Bendigo Mountain Bike Club
ROUND 6: AusCycling MTB National Series. Goldfields Granite Cup

Sun, 23 Apr 2023
Entries open
Mon, 27 Mar 2023 6:30 PM AEDT
Entries close
Thu, 20 Apr 2023 3:00 PM AEST
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Thu, 20 Apr 2023 3:00 PM AEST

Goldfields Granite Cup - Round 6

Spring Gully MTB trails, Wattle Dr, Spring Gully, bendigo Vic

2 Rounds

Round 1 Saturday: Enter here:
Round 2 Sunday: Enter here:

Please note each Round is a separate Event listing.
This allows the convenience of entering each day at different times, and to scratch individual days if need be.

Entry Categories

Please note your age is determined by your age as of 31st December 2023. The following categories are available:

National Series Categories

Age Category Code Age
Elite Men/Women ME/WE >23
Under 23 Men/Women MU/WU 19-22
Under 19 Men/Women MJ/WJ 17-18
Under 17 Men/Women M17/W17 15-16
Under 15 Men/Women M15/W15 13-14
Expert Men/Women MX/WX 19-29
Masters 1 Men/Women M1/W1 30-34
Masters 2 Men/Women M2/W2 35-39
Masters 3 Men/Women M3/W3 40-44
Masters 4 Men/Women M4/W4 45-49
Masters 5 Men/Women M5/W5 50-54
Masters 6 Men/Women M6/W6 55-59
Masters 7+ Men/Women M7/W7 60-64
M8/W8 65-69
M9/W9 70-74
M10/W10 75-79

Masters categories will be combined

Support Race - (Not part of National Series)

Age Category Code Age
Under 13 Men/Women M13/W13 11-12

Under 13's will race a shortened course

Race Fees

Category Race Fee
Regular Senior Entry (U19+) $80 per race
Under 15 - Under 17 $60 per race
Under 13 $40 per race

SCRATCHING: Need to withdrawal from the event? EntryBoss enables a self-serve refund if things change and you can't make the event. Please use the 'Scratch' button to trigger a refund and automatically remove yourself from the start list, (Please note the scratching cut-off as the button is not available after this).

Scratching is permanent, if you only need to make a change, please email us race organisers

Event Schedule

Date Time Activity
Friday 21st April 8am Set up
4-6pm Course practise
3.30-5.30pm Registration
6pm Course closed
Saturday 22nd April 7.00am Course safety check
7.00am - 11.30am Registrations (registrations for each start group to close 1hr before start times
7.15 - 8.15am Course practise
8.15am Practise Concludes
8.20am Race Group 1 Call up/Briefing
8.30am Race Group 1 Starts.
1a Under 17 men,
1b Master 3/4 men, Under 15 men,
1c Masters 5/6 Men, 7 + Men.
9.45am. Race Group 1 Concludes
10.20am Race Group 2 Call up/ Briefing
10.30am Race Group 2 Starts. All Women (except u13 women)
2a Elite Women
2b U19 Women
. 2c U17 Women, Masters 1/2 Women, 3/4 Women, Expert Women
. . 2d U15 Women, Masters 5/6 Women, Masters 7+ Women
. 12.15pm. Race 2 Concludes
. 12.20pm. Race 3 Call up/Briefing
12.30pm. Race Group 3 start
. . 3a Elite Men,
. . 3b U19Men
3c Masters 1/2 Men, Expert Men,
2.15pm Race 3 Concludes
3pm Presentations all categories
3.30-4.15pm Day 2 course practise
4-.30-6pm Bendigo Mountain Bike Club Pairs Support race
6pm Course closed.
Sunday 23rd April 7.00am Course safety check
7.00am - 11.30am Registrations
7.00 - 8.15am Course practise
8.15am Practice concludes
8.30am Under 13’s male/female Support Race. Presentations to follow.
9.20am Race Group 1 Call up/Briefing.
. 9.30am. Race Group 1 Starts
1a Under 17 men,
1b Master 3/4 men, Under 15 men
. . 1c Masters 5/6 men, Masters 7+ Men.
. 10.45am. Race 1 concludes
11.20am Race Group 2 Call up/Briefing
11.30am Race Group 2 Starts (all women except U13)
2a Elite Female,
2b U19 Women,
2c U17 Women, Masters 1/2 women, Masters 3/4 Women, Expert Women
. 2d U15 Women, Masters 5/6 Women, Masters 7+ Women.
1.15pm. Race Group 2 concludes
1.20pm Race Group 3 Call up/Briefing
1.30 pm. Race Group 3 Starts
3a Elite Men,
3b U19 Men
. 3c Masters 1/2 Men, Expert Men.
. . 3.15 pm Race Group 3 Concludes.
4pm Presentations all categories (excluding u 13’s)
4.15-4.30 pm Auscycling Overall National Series Presentations
5pm Clear of Venue


Note a current AusCycling Race All-Discipline or Off-Road license is required to ride these events. Bring your license card / digital membership with you to sign-on!

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Entry prices

Online pricing:

Regular Entry (U19+)
Juniors (U15-U17)
U13 Support Race

A payment card fee may apply (calculated at checkout).