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CORC 50km - The long ride / CORC 25km - The short ride

Sun, 12 May 2019
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Sun, 05 May 2019 12:00 noon AEST
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Sun, 12 May 2019 7:00 AM AEST
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Sun, 12 May 2019 7:00 AM AEST

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This is a new event for the CORC club scene. For the CORC 50km (The long ride) the race will take in familar trails in Kowen and Sparrow and be run as two 25km loops, with the second loop taking in the epic Stairway to Heaven climb. We will also have the CORC 25km (The short ride) which does the first loop only.


-These are tough endurance laps with serious climbs, if you have doubts about your fitness do the 25kms loop. We do have time limits in place, 2 hrs 15min for starting the 2nd loop and 4hr 45min overall.

-This event is a club race run with volunteer resources. Entry numbers will be capped at 175 entrants. We don't expect to reach this cap based on numbers at other club events but should the cap be reached we will stick to it.


The start and finish will be near the underpass at the Sparrow Hill side, taking in a few trails in Sparrow before heading into Kowen for the majority of the lap(s).

A course map for the 1st loop of the 50km race and the full 25km race is below and at this link Loop 1

A course map for the 2nd loop of the 50km race is below and at this link. Note that the only difference is that you will be going down Romper Room and up Stairway to Heaven instead of Kowalski's Sideshow and Bloodnut Stout.

Loop 1


Time Activity
8am Registration starts
Course opens for practice
8.50am (approximately) Race Briefing
9am Racing starts
11.15am cut off time for starting loop 2
1.45pm Finish time limit


We will be using our normal "club plates" for this event.

If you have a raced with us recently you are most likely on our database and we assume that you will be using this plate. But please check the start list on the TV at rego before you start. It's your responsibility to check this - if you race with a numberplate we haven't captured we will just see the number on timing with no way of know who you are or which category you intend to race in.

If you haven't got a club plate, please come and see us at rego and we will issue one for you against a $10 deposit. Unless you are racing with us regularly we do need the plate back at the end of the race, we are starting to run low on numberplates.


We will be doing a single mass start with riders in the 25km and 50km categories starting together. We ask riders to self seed - only those riders with a genuine prospect of finishing in the top 10 should be in towards the front. If you are not sure how you will go, start towards the back - it's a long race and there will be plenty of opportunities to work your way up if you have something left in the tank.

Event Updates

The event may be cancelled in the event of heavy rain or inclement weather. Please check CORC's website or facebook page for updates. If the event is cancelled all online entries will be refunded.


50km - The long ride 25km - The short ride
Male (open to U17->Masters 2 categories) Male (open to U17->Masters 2 categories)
Male 40+ (Open to Masters 3 and up) Male 40+ (Open to Masters 3 and up)
Female (open to U17->Masters 2 categories) Female (open to U17->Masters 2 categories)
Female 40+ (Open to Masters 3 and up) Female 40+ (Open to Masters 3 and up)
Ebike (legal ebikes only) Ebike (legal ebikes only)

Note that the 50km race is only open to riders in the U17 category and older.

Race Fees

Race number deposit: $10 cash on the day. If you area CORC member and a regular racer you can keep the plate for the season, but let us know in the remarks section when entering.

Entry Type Online Entry On the day entry (cash)
25km race - juniors (U15 - U19): $20 $25
25km race - seniors: $25 $30
50km race - juniors (U17 - U19): $25 $30
50km race - seniors: $35 $40

Not a member of MTBA? If you haven't had an MTBA license before sign up to a free 3 month trial membership here. Day licences are also available with on the day registration. Costs are $33for senior per race & $20 for junior per race for a day licence. Note that race fees are in addition to the Day license.

Race Results

All races are timed using the clubs electronic timing system and the results can be found by using this link –

Race rules

  • Have FUN!
  • Self seed and be honest.
  • Be courteous at all times – there are other riders on track doing their best, it is only a club race so please be patient when behind slower riders. For example call out “track when convenient”or “rider” when approaching. Wait until they respond with “on my left” or “on my right” before overtaking, once you have overtaken say “Thank you!”
  • Reports of bad etiquette, abuse, pushing riders out of the way will be dealt with by the parties involved and the Race Commissaire – we will not tolerate bad behavior at club races. Guilty offenders will be disqualified from the race and serve a 2 race ban.
  • Please follow the course, we do our best to mark the course with bunting and arrows. Please take great care with arrows as some of the race tracks have trail arrows and not CORC arrows. Do not take short cuts or stray from the single track or fire trail. If you see a rider cutting the course, please let the Race Director know and the rider will be disqualified from the race.
    *If you overcook a corner and accidentally tear down the bunting, PLEASE stop and put it back up as otherwise those riders behind you will take a wrong turn.

Other Race Day information

  • Please do not pass or go near the timing mat with a numberplate on unless you are racing. We do our best to block off entrance to the timing mats before and after racing but please keep this in mind when you have finished your race. Also, If you have a pitstop for whatever reason in the race, stop away from the timing mat to avoid a double detection.
  • If for any reason you withdraw from a race, please tell the Race Director
  • Don’t leave rubbish out on the track. Pick up your rubbish such as gel wrappers and drink bottles
  • If you see an injured rider please stop to help them, we can adjust your lap times to make up for any lost time
  • Riders need a current license (or proof of renewal) to race. MTBA race licenses only. Licences may be checked at any time so to make sure you can race, BRING your licence (physical or digital version) with you to every race.


CORC is run by volunteers and many hands make light work. If you can help with any of the below please contact the XC team via e-mail or add your name to the volunteer list here

Some of the duties you can assist with are:

  • Course setting/pack down
  • Rego/Timing area setup and pack down
  • Competitor registration
  • Starting races and timekeeping
  • Course Marshal

Thank you to all volunteers who have helped with the running of events over the last few seasons, your support is greatly appreciated.

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Entry prices

Online pricing:

Long race (50km) - Seniors
Long race (50km) - Juniors
Short race (25km) - Seniors
Short race (25km) - Juniors

All online prices include credit card fees.

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