TasXC Series
TasXC Series 2022 - State Championship Devonport

Sat, 26 Nov 2022
Kelcey Tier
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Mon, 24 Oct 2022 11:32 AM AEDT
Entries close
Sat, 26 Nov 2022 1:00 PM AEDT
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Sun, 18 Dec 2022 8:59 PM AEDT

Four Clubs - Four Venues - Four Races

State Championship - Devonport

About us

Four Tassie Clubs from some of the the most iconic riding venues on our beautiful island have come together to offer you a series of four races. Race in St Helens, Launceston, Hobart and you will be more than ready to compete in the State Championships hosted by the Mersey Mountain Bike Club in November.

About the series

In September the Pedal Heads invite you to St Helens for the first round of the inaugural TasXC Series. St Helens is probably better known for its gravity trails but the Pedal Heads are determined to show you that we also have challenging XC trails.

Next XC racers are treated to a challenging round in Osmaston, hosted by the Launceston Mountain Bike Club. This will be a rare opportunity to race in some of the best XC tracks in Tassie, and definitely not to be missed.

Everyone knows the south of the state is particularly beautiful in early November. Time to visit Glenorchy to see what the Hobart Wheelers / Dirt Devils have come up with to test your skills, speed and endurance.

Finally the State Championships await at the end of November in the beautiful city of Devonport. Kelcey Tier will provide just the right mix of technical and fun trails that will see worthy state champions emerge.

We will celebrate the fastest person in each category of each race.

About Race 1 - St Helens (4 September 2022)

We have been working hard to come up with an XC lap that will test your endurance as well as your riding skills. Our trail is mostly using the Rock Lobster trail, which starts right at the trail head, where racers, supporters and spectators can prepare and relax. We will add elements from a few other trails to create overtaking opportunities. DId we mention a blisteringly fast downhill with jumps and berms?

About Race 2 - Osmaston (16 October 2022)

Despite being privately owned they are some of the best XC racing trails in Tasmania. We only get to use them on special occasions, so make the most of this fabulous opportunity and come and see what magic Chris & Astrid have created. They are always fast and smooth and always dry, but most of all fun!!! Also one of the best MTB race viewing venues in the state so bring your family along to watch.

About Race 3 - Glenorchy (6 November 2022)

Tolosa Mountain Bike Park is Hobart’s classic MTB venue on the lower slopes of Mt Wellington. The trails are fast & fun but pretty rough. Expect some climbing but to make sure the effort is manageable for everyone we’ll be running 2 different courses with a slightly shorter lap with less elevation for Race 1 entrants.
Find directions how to get to the race here.

About Race 4 / State Championships - Devonport (26 November 2022)

Kelcey Tier in Devonport is the unsung gem of the Northwest Coast of Tas and the home trail for the Mersey Mountain Bike Club. These trails provide a large array of technicality, rocky climbs and fun flowing descents and there's plenty of elevation to play with. Bring your family and friends along and watch the racing from our race village or out on the track.

Before you jump in & sign up

Please note that you need to have an MTBA or AusCycling RACE or DAY license - please check before you sign up. We're sure your bike is in great nick, with working brakes, no play in the bearings and plugged bar ends. Mountain bike riding can be dangerous and we need you to wear a helmet and gloves.

Race Categories

Keeping entries simple.
However, to ensure a fair race the results calculation will be based on typical MTB categories.

Type - Categories
Adults Male, Female Elite, Veterans (30-39), Masters (40-49), Super Masters (50-59), Grand Masters (60+)
Juniors Male, Female U13, U15, U17, U19, U23

Please choose your correct age category when you enter the race.

Race entry:

Enter here to race in Kelcey Tier on Saturday 26th November 2022

Type Races AusCycling license holders
Junior 1 $30
Adult 1 $50


Categories and start times will be determined closer to the event. This will be dependent on number of entries in various age groups. Races will be evened out as much as possible to reduce congestion. Laps per age group will be determined closer to event.

REGISTRATION Open from 8am

Race Briefing 9.30am for Race 1.

Race 1 10.00am
U13 Male/Female 1.5 laps
U15 Male/Female 3 laps
U17 Male 4 laps
U17 Female 3 laps
U19 Female 4 laps
Veteran Female 4 laps
Masters Female 5 laps
Super Masters Female 4 laps
Grand Masters Female 3 laps
Super Masters Male 4 laps
Grand Masters Male 4 laps

Race Briefing for Race 2.

Race 2 12.00pm
U19 Male 5 laps
U23 Male/Female 5 laps
Elite Male 6 laps
Elite Female 6 laps
Expert Male/Female 5 laps
Veteran Male 5 laps
Masters Male 5 laps

Presentations and medals issue to be held shortly after second race finish Approx 2.00pm

**Race start time is subject to change

More Info

If you don't want to race

That's not a reason to stay at home! We need marshals to help keep our riders safe, and spectators who cheer them on. In any case bring something to make a lot of noise with!

Event Sponsors and Supporters

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Entry prices

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Junior Entry (to U23)