Startlist for QLD Track Series - SERIES ENTRY

Published at: Mon, 09 Sep 2019 1:01 PM AEST as provisional startlist - subject to change.

Category Participant Club/Team
A FENTON, John Balmoral Cycle Club
A PATTEN, Andrew Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club
A ROBARDS, Lauren Balmoral Cycle Club
A VAN DER VLIET, Jake Sunshine Coast CC
A WEIER, Chris University of Queensland CC
B ALLEN, Duncan Bundaberg Cycling Club
B DUGGAN, Shannon University of Queensland CC
B MCLENNAN, Liliana University of Queensland CC
B RICHARDS, Timothy Balmoral Cycle Club
B WARD, Graeme Balmoral Cycle Club
B WYNN, Matthew Kangaroo Point CC
C BROWN, Steven S100 Racing Team | Balmoral CC
C HARRIS, Alicia Townsville Cycle Club
C HOLMES, Charli Balmoral Cycle Club
C MAKRAS, Peter Brisbane Cycling Club
C MATHEW, Mark Kangaroo Point CC
C MCDONAGH, Matthew Brisbane Cycling Club
C MOSS, Brian Kangaroo Point CC
C RICHARDS, Malcolm Balmoral Cycle Club
D BRIGGS, Elyson University of Queensland CC
D CLAYTON, Ben Brisbane Cycling Club
D FROOME, Stephen Kangaroo Point CC
D HARBOTTLE, Steven Balmoral Cycle Club
D JONES, Carolyn Brisbane Cycling Club
D LEONARD, Gar Ipswich CC
D MCKAY, Belinda Kangaroo Point CC
D PARRILL, Cynthia Kangaroo Point CC