Entry nominations in R20 Christmas Race (Drake) 13 Aug 12:00

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Footscray Cycling Club website.

Name Status
DUMARAOS, Alvin Entered
BEATTIE, Thomas Entered
LESNIOWSKA, Raelene Entered
MCPHERSON, Zachary Entered
SIMS, Brodie Entered
PRICE, Stephen Entered
MCQUADE, Peter Entered
SAMMUT, Jonathon Entered
CARTER, Nick Entered
CHAPMAN, Naish Entered
DRAPAC, Pat Entered
SMITH, Linus Entered
HARD, Daniel Entered
COLES, Jamie Entered
SMITH, Jeremy Entered
WOOD, Trevor Entered
STUART, James Entered
GEELAN, Hannah Entered
TORRINGTON, Cody Entered
OWEN, Nick Entered
HICKFORD, Brett Entered
SESTICH, Bryce Entered
MORGAN, Stuart Entered
STOCKER, Robert Entered
NORTON, Barry Entered
DONALDSON, Kai Entered
BLACK, James Entered
COLE, Graeme Entered
PETER-BUDGE, Dwayne Entered
BROWNING, Fergus Entered
ATKINS, Daniel Entered
REBESCO, Thomas Entered
O’LEARY, Ben Entered
BIGGS, Steven Entered
DAM, Michael Entered
GERCOVICH, Anthony Entered
GANNON, Andrew Entered
MUNRO, Hamish Entered
DUDKIEWICZ, Dominik Entered
DOUGLAS, Steven Entered
KELLY, Leigh Entered
SCRAGG, Michael Entered
MICALLEF, Mark Entered
KENNY, Paul Entered
LOWE, Benjamin Entered
WILKINSON, David Entered
JAMES, Leeana Entered
GULLERY, Simon Entered
TANCREDI, Natalie Entered
BARLOW, Matt Entered
HAMMOND, Raphael Entered
DOWNING, Michael Entered
COSTIN, Jason Entered
MOSES, Steven Entered
RANDLES, Marcel Entered
BIN SURANA, Muhammad Firdaus Entered
BIN MOHD, Muhammad Iskandariah Medina Entered
SYED YUSOFF, Syarifah Nuraisyah Umairah Entered
SAIFULNIZAM, Khairunnisa Aleeya Entered
MOHD ASRI, Nurul Izzah Izzati Entered
RAFFERTY, Matthew Entered
AHMAD, Anis Natasya Entered
BIN MOHD NAWAWI, Muhamad Iqbal Daniel Entered
NAGEL, Muhammad Justin Felix Entered
BIN SHARUM, Muhamad Firdaus Entered
ALIYAS, Abdul Azim Entered
HALLAM, Tony Entered
PATERSON, Joseph Entered
MUNRO, Chris Entered
DARLING, Stuart Entered
LANE, David Entered
O'BRIEN, Liam Entered
SCHULTZ, Mark Entered
TAMMARO, Sam Entered
KIRKLAND, Nicolas Entered
PURCELL, Dan Entered
WILLEN, Harry Entered
DEUTSCH, Max Entered
BURGHOUWT, Roel Entered
MOLONEY, Tom Entered
JOHNSON, Matthew Entered
STODDART, Jim Entered
HOLLOWAY, Adam Entered
CARMICHAEL, Matt Entered
ARTHUR, Matt Entered
FORTUNATO, Giuseppe Entered
BAXTER, Steve Entered
GRAY, Tommy Entered
TAMPION, Benjamin Entered
DELOOZE, Alastair Entered
LEE, Russell Entered
QUICK, Christopher Entered
BELL, James Entered
TROVATELLO, Keith Entered
MICALLEF, Ash Entered
DIETZE, Henry Entered
ATHERTON, Matthew Entered
HAMILTON, William Entered
HURN, Simon Entered
CAMERON, Dale Entered
NAUGHTIN, Andrew Entered
WRIGHT, Glen Entered
KOUNNAPIS, Kerry Entered
HEYWOOD, Barry Entered
FENECH, Chris Entered
ROMANO, Emilio Entered
SCHUBACH, Ross Entered
CLARK, Tiernan Entered
TEHAN, Phillip Entered
ANTONELLO, Peta Entered
MORRIS, Colin Entered
GRANT, Daniel Entered
WALDRON, Andrew Entered
SANTOS, Cholo Entered
HOOPER, Tim Entered
TOMLINSON, Cameron Entered
DEPETRO, Vito Entered
CRAM, Barry Entered
SHORT, Fraser Entered
BROWN, Scott Entered
GOODROPE, George Entered
BLADE, Scott Entered
MCCARTHY, Benjamin Entered
NEWBY, Nic Entered
OLIVE, Marcus Entered
MOGAVERO, John Entered
SEDDON, Mark Entered
BAILLIE, David Entered
GREENWOOD, Sam Entered
DANIEL, Morgan Entered
SLADE, Matthew Entered
WILLIAMS, Peter Entered
MCDONOUGH, Tom Entered
HEATH, Matthew Waitlisted - doubtful
DOUGLAS, Christopher Scratched
TAYLOR, Craig Scratched
NYEHOLT, Marcus Scratched
SMITH, Ignatius Scratched
MCDONALD, Alistair Scratched
HARRIS, Steven Scratched
KILLINGSWORTH, Andrew Scratched
KILLINGSWORTH, Bailey Scratched
COSGRAVE, Mitchell Scratched
WALKER, David Scratched
ANDREWS, Emma Scratched