Entry nominations in Northern Suburbs 3 Day Tour - Full Tour Entry 02 Jul 21:19

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Northern Combine website.

Name Status
WILLEN, Harry Entered
VANDERSLUYS, Pamela Entered
OKRAGLIK, Tim Entered
BOVALINO, Damien Entered
BRADBURY, Neve Entered
BURMEISTER, Carly Entered
LAWSON, Corey Entered
SIMPSON, Bill Entered
MOLONEY-MORTON, William Entered
GANNON, Andrew Entered
MAGUIRE, John Entered
COXON, Joel Entered
PIDGEON, Fran Entered
SAYERS, Benjamin Scratched
MCWATERS, Isaac Entered
MCNAB, James Entered
DOUGLAS, Callan Entered
IRONS, Matthew Entered
FITZGERALD, Marie-Louise Entered
NICHOLS, Dermot Entered
KLAJNBLAT, Jake Entered
BURT, Patrick Entered
PINO, Liam Entered
MAHERAS, Stephen Entered
INGLIS, Joseph Entered
ATTARD, Ken Entered
HASTINGS, Mackenzie Entered
MEZGER, Harry Entered
PATERSON, Joseph Entered
MARSHALL, Lachlan Entered
CUTAJAR, Derek Entered
GROVER, Ewan Entered
PARRY, Caitlyn Entered
DARLING, Stuart Entered
GREEN, Guy Entered
AGNOLETTO, Blake Entered
OGILVIE, James Entered
DONALDSON, Kai Entered
WILLIAMS, David Entered
D'AGOSTINI, Wayne Entered
AITKEN, Jack Entered
CUE, Stuart Entered
MILLYNN, Paul Entered
HIGGINS, Matthew Entered
MCDONALD, Alistair Entered
FERGUSON, Erin Entered
PARSONS, Oliver Entered
HOOPER, Tim Entered
WILSON, Tim Entered
MAYNE, Grace Entered
JONES, Ben Entered
CLARK, Meredith Entered
EASTWOOD, Jemma Entered
BATES, Kathryn Entered
MCCLELLAND, Peter Entered
MURPHY, Ian Entered
PRENT, Gerrit Entered
DIETZE, Henry Entered
CHU, Ananda Entered
NICHOLS, Robert Entered
MCDONALD, Daniel Entered
VARA ALMIRALL, Cristina Entered
SIMPSON, Kath Entered
FITZWATER, Fergus Entered
FORD, Ruth Scratched
FERGIE, Jesse Entered
TOMKINSON, Sam Scratched
ANDREWS, Neil Entered
PECK, Dan Entered
BODY, Peter Entered
MORLEY, Sharni Entered
FRISLIE, Graeme Entered
BENNETT, Keely Entered
O'BRIEN, Liam Entered
THOMAS, Stanley Entered
ARTHUR, Matt Entered
REID, Jen Entered
HOLFORD, Kath Entered
AARONS, Karen Entered
JONES, Ashlee Entered
TAYLOR, Craig Scratched
CLEARY, Brendan Entered
LEWIS, Samantha Entered
GREEN, Brendon Entered
TAYLOR, Anne Entered
BYRNE, James Entered
BARKER, Ado Entered
STRATING, Corinn Entered
ZAWADZKI, Lynton Entered
BERRY, Paul Scratched
SCARLETT, Kate Entered
SPEED, Paul Entered
BRIGHT, Zoe Entered
GOSS, Vanessa Entered
MCDONOUGH, Tom Entered
DICKINSON, Robert Entered
GRIGG, Shane Scratched
HASTINGS, Simon Scratched