Murwillumbah Cycle Club
Eungella Road Race

Sat, 27 May 2023
Travis Campbell Park
Entries open
Sun, 14 May 2023 12:00 noon AEST
Entries close
Fri, 26 May 2023 11:59 PM AEST
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Fri, 26 May 2023 11:59 PM AEST

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Eungella Road Race - Saturday 27 May 2023

  • Event: Eungella Road Race
  • Club: Murwillumbah Cycle Club
  • Race Director: Gary Wardrop
  • Format: Graded Scratch Race
  • COVID: This event will comply with COVID requirements that may apply at the time.

Ample parking is available in and opposite Travis Campbell Park. Do not park in the vicinity of the start and finish line areas on Tyalgum Road.

Rider Safety is paramount Do not congest the start/finish line area.


Registration and Commissaire briefing is at Travis Campbell Park, Eungella.

A,B and C Grade Riders: The following course will consist of 3 laps. Riders will start opposite Travis Campbell Park and proceed eastbound for 4.5km* on Tyalgum Road to a turnaround. Riders will then proceed westbound for 12.5km* to a turnaround before proceeding eastbound for 8km* to the start/finish line to complete a lap. Total distance 75km*. *All distances are approximate.

D Grade and Junior Riders: The following course will consist of 2 laps. Riders will start opposite Travis Campbell Park and proceed eastbound for 4.5km* on Tyalgum Road to a turnaround. Riders will then proceed westbound for 12.5km* to a turnaround before proceeding eastbound for 8km* to the start/finish line to complete a lap. Total distance 50km. *All distances are approximate.


Travis Campbell Park, Eungella, New South Wales


Online pricing:

  • All Seniors $25:00 (Under 19 included)
  • All Juniors $10:00 (Under 17 included) (Entry includes a card processing fee)


Eligibility - Riders with eligible AusCycling race licences are invited to race. All clubs are welcome. 'Lifestyle' and 'Non-Riding' licences not accepted.


Grading - If you have raced at other locations, you are expected to race in that grade.
A rider wishing to enter an alternate grade, should provide an explanation in the comments section of the entry form and include appropriate information e.g. results at other locations.
While the handicapper will consider your request for change in grade, the race grading decision will be final.
It is your responsibility to give the handicapper sufficient time to consider your request. Failure to do so may result in you missing out on a place in the field.
If you are not sure which grade to race, please make contact with the handicapper and provide the relevant information via the email below:


Start/Finish - Riders will assemble as directed by race officials and/or signage. Finish Line will be in the vicinity of Travis Campbell Park.
Finish Line Area: - Please keep the area around the start and/or finish line free from congestion.
Spectating: - It is requested that spectators watch from roadside vantage points and ensure that rider safety is not compromised or the areas around the finish line congested.
Registration - From 1.15pm and closes at 1:55pm. Riders who miss the compulsory commissaire's briefing will not be allowed to start.
Race Numbers - Riders should display their number patches on their left side.
Racing Incidents: - Safety is of paramount importance. Please report all race incidents to the Race Director.
Race Rules - Racing is conducted under the auspices of AusCycling rules and regulations. Normal road rules apply, you must ride no more than two abreast unless passing. Do not cross solid lines. Obey all road rules at all times.
Enter ASAP - Fields will be limited across all grades so please enter as soon as possible.
EntryBoss Entry - Please make sure your current AusCycling licence number is registered with EntryBoss before entering. Do not use a previous licence number.
No Licence, No Race: - Riders need a current licence (or proof of renewal) to race. AusCycling licences only.
Licences - Riders should have their AusCycling licences available for checking. Please have your digital licence ready or printed email ready to show if required.
On-the-day Entries: There will be no on-the-day line entries.
New to Racing: - AusCycling offer a 4 week trial licence. For further details please visit -
Announcements: - On race day please check the Murwillumbah Cycle Club Facebook and Instagram pages or website for any announcements regarding racing.
Race Scratchings - If riders find they are unable to race after entering, they may 'scratch' themselves up to 6:00pm on the Friday before Saturday's race - the entry fee will be refunded. Click on the 'Scratch' button on the EntryBoss event page.
Wet-weather Policy - A decision to cancel racing due to poor weather will only made by the Chief Commissaire. Generally, the Club races in all weather, except where there has been a significant rain event and the course is considered to be unsafe. The decision to cancel racing will be made as early as possible but no later than 12 noon on a Saturday. The cancellation will be posted on the Club's social media pages (See More Information section). All race entry fees will be refunded if races are cancelled.


AusCycling Licensing: -
AusCycling trial -
Digital Licence - Go to: and enter your email and password. Select AusCycling for Organisation you wish to view then select Memberships. Go to your most recent payment and click on Add to Apple or G Pay Save to phone for Android. Logout and view your digital licence in Apple Wallet or G Pay by clicking on Passes; AusCycling Membership. Licence details and QR Code will appear.


This event will be conducted using the current guidelines or rules established by the New South Wales Government, the New South Wales Chief Medical Officer, AusCycling Australia and AusCycling New South Wales.


Club website: -
Facebook -
Instagram -


By entering this event you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I participate in this race at my own risk. I waive any rights I may otherwise have against the Murwillumbah Cycle Club relating to, and agree the Murwillumbah Cycle Club is not responsible for, any loss, of any type, caused by my participation in the race, including any loss that may arise from my or any other person’s death or injury, or any damage to any property.

If the participant in this race is under 18 years of age, I warrant that I am a parent or guardian of the participant and agree for myself, and the participant, to provide the acknowledge, waiver and release set out above in respect of the participant.

Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular Entry (U19+)
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