South Perth Rouleurs
Jarrahdale Team Time Trial 2022

Sun, 9 Oct 2022
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Entries open
Mon, 18 Jul 2022 8:00 AM AWST
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Sat, 08 Oct 2022 7:00 PM AWST
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Wed, 05 Oct 2022 11:00 AM AWST

General Info

Proudly Hosted by the South Perth Rouleurs

Our team time trial in the Shire of Jarrahdale is back on the same challenging 30km course as last year. Teams will start with an undulating road before descending to the turn around point at the 15km and then experience a challenging climbing.

Teams of 6 riders (minimum 4 riders) with the team time taken from the 4th rider crossing the finish line. Teams will be released on regular intervals of between 1 and 2 minutes depending on number of teams entered.

The Course:

The time trials start initially sending riders Eastwards out along Nettleton Rd, before heading northward and an lovely downhill to the midway point at 15km. The turn around is at the cnr Nettleton and Old Brickworks Rd and teams will head back along the same route with some uphill battles ahead. The course is a challenging 30km out-and-back race over an undulating quiet rural road and climbing upwards over 440m in total.

It is a great warm-up for the Tour of Margaret River for final preparation for your team.

Ride safe, be courteous, obey road rules, listen to race officials and SPR hopes you enjoy the day


  • Womens [A, B, C]
  • Mens [A, B, C]
  • Mixed [A, B, C] - select "open" on the entry form

Teams will be handicapped post-race so ride as hard as you can.


The are two perpetual trophies for the winners of the Mens A and Womens A events.

Cash Prizes for:

  • Mens A (1st and 2nd)
  • Womens A (1st and 2nd)
  • Mens B (1st and 2nd)
  • Womens B (1st and 2nd)
  • Mixed (1st)

Equal cash prizes for mens and womens.

The Dos & Don'ts

No time trial bikes or aero equipment including disc wheels will be allowed.

All road rules must be obeyed.


Enter online - race fees are pre-paid only.

Each rider completes an individual entry and payment via entryboss. Riders MUST include the team name in the space provided in Entryboss.

Each team MUST have a team name.

Please co-ordinate your team names and use the same spelling, spacing, capitals e.t.c. - as "Team 4" and "Team Four" will not link together on Entryboss as the same team nor will "team 1" and "Team 1".

Entries close: Wednesday, 5th October 2021 Scratch cut-off: Wednesday, 5th October 2021

Race License:

All riders MUST have a current Auscycling race license - no exceptions.

Please visit

The 4 week free license is not acceptable for the race as decided by Auscycling.


Race Format - 6 Rider Team Time Trial - Handicap (minimum 4 riders)

Grades: A, B, C - men, women and mixed (open) grades.

Open mixed teams must have at least one rider of each gender in the top 4 riders to stop the clock.

Event notes: Handicap 30km Teams Time Trial with teams riding off slowest first, fastest last. Teams can overtake each other and no team can draft off another team.

Handicapping will occur post-race - meaning teams will be sorted into A, B, C after the race (the same as day 1 of the Tour of Margaret River). The final numbers of grades will be determined by the number of team entries received. Mixed teams must include at least either one man or women in the team.

Start Times Teams will be notified of their start time via publication of the start list.

Prizes: Prize money/prizes for winners of each A, B, C men, women and open mixed. Team time will be taken from 4th rider crossing the finish line.

My Laps Timing Chips: You must have a MyLaps timing chip to participate. Hire of a timing chip is $5 per event. If you have your own timing chip please ensure this is recorded in your EntryBoss profile - you will not be able to untick the transponder hire option until you have a transponder recorded on your profile.

Scratching: You can withdraw your entry with a self-serve, automated refund via EntryBoss if you are within the scratching cut-off time (9:59pm on Wednesday 5th October 2021). Please return to the EntryBoss Race Listing and use the 'Scratch' button.

Please ensure you check back here at the EntryBoss race listing and keep an eye on social media for publication of the start list.

Location & Course Information

Entryboss logo

Race Fees

Each Rider $45 entry + $5 for transponder hire

You MUST produce your Auscycling race license for registration – NO LICENSE NO RIDE.

  • Pre-Pay Only: - Race Fees are pre-paid only.
  • Wait listing: - Races have pre-set team limits. Riders may be notified (via Entry Confirmation Email) they have been wait listed once entries reach these limits. Wait listed riders are generally still a good chance of a start after scratchings and rider re-grades. Riders not wanting to be considered for promotion from the wait list should scratch.
  • Scratching: - Scratching is a self-serve, automated refund via EntryBoss if withdrawing within scratching cut-off time (please see above for final date).


As part of the event, we need to be mindful of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to maintain safety for riders, spectators, staff and volunteers.

Registration Please maintain a strict limit of 4 sqm per person.

Riders shall enter from the main entrance and leave via the side entrance. Riders must maintain the correct distance in the line and stand on marked areas.

Ride licenses must be shown to registration staff only and staff will NOT handle your licenses.

Hand Sanitizer shall be available.

Misc Information

Item Description
Rego Start Time 8.30 AM
Race Start Time 09.30 AM
Approx Race Finish Time expected from 11.30 PM
Race Director Steve Burns
Parking Jarrahdale Oval, Jarrahdale
Toilets Portable x 3
Race Start Jarrahdale Oval, Jarrahdale
Ride Muster Jarrahdale Oval, Jarrahdale
Special Course Notices See below
Presentations 11:45 AM Jarrahdale Oval, Jarrahdale
Transponder & Number Return Jarrahdale Oval, Jarrahdale

WARNING: Turn around point is a 180-degree turn at the 15km. Traffic management will be in place to slow and stop vehicular traffic to allow groups or riders right of way. Proceed with caution.

All roads have lines and lines must be obeyed at all time to comply with WA Road Rules.

Race Day Procedures


  • Race numbers: are to be worn on the rider’s lower back and LEFT side. Numbers must be clearly visible when the rider is in the drops. Lost or non-returned race numbers will attract a $20 fee.
  • Kit: The NORMAL kit enforcement of registered kit will not occur for this event
  • Timing Chips: must be mounted on the left side of your fork, nice and low, to pick up on timing sensors for start and finish. Please avoid the Start-Finish area where the timing system is set up once your timing chip is attached to your bike - this will affect your times for the day which may result in your times being void. Lost or non-returned timing chips will attract a $30 fee.
  • Finish Line Area: - It is important to keep all finish lines free from congestion. Please move off the road once finished.
  • Racing Incidents: - Safety is important. Please report all race incidents to the Race Director, or alternatively via the post-race rider survey. Incident reporting is an important feedback loop and helps improve safety going forward.
  • Spectating: - It is requested that family & friends watch from roadside vantage points & do not follow bunches in vehicles.
  • Feed Zone there is no feed zone for this event.
  • Water Station no water station will be available on the course.
  • Sweeper Vehicle: There will be a Sweeper vehicle/SAG wagon acting to clear the course following the last team on the course. Any riders that withdraw can be picked up and brought back to Jarrahdale Oval in the SAG wagon.
  • Ride Muster: Riders will be directed under neutral conditions to the start line in designated time-release groups. Teams will be directed from Jarrahdale Oval Hall Westwards along Nettleton Rd for 300m. The start is on Nettleton Rd heading off eastwards and passing Jarrahdale Oval on the right hand side. There is no traffic control or closed conditions in this neutral movement to the start – Road rules must be followed and riders MUST give way to traffic. Riders will be briefed at the start line and teams released according to team start time.
  • Race Commissaire shall strictly enforce rules for safety and all road rules.
  • Any complaint or query during the event MUST be raised with the Race Commissaire or Race Director directly through the correct process.
  • Turnaround Point will be controlled by traffic management, but riders are ultimately responsible for knowing the correct route of their race. The course marshals are there for traffic control and safety, not to give riders directions.


  • You may need to overtake slower race teams and support vehicles – do so with caution!


Race Finish

Nettleton Rd is not closed to traffic for the finish. You must stay LEFT. On finishing please ensure you follow directions from marshals and clear the finish area. DO NOT RETURN TO CROSS THE START FINISH LINE.

Please return to Jarrahdale Oval once finished to return timing chips and race numbers. No traffic management is controlling riders after the finish of the race.

Riders who withdraw from the race MUST ensure your race number is provided to the Start/Finish area to be recorded as a DNF. Timing is running on the MyLaps timing system for this event. This will assist in confirming places however we will also utilize line judges and a line camera.

Emergency Information

  • Emergency contact for the Race Director, Steve Burns: 0435 175 593. In case of a life-threatening emergency, dial “000”.
  • Armadale Hospital Open 24 hours. 3065 Albany Hwy, Armadale 08 9391 2000

General Information

  • New to Racing: 4 week Month Race Starter Auscycle memberships are accepted. Please ensure you have organised this with a club or online via Cycling Australia prior to race day.
  • On-the-day Entries: Sorry, on-the-day entries are not accepted.

  • Announcements: Please check the club's Facebook page, twitter or website for any announcements regarding racing.


  • Note: Juniors are not allowed to ride this race under Auscycling's distance limits for age groups time trials except under 19s Boys who are above 17 years of age.

More Information

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