Startlist for WombatiVES (Junior Pairs)

Published at: Fri, 05 Oct 2018 5:56 AM AEST as provisional startlist - subject to change.

Category Participant Club/Team
TEAM_JNR FLETCHER, Isaac Brotherly Love
TEAM_JNR FLETCHER, Owen Brotherly Love
TEAM_JNR FLETCHER, Liam Cohen and Liam
TEAM_JNR JESSEN, Cohen Cohen and Liam
TEAM_JNR THOMPSON, Phoebe Just having fun!
TEAM_JNR THOMPSON, Sam Just having fun!
TEAM_JNR DAVIS, Felix Redhillians
TEAM_JNR SNOOKS, Nash Redhillians
TEAM_JNR CHESTER, Archie Sibling Rivalry
TEAM_JNR CHESTER, Millie Sibling Rivalry