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Mitas Terra in the Berra - Stromlo - Stage 2 Only

Sun, 30 Sep 2018
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Wed, 26 Sep 2018 11:59 PM AEST
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CORC CX 2018

Note: This entry is for stage 2 only!

If you only wish to enter all stages or any other individual stages you can enter individual stages here:
All 3 stages
Stage 1 - Greenhills
Stage 3 - Majura

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Event Info

CORC are excited to announce that we are partnering with @mitas_tyres to present the Mitas Terra in the Berra. This event is a brand new 3 day Stage Race using the best trails in Canberra.

Mitas Terra in the Berra will be Canberra’s very first Mountain bike stage race event, and we are excited to see what the first year of racing will be like. Be sure to mark your calendars, you’re not going to want to miss this one! 29 Sep 2018- 1st Oct 2018. Mitas Terra in the Berra is suited to all skill levels, and with the race covering roughly 110 km in total over 3 days, this will surely be a good test of the legs. This event can be ridden by all riders, from the most social riders to the fast and furious elite riders.


Stage 1 - Saturday 29 Sep: Green Hills Plantation

Event Centre: To be confirmed

Distance: 30 km

Course Map:

Stage 2 - Sunday 30 Sep: Stromlo Forest Park

Event Centre: Stromlo Fores Park

Distance: 50 km

Course Map:

Stage 3 - Monday 01 Oct: Majura Pines

Event Centre: Innabaanya Camp, Majura Road

Distance: 30 km

Course Map:


Time Activity
Friday 28 Sep
3:00pm Registration (Time and Location TBC)
Saturday 29 Sep
11:00 Registration open, Green Hills Plantation
12:50 Race Briefing
1:00pm Racing starts - Stage 1
Sunday 30 Sep
9:00am Registration open, Stromlo Forest Park
9:50am Race Briefing
10:00am Racing starts - Stage 2
Monday 01 Oct
9:00am Registration open, Majura Pines, Innabaanya Camp
9:50am Race Briefing
10:00am Racing starts - Stage 3


Mitas Terra in the Berra has 6 Solo Categories, for riders of all skill sets! The categories are based on MTBA age brackets, further details can be found here:

Junior Male and Female (U17+U19)
Elite Male and Female
Open Male and Female
Masters 3/4 Male and Female (40-49)
Masters 5/6 Male and Female (50-59)
Masters 7+ Male and Female (60+)
Note: The open categories are intended for non-elite riders that are not juniors or masters

Race rules

  • Have FUN!
  • Self seed and be honest.
  • Be courteous at all times – there are other riders on track doing their best, it is only a club race so please be patient when behind slower riders. For example call out “track when convenient”or “rider” when approaching. Wait until they respond with “on my left” or “on my right” before overtaking, once you have overtaken say “Thank you!”
  • Reports of bad etiquette, abuse, pushing riders out of the way will be dealt with by the parties involved and the Race Commissaire – we will not tolerate bad behavior at club races. Guilty offenders will be disqualified from the race and serve a 2 race ban.
  • Please follow the course, we do our best to mark the course with bunting and arrows. Please take great care with arrows as some of the race tracks have trail arrows and not CORC arrows. Do not take short cuts or stray from the single track or fire trail. If you see a rider cutting the course, please let the Race Director know and the rider will be disqualified from the race.
  • If a rider does not complete a stage a time will be allocated to the rider on that stage, allowing the rider to continue riding the following day(s).
  • Further details will be added in the race briefing

Other Race Day information

  • Please do not pass or go near the timing mat with a numberplate on unless you are racing. We do our best to block off entrance to the timing mats before and after racing but please keep this in mind when you have finished your race. Also, If you have a pitstop for whatever reason in the race, stop away from the timing mat to avoid a double detection.
  • If for any reason you withdraw from a race, please tell a Marshall or the Race Director
  • Don’t leave rubbish out on the track. Pick up your rubbish such as gel wrappers and drink bottles
  • If you see an injured rider please stop to help them, we can adjust your times to make up for any lost time
  • Riders need a current license (or proof of renewal) to race. MTBA race licenses only. Licences will be checked at registration so to make sure you can race, BRING your licence (physical or digital version) with you.

CORC CX 2018

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