Startlist for NCC Tuesday Criterium

Published at: Tue, 26 Nov 2019 3:06 PM ACDT as final startlist. Changes may still occur prior to event.

Category Number Participant Club/Team
A 1 BENNETT, Iven City of Burnie CC
A 2 BIRD, Matthew Adelaide University Cycling Club
A 3 CHRISTIE-TAYLOR, Russel Norwood CC
A 4 CONSTABLE, Patrick Kilkenny CC
A 5 DAVIES, Brad Norwood CC
A 6 DOWDELL, Curtis Norwood CC
A 7 GLASSPOOL, Lachlan Central Districts CC
A 8 GOODWIN, Scott South Coast CC
A 9 HARDY, Max Adelaide University Cycling Club
A 10 HARRISON, Josh Central Districts CC
A 11 HOFFMAN, Lucas Whyalla CC
A 12 HOGAN, Jack Norwood CC
A 13 HUTCHINSON, Matt Norwood CC
A 14 KINNANE, Alex Norwood CC
A 15 LUXTON, Chris Norwood CC
A 16 MILLER, Angus South Coast CC
A 17 MURADA, Elliott Norwood CC
A 18 PEARCE, Callum Norwood CC
A 19 SAMPSON, Mark Port Adelaide CC
A 20 SAUNDERS, Tristan Norwood CC
A 21 SAYERS, Cooper Central Districts CC
A 22 SHARRAD, Patrick Adelaide University Cycling Club
A 23 SIMMONDS, Leo Port Adelaide CC
A 24 SLATTERY, Godfrey Melbourne University CC
A 26 SPEARS, Cameron Adelaide CC
A 27 THOMAS, Kael Norwood CC
A 28 THOMASON, Jason Norwood CC
A 29 VARRICCHIO, Peter Norwood CC
A 30 WALKER, Lewis South Coast CC
A 31 WARD, Michael Adelaide CC
A 32 WHITTAKER, Josiah Adelaide University Cycling Club
A 33 WIGHT, Luke Mt Gambier Cycling Club
B 50 AL FARIZI, Farhan Norwood CC
B 51 BEVERIDGE, Samuel Norwood CC
B 53 BROSNAN, Troy Inside Line
B 54 BRYANT, Michael Richard Central Districts CC
B 55 CHUNG-ORR, Katarina Port Adelaide CC
B 56 CLARKSON, Andrew Norwood CC
B 57 CLONAN, Kristina Sunshine Coast CC
B 58 DICKSON, Angus Adelaide University Cycling Club
B 59 DORIAN, Matt Norwood CC
B 60 EDWARDS, Sophie Adelaide University Cycling Club
B 61 ENRIGHT, Jesse Norwood CC
B 62 FEELY, Craig Norwood CC
B 63 FIELKE, Jai Norwood CC
B 64 FOX, Matt South Coast CC
B 65 GALLOWAY, Patrick Port Adelaide CC
B 66 GOODWIN, Patrick Norwood Cycling Club
B 67 HOLMES, Daniel Norwood CC
B 68 KEANE, Craig ADF Cycling
B 69 MACDONALD, Nicola Hunter District Cycling Club
B 70 MANEY, Stephen Norwood CC
B 71 MARRIAGE, Zac Kilkenny CC
B 72 MARTIN-WALLACE, Alexandra Sunshine Coast CC
B 73 MCLELLAN, Alasdair Port Adelaide CC
B 74 MILLER, David Port Adelaide CC
B 75 MORAN, Chloe Central Districts CC
B 76 NETKOW, Anthony Carnegie Caulfield CC
B 77 PATE, Amber Norwood CC
B 78 ROLTON, Todd Norwood CC
B 79 SANDERS, Henry Adelaide University Cycling Club
B 80 SMITH, Frank Norwood CC
B 81 SYMONS, Chelsea Atek Racing Team
B 82 TATTERSALL, Dan Norwood CC
B 83 TATTERSALL, Jason Norwood CC
B 84 THURSBY, Jude South Coast CC
B 85 WARTEMANN, Nils Norwood CC
B 86 WOODARD, Jason Kilkenny CC
B 87 YOUNG, Sam Norwood CC
C 100 ANDERSON, David Norwood CC
C 101 AUNGLES, Alex Norwood CC
C 102 BATELAAN, Mischa Adelaide University Cycling Club
C 103 BAXTER, Tom Norwood CC
C 104 BETROS, Luke Port Adelaide CC
C 105 BRAY, Phil Norwood CC
C 106 CHRISTINAT, Raphael Norwood CC
C 107 EDWARDS, Andrew Adelaide University Cycling Club
C 108 FREETH, Aston South Coast CC
C 109 GALVIN-RIDGE, Connor Launceston City CC
C 110 GOLDING, Sam Norwood CC
C 111 HABIB, David Norwood CC
C 112 HOCKING, Joshua Norwood CC
C 113 HOLLAMBY, James Norwood CC
C 114 HOLMES, Chelsea South Coast CC
C 115 KASBERGEN, Shawn Norwood CC
C 116 KUCHEL, Keenan Norwood CC
C 117 LAMBERT, Thomas Norwood CC
C 118 LAMPE, Aidan Port Adelaide CC
C 119 LIENERT, Willis Port Adelaide CC
C 120 LOUCA, Alex Port Adelaide CC
C 121 MARTIN, Paul Norwood CC
C 122 NAKONE, Matthew Rapha Cycling Club - Sydney
C 123 PITMAN, John Norwood CC
C 124 RADFORD, Thomas Norwood CC
C 125 REFERMAT, Martin South Coast CC
C 126 RYAN, Lachlan Adelaide University Cycling Club
C 127 SANDOW, Eloise South Coast CC
C 128 SCHARNBERG, Annoushka Port Adelaide CC
C 129 SHANAHAN, Patrick Norwood CC
C 130 SIBLEY, Ella South Coast CC
C 131 SMITH, Aneeka Port Adelaide CC
C 132 THOMPSON, Andrew Norwood CC
C 133 UNDERWOOD, Nick Norwood CC
C 134 VAUGHAN, Eloise Port Adelaide CC
C 135 WALLACE, Trent Central Districts CC
C 136 WALTER, Sam Adelaide University Cycling Club
C 137 WHITEHILL, Todd Norwood CC
C 138 WILSON, Thomas Norwood CC
D 160 BAIRD, Simon Norwood Cycling Club
D 161 BENNETT, Jenna City of Burnie CC
D 162 BIRD, Daniel N/A
D 163 BURGESS, Alex Norwood CC
D 164 CUSTANCE, Letitia Port Adelaide CC
D 165 DOUGHERTY, Timothy Port Adelaide CC
D 166 FAGGION, Guilherme Norwood CC
D 167 FATHERS, Gavin N/A (Trial License)
D 168 GOLDING, Henry Norwood Cycling Club
D 169 HARNESS, Billy Norwood CC
D 170 HICKS, Darren Norwood CC
D 171 JOLLY, Alice Port Adelaide CC
D 172 KENYON-SMITH, Tim Norwood Cycling Club
D 173 KING, Paul Central Districts CC
D 174 KIRBY, Ryan Port Adelaide CC
D 175 KLAEBE, Steven Norwood CC
D 176 LEMON, Meg Port Adelaide CC
D 177 MACDONALD, Bradley Hunter District Cycling Club
D 178 MARSHALL, Peter FRA PowerOn
D 179 MURADA, David Norwood CC
D 180 NICHOLS, Dermot Hawthorn Cycling Club
D 181 NOBLE, Tanya Norwood CC
D 182 ROSSI, David Norwood CC
D 183 SENEQUE, Jean-Noel Norwood Cycling Club
D 184 SIMMONS, Lee Norwood CC
D 185 SIMPSON, Toby N/A (Trial License)
D 186 STRUDWICK, Darcy Norwood Cycling Club
D 187 THOMAS, Mark Norwood CC
D 188 WELFARE, Simon Manly Warringah CC
D 189 WELLS, Travis Norwood
E 210 BEAZLEY, Tim Norwood Cycling Club
E 212 DEVITT, Michael Adelaide University Cycling Club
E 213 FERGUSON, Joel N/A
E 214 GOUD, Rachel South Australia Police Cycling Club
E 215 GROVE, Robert Norwood CC
E 216 HEARD, Andrew Norwood CC
E 218 JOHNSON, Brett Norwood CC
E 219 JOHNSON, Tracy South Australia Police Cycling Club
E 220 JONES, Evan Norwood Cycling Club
E 221 PHILLIPS, Lachlan Norwood CC
E 222 RAMSEY, Kane Norwood CC
E 223 RIJKEN, Samuel Norwood Cycling Club
E 224 TUPPENCE, Timothy Port Adelaide CC
E 225 WALLACE, Robert Norwood CC