Entry nominations in Cervelo Masters Super Series - Round 3 21 Feb 10:08

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at race organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Cycling New South Wales website.

Name Status
BURGETT, Greg Entered
CRIDLAND, Luke Entered
GRAF, Tony Entered
YOUNAN, Nadia Entered
DRURY, Paul Entered
GALANG, Mj Entered
PINEDA, Emmanuel Entered
SINTEUR, Craig Entered
BUTLER, Scott Entered
LLORET, Ivan Entered
DAVIDSON, Brett Entered
MCGARRITY, Steven Entered
SHARMAN, Peter Entered
MILOSTIC, Peter Entered
FISHER, Troy Entered
CULL, Roger Entered
MCLAREN, Will Entered
WILLIAMSON, Bill Entered
WHITE, Richard Entered
JONES, Hugh Entered
BRAY, Andrew Entered
PARKER, Edward Entered
CUMMINGS, Anthony Entered
HELLMICH, Andrew Entered
GRANT, Patrick Entered
FISHER, Greg Entered
STEWART, Brett Entered
WAKEFIELD, Peter Entered
RANIERI, Antonio Entered
CONDLIFFE, Patrick Entered
SMITH, Jeff Entered
MURDOCH, Ross Entered
STEVENS, Craig Entered
KING, Daniel Entered
HAPPICH, Annett Entered
DAVIS, Scott Entered
OWEN, Michael Entered
MEASURES, Richard Entered
COOPER, Peter Entered
SMYTH, Quinten Entered
MCKAY, Peter Entered
ASH, Pip Entered
BORG, Stephen Entered
PLAYEL, Bree Entered
FERNANDEZ, Sacha Entered
CASSIDY, Steve Entered
JOHNS, Nick Entered
SALAS, Eddie Entered
BAXTER, Geoff Entered
MILLINGTON, Justin Entered
HEWGILL, Sid Entered
BROOS, Colin Entered
SULLIVAN, Daniel Entered
WARE, Ben Entered
WOOLLARD, Justin Entered
YOUNG, Kevin Entered
HARMER, Grant Entered
GREEN, Matthew Entered
HILL, David Entered
LATHAM, Rodney Entered
PATTERSON, Troy Entered
SPENCELEY, Dugald Entered
BERKELEY, Kevin Entered
WALKER, Matt Entered
EMERY, David Entered
OSBORNE, Nick Entered
MCGUIGAN, Dan Entered
BUSH, Richard Entered
LEIGHTON, Jon Entered
HOOKER, Matthew Entered
RYAN, Peter Entered
EXLEY, Ben Entered
SELKRIG, Peter Entered
STRAPP, Ruth Entered
REGATTIERI, David Entered
CLAYTON, Tom Entered
ATKINS, Bryan Entered
MUIRHEAD, John Entered
MUSICH, John Entered
THOMAS, Ivor Entered
ROBERTSON, Andrew Entered
BUHAGIAR, Brendan Entered
BANERJEE, Katie Entered
KNOX, Chris Entered
ROURKE, Harry Entered
OCONNOR, Peter Entered
CALLEN, Blake Entered
NEPPL, Ben Entered
MCHUGH, Jamie Entered
TUCKER, Darrin Entered
YUEN, Jack Entered
CRAWFORD, Dane Entered
SOCHA, Adam Entered
ARNOLD, Neil Entered
GLANVILLE, Matthew Entered
TRAPPITT, Andrew Entered
KNEALE, Colin Entered
GRAINGER, Ian Entered
ROBERTSON, Peter Entered
KELLY, Michael Entered
ROSS, Jordan Entered
MILLINGTON, Johnathan Entered
CURRAN, Mick Entered
MISTRY, Nosh Entered
CHAPMAN, Alan Entered
BONARIUS, Nathan Entered
PAGE, Guy Entered
STANTON, Michael Entered
JACKSON, Andrew Entered
SMITH, Allan Entered
LAW, Merrick Entered
MCCANN, Luc Entered
FINLAYSON, Andrew Entered
FINKBEINER, Matthew Scratched
FULLER, Campbell Scratched
BALL, Christopher Scratched