Fields of Joy CX

Sat, 6 Aug 2016
Fields of Joy CX
Entries open
Tue, 19 Jul 2016 5:59 PM AEST
Entries close
Wed, 03 Aug 2016 11:59 PM AEST
Scratch cut-off
Wed, 03 Aug 2016 11:59 PM AEST

proudly presented by Sunbury Cycling Club in partnership with MTB Australia.


This race listing will be the main communication point for all race-related information, including Race Schedule (start times), Technical Guide and other race rules.


* 20/07/2016: - Notice that event Technical Guide will be available shortly
* 20/07/2016: - Lisa Jacobs Farewell race is on the Saturday only.
* 21/07/2016: - 2015 NCXS Series category winners discounts (see Race Fees below)
* 31/07/2016: - Entries will close Midnight Wednesday 3 Aug (assist with seeding, transponder allocation and early-bird rego on Friday)
* 4/08/2016: - RACE SCHEDULE CHANGE - Men's C & Open will be racing later with Men's B starting at 10:05AM both days


Two consecutive days of racing offering;

  • NATIONAL SERIES ROUNDS 3 & 4 (NCXS): across various age-based categories, plus Elites.

  • SUPPORT RACES: Graded racing for those not wanting to race at the national level.

  • JUNIORS: Juniors U15 and older have the option of NCXS or Support Categories. (Younger Juniors with experience wanting to ride the full course should check with the race director first. Please email

  • KIDS RACING: Younger Kids (balance bikes & non-balance bikes) are offered racing on a separate kids course which will be available to ride all day - racing at 1:15PM (enter on-the-day, no need to pre-reg)

Senior & U15+ riders are advised to please enter each day separately. Kids can enter on-the-day - no need to pre-reg.

Lisa Jacobs Farewell Race

A free, mass participation, parade-pace race to farewell LJ is open to all licensed riders (Rec or Race).

Please come ride or cheer and make LJ's send-off special.

We are aiming for 1000 high-fives, cowbells & flags


Age Categories are based on your age as at 31 December 2016

  • Elite Men - riders 19 years old and older
  • Elite Women - riders 19 years old and older
  • Masters Men & Women: M1 - 30-34 years
    M2 - 35-39 years
    M3 - 40-44 years
    M4 - 45-49 years
    M5 - 50-54 years
    M6 - 55-59 years
    M7+ 60 years and over
  • Expert - non-Elite riders aged 19 - 29 years

NCXS Categories compete for series points, leader's jerseys and medals as per MTBA NCXS Series Guidelines.

SUPPORT RACES (Non-NCXS categories):

  • Mens B Grade (CX)
  • Mens C Grade (CX)
  • Mens Open (any bikes, inc CX)
  • Womens Open (any bikes, inc CX)
  • Kids (all kids support racers please enter on-the-day)


In addition to NCXS Series requirements, prize money totaling $5000 over 2 days is offered to Elite Categories, courtesy of FOJCX Sponsors.

Place Day 1 Elite Men Day 1 Elite Women Day 2 Elite Men Day 2 Elite Women
1st $500 $500 $500 $500
2nd $300 $300 $300 $300
3rd $200 $200 $200 $200
4th $150 $150 $150 $150
5th $100 $100 $100 $100
Total $1,250 $1,250 $1,250 $1,250

Support grades will race for standard SCC podium prize money per normal FOJCX races.


  • NCXS: $40 Standard Entry / $25 Volunteers
  • Support Races: $25 Standard Entry / $15 Volunteers
  • NCXS: $25 Standard Entry / $15 Volunteers
  • Support Races: $20 Standard Entry / $10 Volunteers
2 Day NCXS Capped Pricing
  • 2 days of NCXS racing is capped at $70, with $10 automatically deducted upon entering day 2.
  • Kids: - by donation (on the day) - no need to pre-register.

* PLEASE NOTE: - Previous NCXS category winners discounts (First Place: 100% Second Place: 50% Third Place: 25%) - will be honoured - just a little hard to process. Please just enter and we'll sort you out with a cash refund. Alternatively, email us at & we'll manually enter you .


Time Grade(s) Slot Duration
8:30AM Free Practice 30 Minutes
9:10AM CHANGE: Additional Free Practice 45 Minutes
10:05AM Support: Men's CX B, Men's CX C + Open Men 50 minutes
11:05AM Support: Women's CX B, C & Open + NCXS U17+U15 M/F 40 minutes
12:00PM NCXS M Expert, Masters M123, M456+ 45 minutes
1:25PM Presentations 20 minutes
1:45PM Kidz - Balance bikes 10 minutes
1:55PM Kidz - Non-balance bikes 10 minutes
2:05PM Free Practice full course 20 minutes
2:40PM NCXS: Elite Women, W Expert, WU19 + Women Masters W123 / W456+ 45 minutes
3:45PM NCXS Elite Men + U19 60 minutes
5:00PM Presentations 15 minutes

NOTE: Race Durations: Some of these race durations may look slightly long. Please note that individual category race durations may be shorter than slot time, depending on fields sizes. With large fields, it is more likely that different categories will run similar durations ie start in waves but finish together. With smaller fields, we have more flexibility. Riders will be advised their expected race duration prior to their start, but we do need to see entrant numbers and confer with Commissaires to be able to finalise. Thanks.

Presentations: - Presentations will be held progressively throughout the day, approx 15 minutes after the conclusion of each grade.

Start procedures: - The Chief Commissaire will separate categories and send them away in waves (eg separated by say 1 minute) if field numbers are sufficient. Small categories may be combined. All results are captured separately regardless of startline grouping via transponder timing.


  • Free Practice: - In addition to scheduled race day free practice, the course will be open for free practice on Friday afternoon. The general FOJCX area is also accessible prior to Friday, but please be mindful not to disrupt the course build on Thursday. free practice is also available during kid racing.

  • Early Rego: - Early Rego will be available Friday afternoon to during free practice through to 7:30PM. Come and say hello, we'll have a big marquee, fireplaces and beers available.

  • CX bikes must run CX tyres - 35mm max width (as written on tyre with some allowance for tyre flare on wide rims). Definitely no gravel grinder or monster cross tyres in CX race categories. Riders can race Opens with any tyre, any bike.

  • PITS will be in operation: - As is the tradition in Cross, mechanical assistance must be taken from the designated pit area. Spare wheels & bike changes cannot be taken from random locations on the course - only in the pits. Riders must run the course to the pits if their bike is unrideable. We will run double-sided pits so the max distance to pits should be no more than half a lap depending on course layout. Feeding must also occur from the pits.

  • 80% Rule - The following requires confirmation from the Chief Commissaire but our general race practices are as follows; Categories sharing a time slot with other categories will not have the 80% rule applied. Elite categories may have the 80% rule applied, depending on field size. Our strong preference is to avoid this if possible, and we will attempt to set a course that avoids the need. Riders will be advised whether 80% will apply prior to starting.

  • Who am I racing? - Riders should take note of their category number series which will be made available on race day.

  • Racing Both Days? - Keep your numbers and transponder over night if racing both days.

  • Transponder & Arm Number Returns - These items need to be returned. Riders will incur a replacement charge for lost items.


MTBA advise the call-up order will be as follows:

  1. Overall Series Standings
  2. Current National Champion
  3. Riders with UCI points (Elite only - ordered from most UCI points down)
  4. In order of entries online
  5. In order of entries on the day

MTBA advise rankings and start order will not be updated for rounds that occur on days immediately following another series round, and will follow the start-order of the preceding round.

Series standings can be found here


  • Everyone who races needs to be licensed for insurance purposes - including kids. Many licensing options exist, depending on age & what you ride (see below).
  • Riders can race on either a CA & MTBA race license.
  • Unlicensed Riders: - If you are unlicensed, we recommend having a look at MTBA 2 Month Free trial licenses from the MTBA website. MTBA Day Licenses will be available for $30 Cash.
  • Kids 8 & under can ride on CA Kidz recreational license or get a $7 on-the-day MTBA license. Older kids need a race license or a day license or a MTBA free trial license.
  • One massive benefit from having a license is 24/7 insurance whilst racing & training and we encourage all unlicensed riders to join a club and get licensed purely so they are covered.
  • DO US A SOLID - PLEASE BRING YOUR LICENSE RACE DAY - we need to sight your license at Rego. If you are still waiting on your license, or you are racing on an MTBA trial license, please bring a print-out of your confirmation. If possible, please avoid looking things up on phones in the rego queue.


  • On-The-Day Entries: - Riders should pre-register as on-the-day entries will be strictly limited and will have a strong possibility of missing out. Our strong recommendation is for all riders to pre-reg.
  • Scratching: - online entrants can withdrawal with a self-serve, automated refund within EntryBoss prior to the scratching cut-off.
  • Time Management: - Please aim to arrive with sufficient time to rego, get ready, familarise yourself with the course, say hi to mates and to warm up. Most people need at least an hour prior their race start.


  • Kids enter on-the-day. Pre-entry is not necessary. Kids are guaranteed a start (note: must be licensed for insurance purposes).
  • Balance Bikes and Non-Balance bikes race separately with separate courses. Non-Balance bikes will be graded by Commissaires on the day prior to race start (either by wheel size or age - to be decided based on logistics of administering the finish).
    • The Kids course will be available to ride all day.


Two courses will be offered, with Saturday's course will be reconfigured over night. Both courses will, utilise more flat land under the main viewing area than we have used previously (other side of the fence for those familiar with the site).

Day 1 will include the infamous hill, with course direction riding down the berms - Course Map here

Day 2 will go up the berms, and include part of the big hill as a descent. - Course Map here

Both days will also include our new stair feature.

Free practice available Friday afternoon, along with early rider rego.


A full Tech Guide will be available shortly (and will be made available via a link here). Please check back here and familiarise yourself with the Tech Guide prior to racing. (notification when ready via Facebook)


If in doubt, please refer to this article from the FOJCX way-back machine for advice regarding grading.



Address: Larkin Court, Essendon Fields, Melbourne Australia

Essendon Fields is 12km from the Melb CBD in the grounds of Essendon Airport. Follow the signs to Essendon Airport.
From the City, take the Tullamarine Freeway and exit left at Matthews Ave Essendon. Turn Right at lights onto English Street Essendon Fields. Continue straight (English St turns into Wirraway Rd) to first major roundabout on Wirraway Rd. Turn right into Larkin Court. Continue to signs for parking.

  • Big marquee with fire places nearby.
  • Parking: Use Australia Post car park. Follow the signs.
  • Toilets: Onsite toilets available. Alternate locations at Shopping Centre and Essendon Airport.
  • Coffee Guy: confirmed
  • Food: Food van available
  • Water: Drinking water will be available at rego. Tap water is available but access requires a walk or short ride.
  • Bike washing: a power washer will be provided. See facilities map.
  • Electricity: generator only
  • A licensed Beer Tent will operate both days from 12:00PM.



Sunbury CC Club Sponsors

Entry prices

NCXS Snrs $40.00/Vols $25, Support $25/Vols $15, NCXS U15/U17 $25/Vols $15 (kids no need to pre-reg).

Actions available
Donation info

Michael Blyth Fundraiser

Sunbury Cycling Club ask for the support of the cycling community to raise money for Michael Blyth who was paralysed in a MTB accident and uninsured at the time.

Any amount you pledge will be added to your race entry and goes directly to Michael.