Entry nominations in Giant Adelaide Women's Enduro 27 Sep 10:47

This is a live list of nominations as they come in. It is not a start list. Nominations, grades and categories may change without notice at event organiser discretion, without those changes being reflected here.

Official start lists may appear later here on EntryBoss or on the Gravity Enduro SA website.

Name Status
COLE, Yve Entered
HERD, Mika Entered
MARSH, Billie Entered
SHAW, Julie Entered
KOLESNIK, Lisa Entered
CREE, Olivia Entered
WILLIAMS, Jess Entered
MUIJSELAAR, Shirley Entered
HUDSON, Jaimee Entered
MITCHELL, Zarah Entered
DAVIES, Chelsie Entered
REID, Amelia Entered
BYSTERVELD, Natasha Entered
LOOSE, Lindy Entered
CHOWLES, Anne-Marie Entered
WOOD, Aeisha Entered
FIELDING, Tanya Entered
BORGHART, Fiona Entered
TAYLOR, Janelle Entered
WHEATON, Leanne Entered
JASPER, Amanda Entered
DU PREEZ, Marina Entered
MCCLAREN, Katie Entered
ROSS, Summer Entered
ROSS, Holly Entered
ROSS, Rachel Entered
DREW, Emma Entered
FLAVELL, Lucinda Entered
WHEATON, Ann Entered
DREW, Abigail Entered
CASTLE, Meg Entered
EDWARDS, Lucy Entered
RICHARDSON, Kate Entered
RUSSELL, Jane Entered
MARTIN, Lily Entered
TODD, Gabrielle Entered
DERMODY, Alison Entered
SIMPSON, Anook Entered
SIMPSON, Talia Entered
O’RIELLY, Rebecca Entered
NURMELA, Elina Entered
SALKELD, Felicity Entered
STEPHENS, Phoebe Entered
COUNSELL, Sophie Entered
DUNN, Carly Entered
NORRIS, Zoe Entered
NORTH, Sophie Entered
TUME, Mandy Entered
CHAPMAN, Anouk Entered
CULLINAN, Mia Entered
TREZONA, Ebony Entered
SCHWARZ, Amy Entered
HILL, Jakarra Entered
PEARCE, Tracy Entered
MOORE, Carol Entered
BLACKMAN, Jordana Entered
SHAH, Natalie Entered
KEYNES, Melissa Entered
HILL, Angela Entered
EARL, Claire Entered
HANNAFORD, Carey Entered
GIBBINS, Rose Entered
GREEN, Susie Entered
DEDRICK, Sharon Entered
HARRIS, Alison Entered
HILL, Chiara Entered
VAN DER WALLE, Michelle Entered
JASPER, Mia Entered
LAMB, Lilly Entered
HARRIS, Julie Entered
KREISMANIS, Mara Scratched
MARTIN, Jessie Scratched
VICKERY, Megan Scratched
PEARCE, Merridy Scratched
FATCHEN, Jaye Scratched
ROSENBERG, Kristel Scratched
WILD, Elly Scratched
STEINERT, Halle Scratched
MILLER, Mareike Scratched
TAVINO, Sheree Scratched
COWAN, Laura Scratched
TUCKER, Erin Scratched
ROBERSON, Sally Scratched