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Season Numbers

Season Number Pre-Order


The Northern Combine is rolling out a Season Race Number System; the key features are:

  • You are issued with Race Numbers that you keep (see below regarding Retirement System should you stop racing with us)
  • Accepted at Northern Combine, Hawthorn & Coburg Crits (all Northern Combine affiliated clubs are free to be part of the scheme).
  • Once your numbers are issued, you no longer need to pick up and return race numbers. (you still enter via EntryBoss, after which we know your race number and registration becomes a much simpler walk pass check-in process).
  • The numbers are Graded (coloured numbers denote grade), so you will be issued with new numbers if you are permanently regraded for Northern Combine events.

Why is the Northern Combine introducing season numbers?

  • Cut rider registration visits and equipment sharing.
  • Leverage the one system to benefit multiple clubs (limited to Northern Combine affiliated clubs).
  • Race day convenience for riders (some Road Race events may require self check-in for safety. More on that at a later date)

What you get

  • 2 x quality cloth race numbers
  • 1 x Frame plate (with RFID Transponder)
  • Pins
  • El Cheapo frame plate holder
  • Information sheet

Do I have wear two numbers?
No, that is up to the race organiser. Most Combine events will run one back number. Hawthorn Crits will run with one back number and the frame plate.

Will I need to run the frame plate?
They are much easier to read in a Finish than back numbers, so we suspect most organisers will ask that you do (even if the event is not timed)

Will I need to get a frame plate holder?
Probably. We may source some for sale separately.
Update: we have found a relatively cheap & easy solution.
You are free to choose between a seatpost option (28.5mm or 31.8mm - some adjustability) or a seat rail option (6.3mm - fits most seat rails).
You can also buy yourself a fancy frame plate holder if you prefer.

What will they look like?

Short answer: Full Pro

Grades on offer

  • A-E (Open)
  • WA-WC (Women)
  • Juniors (ungraded to U17)


A steal at $15

Physical Delivery

Option 1: (our preferred) : If time allows, our strong preference is post your Season Numbers to you
Option 2: (our new preferred) race day pick-up. We will have a 'Named Pack' waiting for you at Rego.

The numbers are Graded

  • Because the numbers are coloured by grade, they need handicapping review prior to being issued.
  • When ordering, you will need to select a grade and provide some handicapping info.
  • Correct grading is an important part of the system. (Why? Because issuing coloured numbers allows us to have more race numbers available, and still keep the numbers under 3 digits for readability purposes)
  • If your Northern Combine Grade is changed (up or down) we will post or swap to a new number for your new grade at no additional cost.

Will the number colours dictate how races are handicapped?

No. Race Organisers are still the boss of their own races and will grade riders for their events.

For instance;
* If Coburg A grade is a mix of Combine A & B grade, then A Grade will will have a mix of Red and Black numbers.
* If WA & C grade race together - there will be blue and white numbers in that bunch.
* If U17 can join a Combine bunch (ie distance & ability allows), they race their junior number.

  • The idea of one-grade / one-colour is a norm that we have had to relax to get this system up & going. Commissaires that we have engaged have all been fine with this.
  • What is important is race organisers are free to grade their own races. This is a principle we feel is carved in stone.

The Northern Combine will be the reference point for grading.

  • All participating clubs will let you race on your Northern Combine number.
  • That is the point of the scheme.

Can I choose my own number?

No sorry, there is already a lot of admin required to run this system.

Retirement Plan

If you haven't raced at any events organised by the Northern Combine or any of the participating clubs for a period of TWO YEARS, your number may be retired and re-issued to a new rider. This is to help ensure we don't run out of numbers in the system.

Update: We have scrapped this as we now have a mechanism to ensure we never run out of numbers.

Does the inclusion of a transponder on the frame plate mean all events will be timed?

No, not all events will be timed.
Do we have ambitions to expanding timing at events - yes, 2021 will be a year-long trial of timing and attempting to sort out processes to support this where practical.
Does inclusion of the transponder make timing more feasible - you bet, that's why we are including that.

Is this system mandatory?

No, the Season Numbers are not mandatory, though we encourage regulars to purchase season numbers.
We will continue to issue race-day numbers for visiting riders, come and try events and first time riders.
Buying season numbers will save you time and money (at many events, entry fees for riders with season numbers will be lower).

Do I need to hand my number back at Season end?

No, once issued, we associate you with your number. You can continue to race on that forever. You only change numbers if you permanently change grades and need to get onto the correct colour for that grade.

Hanging onto your number 'permanently' saves us admin and saves riders hassle.

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