Central Coast CC
CCCC Race#2 & NSW CX Round #5

Sun, 30 Jun 2019
Matcham Valley Pony Club
Entries open
Wed, 08 May 2019 12:00 noon AEST
Entries close
Sat, 29 Jun 2019 9:00 PM AEST
Pay online by
Sun, 30 Jun 2019 11:59 PM AEST

Proudly hosted by Central Coast Cycling Club and NSWCX

Sponsored by: Six String Brewery, Natomi Coffee, Sounds On West, Erina Bikeworx, Lakes Printers, Masterfoods, IQ Consult.


Location: Matcham Valley Pony Club
Start time: 8am
Getting there: Wattle Tree Rd, Holgate. If you're near the RFS depot then you're very close. Parking inside the gate, please follow directions and drive slowly. There is some overflow parking at Paul Oval around the corner (off Milina Road) if required.

What is Cyclo-Cross? Read all about it here

Race Schedule

Time Activity/Race Length
08:00am Course & Sign-on desk open All
08:40am U13 Kids Race (Modified Course) Any Bike, introduction to CX, (Entry on the day) 15 Minutes FREE
09:00am Mens and Womens Open & Junior Novices (CX or MTB ) 30 Minutes
" B Grade Women (CX Bikes Only) 30 Minutes
09:45am Course Open For Practice & Vehicle Movements 45 Minutes
10:30am Womens A, Mens B Grade Race & Progressive/Elite Juniors (CX Bikes Only) 40-45 Minutes
11:30am Mens A Grade & Masters Mens (30+) Race (CX Bikes Only) 60 Minutes
12:45pm Presentation 15 Minutes
01:00pm Lunch and Entertainment!

Sign-On Information

Sign-on closes at 10.30am sharp. Where possible race numbers will be pre-allocated so please take the correct race number.

Lots of pins are available, PLEASE PIN ALL 4 CORNERS so the numbers can be read by scorers, numbers to be over to the left hand side of your jersey please.

Race schedule subject to change depending on entry numbers and time constraints.

Progressive Juniors are competent CX riders who can manage a 40 minute race and are close to being competitive in Mens B Grade.

The registrar is not responsible for allocating grades to riders. Contact race organisers through entry boss if you require any assistance.

Please make sure you SIGN on when you collect your number at the desk.

You can scratch your own entry up until Sat, 29th at 6:00pm if you pre-register and are then unable to attend for any reason, surely NOT, why would you miss this?!?!?!?!

Race Fees

Online entry cost is $20 (Juniors $10) as for all NSW CX Series. Family cap of $50, see us at the race if you go over this please. If the race is cancelled due to weather (Ha Ha, this is cyclocross, we don't cancel unless high winds make it dangerous!! There are lots of old gum trees about the course), all online entries will be refunded.


  1. Regulation The MTBA CX guidelines are used for the NSWCX Series.35mm tyres are allowed.
  2. Categories The following categories (target race duration) must be offered at each NSWCX Series event: • Elite Men (50-60 mins) • Masters 30+ Men (50-60 mins) age at 31st Dec 2020 • Elite Women (35-45min) • Men B-Grade (35-45 mins) • Women B-Grade (30-45 mins) * Multiple categories may race at the same time, recommended at 30 second start splits
  3. Membership Riders in all categories must present a current membership. • Cycling Australia Racing Membership
    • MTBA Competition Membership • International riders must hold the relevant international licence and insurance • Day licences or short-term licenses will be available from Cycling NSW or MTBA (check online for details)
  4. Grading Riders may only “upgrade” their category throughout the series. Eg. Men’s B-Grade rider may upgrade to Master 30+ or Elite Men, but an Elite rider must remain Elite.
  5. Prizes Podium place cash/product prizes provided at the discretion of host organiser. Organisers will ensure gender equity in distribution of prizes..
  6. Points and Results • Points will be awarded for each Event and Category in the NSWCX Series. • The best 4 of 6 results will be used to calculate NSWCX Series rankings. • Individuals will be able to accumulate points for their own ranking at each event. • The points system used will be the same as for the MTBA National CX Series • To encourage women to participate in the Series, “Open Women” may earn points in B-grade (after all B-grade points have been awarded to those entered in B-grade). • Round 2 will be the NSW/ACT State Champs and Age Categories will be offered. Rankings will be converted to NSW CX Series categories, so points may be awarded. • The points schedule will be posted separately. In the event of a tie, winner will be determined by:
  7. Most number of wins; then
  8. Most recent win; then
  9. Finishing order in
  • No License, No Race: - Riders need a current license (or proof of renewal) to race. CA and MTBA licenses allowed. Licences may be checked at any time so to make sure you can race, BRING your licence (physical or digital version) with you to every race.
  • On-the-day Entries: - Riders are encouraged to pre-enter as it helps with race organisation, grading, names lists and general logistics. On-the-day entries are only accepted if space & time permits. Please arrive early if after an on-the-day entry.

Junior categories are calculated from date of birth, using Cycling Australia membership categories.

All entries are provisional until reviewed by the race director and/or handicapper. If you are unsure of which grade to enter, pick which you think is the best, and put some notes in your entry for the handicapper to review. If you are an A grade road rider, please enter the Elite or A Grade race regardless of your cyclocross experience!

Other Race Day Reminders

  • Disc Brakes: - Disc brakes have been approved for racing by Cycling Australia.

  • Race Briefing: - Riders MUST be at the start line 5 minutes before allocated start time for the Commissaires instructions.

  • Race Numbers: - Please pin them on ALL 4 corners (back left hand side) so we can read them for lap counting and time scoring, and return them to the registration desk on the appropriate colour pile at the end of your race please.

  • Announcements: - Please check the club website or Facebook for any announcements regarding racing.

  • Safety: - All competitors are reminded that bicycle racing can be considered a dangerous sport, and whilst all reasonable care is taken by the race organizers and officials when organizing this event, all participating cyclists have an equal responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable care by adhering to the road rules and any other conditions imposed by Police and/or officials ensuring a safe race environment for all concerned. Please refer to our Club specific Racing Rules for further information.

All riders entering a sanctioned Cycling NSW Cyclocross acknowledge they do so at their own risk and that cycling and cyclocross racing can be considered a dangerous sport which may result in injury arising from an act or omission of the rider, other riders, other vehicles, spectators and other obstacles and track and road conditions, and whilst all reasonable care is taken by the organizer and officials when organizing the event, all participating cyclist have an equal responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable care in adhering to the rules and other conditions imposed by Police, Council and other officials ensuring a safe race environment for all concerned. This clause is to be printed at the top of the event sign-on sheets and include signatures acknowledging the riders are aware of this point.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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