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LJ Hooker Winter Race Series - My Ride Launceston Race 3 Old Salty Dog

Sun, 7 Aug 2022
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Tue, 05 Jul 2022 11:32 AM AEST
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Sun, 07 Aug 2022 10:30 PM AEST
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St Helens Winter Race Series

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About us

Riding bikes is fun. Pedal Heads Inc want to share their passion for Mountain bikes with our local community, that's why we are hosting a Winter Race Series for all levels. Non Members are welcome.

About the race

We're hosting a series of four events, each held on one of our gravity trails, each testing your skills in a different way. You can practise as much as you like (in fact we encourage it!) and on race day you will have a two hour window to ride as often as you like in pursuit of your own personal best. We will celebrate the fastest person in each category of each race. The series winner will be the person with the best three results (which keeps you in contention if you miss one race) and we'll have some great prices in store.

About Race 3 - MyRide Launceston Old Salty Dog (7 August 2022)

If you are a fan of Enduro racing you'll love this one: Old Salty Dog is long, rough, gnarly and offers pretty much everything a great trail should have. It will also test your strength with a long climb out of the gully before you reach the comfort of the Trail Head and the shuttle. This trail will reward those who know how to be fast & smooth and have the fitness to push all the way to the finish line. If you haven't ridden the trail before we strongly suggest you do; it is rated 'Blue' but only until you pin it. Spectators can make their way up to Loila Tier and watch the riders make their way down the hill.

Juniors (U13 and younger)! Our races are all about having fun. Therefore we won't make you ride Old Salty (as much as we love this trail) and climb back out of the gully. Instead you guys will ride the other all time favourite: Send Helen's! Shuttle up, race down, repeat!

About Race 4 - Giant St Helens Mack10 (28 August 2022)

Mack10 is the newest of the St Helens gravity trail and a must-ride for those who like to save rubber by keeping the wheels off the ground. The trail is fast, flowy and there are more jumps that one could possibly hit in a single run. The main question will be: is it faster to fly or to stay on the ground? No doubt our Elite riders (and probably our super fast youth riders) will show us the right answer.

The trail also includes the iconic roll between two massive rocks (but not over!) and a huge rock-armoured berm. The start will be at the top from where Race 2 started, and the finish line will be where Mack10 joins Rock Lobster. This means the race will involve some climbing up from the Send Helen's Icarus turn off and a bit more on Rock Lobster down.

Before you jump in & sign up

Please note that you need to have an MTBA or AusCycling RACE or DAY license - please check before you sign up.

We're sure your bike is in great nick, with working brakes, no play in the bearings and plugged bar ends. Since we'll be racing on gravity trails we'll require you to bring your full face helmet (we accept models with removable chin bars). U17 and younger will be required to wear knee guards, long sleeves or elbow guards & full finger gloves, but we hope everyone will be wearing those. Neck, back protection & body armour is recommended.

Please note we will check the safety requirements before you board the shuttle. Make sure you have all the required gear. Also note this is an AusCycling requirement.

Race Categories

Keeping your entry simple

Type Entries Categories
ADULTS Male, Female
Juniors Male, Female

In the interest of fairness we will split the categories for the timing.

Race Fees

Pedal Head Club Members receive a member discount.

Type Pedal Heads members Members of other clubs
Junior $8 $12
Adult $10 $20


The above pricing is excluding shuttles.
Shuttles can be purchased on-the-day at a discounted rate through one of our sponsors Gravity Isle.

Season Pass:

Want the convenience of a season pass? (please enter here for all 4 races to save)

Type Races Member Regular
Junior 4 $27 $43
Adult 4 $35 $55

Upcoming Series Dates

Race Date Location Rego Race Preso
Race 3 7-Aug Old Salty Dog 09:00-10:00 11:00-14:00 14:30
Race 4 28-Aug Mack10 09:00-10:00 11:00-14:00 14:30

Please make sure you attend the Rider's Briefing at 10:00 at the Rego Tent.

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If you don't want to race

That's not a reason to stay at home! We need marshals to help keep our riders safe, and spectators who cheer them on. In any case bring something to make a lot of noise with!

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