Entry nominations in Melbourne Bicycles Hanging Rock Handicap 05 Aug 00:07

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Hawthorn Cycling Club website.

Name Status
MARSHALL, Amelia Entered
PRESTON, Erin Entered
CLOTHIER, Fiona Entered
PETTENON, Jenny Entered
FERRARO, Mara Entered
WARD, Lesley Entered
KEIGHTLEY, Annice Entered
MEREDITH, Megan Entered
NEYLAND, Tara Entered
FOSTER, Cristine Entered
IGGO, Erica Entered
JEANES, Danae Entered
ANTONELLO, Peta Entered
VANDERSLUYS, Pamela Entered
BRADBURY, Isla Entered
BRADBURY, Neve Entered
SCHELTUS, Nicole Entered
EASTWOOD, Jemma Entered
ATKINS, Julia Entered
BERTRAM, Erin Entered
TERNEL, Suzanne Entered
THOMAS, Kim Entered
MORLEY, Sharni Entered
BAKER, Robyn Entered
NUSPAN, Elizabeth Entered
PARRY, Caitlyn Entered
JONKER, Kerry Entered
BOWMAN, Sarah Entered
KEOWN, Kate Entered
STEVENS, Tamaryn Entered
WARD, Rachel Entered
PHILLIPS, Sue Entered
BROWN, Corinna Entered
HOWARD, Lisa Entered
STEPHENS, Rebecca Entered
LINDSTROM, Debra Entered
WOODWARD-KRON, Robyn Entered
CHANDLER, Claire Entered
FITZGERALD, Marie-Louise Entered
GOYNE, Gemma Entered
MEEHAN, Donna Entered
LEWIS, Samantha Entered
BOULANGE, Claire Entered
MAYNE, Grace Entered
AARONS, Karen Entered
MAIZELS, Dale Entered
KRAMER, Amanda Entered
FORD, Ruth Entered
MACDOUGALL, Hannah Entered
COUTTS, Lisa Entered
LACEY, Elizabeth Entered
MACKENZIE, Melissa Entered
WILLIAMS, Margarita Entered
REID, Jen Entered
FRASER, Carolyn Entered
JACKSON, Bethany Entered
GUNN, Dianne Entered
FOOTIT, Amanda Entered
DUNNILL, Patrina Entered
BRAZIER, Anna Entered
FERGUSON, Erin Entered
BATES, Kathryn Entered
CLARK, Meredith Entered
BLANKLEY, Gaynor Entered
SCHIWY, Nicole Entered
WHITE, Bethan Entered
SCURR, Michelle Entered
DARBY, Kristi Entered
WILLIAMSON, Rebecca Entered
ATKINSON, Ella Entered
OLIVER, Ruth Scratched
VANDENBROECK, Veronica Entered
LONSKI, Peta Entered
LIM, Carrie Entered
TAJBHAI, Fatema Entered
SMITH, Sarah Entered
PATERSON, Leah Entered
NOONAN, Kerrie Entered
FITTON, Sarah Entered
ARNOLD, Julia Entered
ATTWATER, Sophie Entered
D'ARCY, Jayne Entered
COVINGTON, Rebecca Entered
STRATING, Corinn Entered
HYDE, Michelle Entered
PETERSEN, Kym Entered
SCARLETT, Kate Entered
NEWMAN, Carina Entered
BROWN, Meg Entered
MACRAE, Angela Entered
BRIGHT, Zoe Entered
DAM, Sarah Entered
LESNIOWSKA, Raelene Entered
MCGOVERN, Paula Entered
WILLIAMS, Susan Entered
MCCLELLAND, Jessica Entered
SIMPSON, Kath Entered
SOTO, Catalina Scratched