Entry nominations in Brisbane SX Gates - 14/12/2023 30 May 00:01

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the CTD Industries (QLD) website.

Name Status
GILL, Ashton Entered
GILL, Noah Entered
GILL, Henry Entered
STANLEY, Samuel Entered
BREHMER, Jacob Entered
TUCKER, Thomas Entered
SCHRAMM, Isabella Entered
LILLICRAP, Jed Entered
ENSOR, Bradley Entered
WATT, Sheldon Entered
KAUPPINEN, Max Entered
ARGENT, Ashlyn Entered
ARGENT, Nate Entered
MUES, Lucas Entered
PEARSON, Glenn Entered
ALLEN, Penni Entered
TREMBLE, Seth Entered
DRURY, Paul Entered
GALMES, Darcy Entered
GALMES, Steven Entered
WYPYCH-COLES, Aston Entered
COLES, Reuben Entered
ROBINS, Harper Entered
ASMUS, Jesse Entered
BARNSDALE, Reyne Entered
RANDALL, Tyler Entered
MURRAY, Preston Entered
DUNCALFE, Chloe Entered
HALLETT, Damon Entered
BOLIN, Lilly Entered
BOLIN, Cooper Entered
CLARKE, Angus Entered
CLARKE, Grace Entered
LENZ, Troy Entered
LENZ, Breeana Entered
LENZ, Lincoln Entered
STOPPA, Zac Entered
JACKSON, Holyee-Ann Entered
MANGANARO, Cody Entered
BROOMFIELD, Billy Entered
RIVERS, Oliver Entered
WARNER, Kale Entered
ANNING, Levi Entered
STANDISH, Jasmine Entered
TRIGG, Jacob Entered
TRIGG, Samual Entered
OEGEMA, Rinke Entered
OEGEMA, Ynze Entered
GARD, Audrey Entered
CAMPBELL, Vaughn Entered
CAMPBELL, Cooper Entered
GOOCH, Brodie Entered
WEBB, Chris Entered
COLEMAN, William Entered
WHITE, Oshea Entered
WHITE, Oliver Entered
FELSMAN, Mitchell Entered
BURKE, Mitchell Entered
WAUCHOPE, Nitai Entered
GRILLO, Roman Entered
COOMBES, Nigel Entered
JUNG, Hyunjun Entered
RAYBOULD, Dan Scratched
NORMAN, Mikha Entered
DUERDEN, Gary Entered
DUERDEN, Leon Entered