Entry nominations in Rd 3 NCGE Taree 06 Feb 01:13

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the White Lightning Events website.

Name Status
O’NEILL, Katherine Entered
SOCHON, Dave Entered
MCDONNELL, Tina-Louise Entered
KAHLER, Melissa Entered
KAHLER, Jon Entered
WEBER, Flynn Entered
PALMER, Ellenie Entered
BOCKING, Jesse Entered
SANSOM, Joel Entered
SANSOM, Aidan Entered
CROCKETT, Simon Entered
MASON, Jacob Entered
PRATT, Craig Entered
DONOGHUE, Cooper Entered
DONOGHUE, Jaxon Entered
ALLEN, Greg Entered
JONES, Grant Entered
MURRAY, Jono Entered
ARDETTI, Tristan Entered
MILLAR, Jake Entered
PAVITT, Koban Entered
FOWLER, Katie Entered
HAMMOND, Bryce Entered
BURTONWOOD, Jemma Entered
TAPP, Jerry Entered
TAPP, Alfie Entered
ALFORD, Toby Entered
SWAYNE, Seth Entered
SWAYNE, Craig Entered
PAPANDREA, Hunter Entered
RUTH, Michael Entered
RUTH, Mitchell Entered
SCHMIDT, Luka Entered
SCHMIDT, Oliver Entered
CLARK, Daniel Entered
FOWLER, Andrew Entered
CLIFTON, David Entered
DU PLOOY, Drikus Entered
DU PLOOY, Matthys Entered
LAUDER, Zayne Entered
LAUDER, Adam Entered
FOLPP, Jackson Entered
FOLPP, Connor Entered
CRAIG, David Entered
ROSENSTEIN, Tjala Entered
MURRAY, Toby Entered
MURRAY, Elise Entered
MURRAY, Sam Entered
AYERS, David Entered
AYERS, Steven Entered
BROWNING, Mitchel Entered
NICHOLSON, Sam Entered
NICHOLSON, Tom Entered
HUDSON, Cash Entered
SOCHON, Fin Entered
EASTER, Sonny Entered
MOORE, Anthony Scratched
BLACK, Ben Entered
HYSTEK, Leon Entered
SIMPSON, Haylan Entered
VICHIE, Nicholas Entered
CHAPMAN, Dallas Scratched
SCHEIBEL, Ashton Entered
NAS, Byron Entered
MOORE, Zachary Scratched
MARSH, Lachlan Entered
MARSH, Ben Entered
TICKNOR, Maxwell Entered
HUNT, Gabe Entered
MCGRATH, Max Scratched
STOCKTON, Rocco Scratched
STOCKTON, Beau Scratched
STOCKTON, Rowena Scratched
GALVIN, Ollie Entered
MEADS, Callum Scratched
FELL, Daniel Scratched
HUTCHBY, Xander Entered
HUTCHBY, Brad Entered
ROGERS, Hayden Entered
PINDER, Jett Entered
PINDER, Max Entered
MOORE, Alex Entered
STENT, Michael Entered
BLACK, Poe Entered
BLACK, Ilo Entered
SEELIGER, Christine Scratched
LETHEREN, Alexander Scratched
CASE, Jesse Entered