGS, Perry Entered
HARVEY, Grant Entered
ATTWATER, Sophie Entered
HEYWOOD, Barry Entered
MCDONALD, Alistair Entered
POLLOCK, Paris Entered
HASTINGS, Mackenzie Entered
GUERY, Gwendal Entered
FISHER, Jaron Entered
BAIN, Andrew Entered
MCCALLION, Grant Entered
HARDY, Sean Entered
WALKER, Tim Entered
WARD, Rachel Entered
GOSS, Vanessa Entered
WALKER, Sam Entered
LANE, Greg Entered
LECHNER, Karen Entered
MCPHERSON, Zachary Entered
PINKUS, Aaron Entered
KOUNNAPIS, Kerry Entered
DRAPAC, Pat Entered
YOUNG, Jimmy Entered
ROWBOTTOM, Vincent Entered
MADDEN, Dean Entered
BOLAND, Mike Entered
STOLZ, Lincoln Entered
PEACOCK, Craig Entered
WILLEN, Harry Entered
GIRAMONDO, Agostino Entered
OWEN, David Entered
NUSPAN, Maxx Entered
MARINO, Matthew Entered
LEWIS, Paul Entered
ARMAREGO, Samuel Scratched
TOMKINSON, Sam Entered
NJEGAC, Nick Entered
GREENWOOD, Sam Entered
GREEN, Guy Entered
WOOD, Trevor Entered
SIRIANNI, Lourdes Entered
SIRIANNI, Xavier Entered
SIRIANNI, Angelo Entered
PAGE, James Entered
WARD, Andrew Entered
HEIN, Harrison Entered
WARD, Adrian Entered
TAYLOR, Alastair Entered
TAYLOR, Richard Entered
GREEN, Brendon Entered
KILLEEN, Kade Entered
GANNON, Andrew Entered
BERRY, Paul Entered
PRENT, Gerrit Entered
SAMMUT, Jonathon Entered
HOLLOWAY, Adam Entered
DE SOTO, Damion Entered
ANTONELLO, Peta Entered
TROVATELLO, Keith Entered
DIX, Evan Entered
MITCHELL, Bradley Entered
MERKEL, Robert Entered
ASHTON, William Entered
LAWRENCE, Timothy Scratched
LESNIOWSKA, Raelene Entered
DICKINSON, Robert Entered
CUTAJAR, Derek Entered
CREESE, Jonathan Entered
WALDRON, Andrew Entered
GROSE, Lachlan Scratched
KING, Alistair Entered
PETER-BUDGE, Dwayne Entered
REDPATH, Benjamin Entered
WATTS, David Entered
LEWIS, Samantha Entered
DARLING, Stuart Entered
TAMPION, Benjamin Entered
QUARRELL, David Entered
SIMS, Brodie Entered
MICALLEF, Ash Entered
HINZE, Richard Entered
UNGAR, Rafael Entered
MITSINIKOS, John Entered
THOMAS, Stanley Entered
MCCLELLAND, Peter Scratched