Startlist for Club combined criterium

Published at: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 2:55 PM AEST as provisional startlist - subject to change.

Category Participant Club/Team
A DAVIES, Andrew University of Queensland CC
A LUTZE, Brett Brisbane Cycling Club
A WILLIAMS, Adam Brisbane Cycling Club
B ANDREWS, Matt Ipswich CC
B BEADLE, Dan Ipswich CC
B BIGGS, Warren Brisbane Cycling Club
B MACLENNAN, Lewis Brisbane Cycling Club
B MEARNS, Travis Brisbane Cycling Club
B NEWELL, Michael Ipswich CC
B SAYLES, Harry Ipswich CC
B SULIMAN, Zeyn Brisbane Cycling Club
C CAMPBELL, Nathan S100 Racing Team | Lifecycle
C FIELD, Manning N/A
C HERBERT, Paul Ipswich CC
C MOSS, Brian Kangaroo Point CC
C PEARN, Joshua Lifecycle Cycling Club
C SHARPE, Jamie Ipswich CC
C STRETTON, Lee S100 Racing Team/ Kangaroo Point
D CAMPOMANES, Juan Carlos Balmoral Cycle Club
D HOWARD, Alistair Ipswich CC
D LANE, Ella Ipswich CC
D LANE, Jordan Ipswich CC
D MCDERMOTT, Clinton Ipswich CC
D MCINNES, Sharon Ipswich CC
D PETELSKI, Oskar Ipswich CC
D PETELSKI, Steven Ipswich CC
D SHEPPARD, Simone Ipswich CC
D THOMPSON, Paul Kangaroo Point CC