Gravity Enduro SA
Round 3 - Kersbrook supported by Ride Union Bike Co

Sun, 17 Jul 2022
Entries open
Sun, 03 Jul 2022 7:00 PM ACST
Entries close
Thu, 14 Jul 2022 7:00 PM ACST
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Thu, 14 Jul 2022 7:00 PM ACST


Kersbrook -


Registration - 9am to 9.45am
Briefing - 9.45am
Racing - 10am Onwards
Presentation - Approx 4pm

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Entry Categories & Fees

Please check the following things before you enter next round.

We will be scratching people as they enter if any of the below is not correct.

  • You must have a current AusCycling off-road racing membership.
  • Your EntryBoss account must have the correct AusCycling membership number.
  • AusCycling day licences will no longer be accepted.

All categories are $60 per race. All riders ride the same course regardless of age or gender.

You will need a current AusCycling All-Discipline or Off-Road license to ride these events for insurance purposes.

Bring your license card / digital membership with you to sign-on! If this is your first try at racing you can get a FREE 4 week trial membership (only for people who have not held a CA or MTBA membership in the last 3 years).

To be a member of Gravity Enduro SA, head to to pick the license that is right for you and choose Gravity Enduro SA to join our club!

  • Elite Men / Women
  • Expert Men / Women
  • Masters 40+ Men / Women
  • Open Men / Open Women
  • Under 15 & 13 Men / Women (U13 riders will race in U15 category)
  • Under 17 Men / Women
  • Under 19 Men / Women
  • Elite E-Bike Men / Women
  • Sport E-Bike Men / Women

Need a hand with what the categories mean?
Please see


  • Stage 1 - Multi Gaps
  • Stage 2 - Jumps Revamp
  • Stage 3 - Happy Trails
  • Stage 4 - Senduro into Kersy Koasta
  • Stage 5 - Kersy Koasta into Senduro

U15 & U13 rider will complete Stages 1,3,4 & 5 ONLY

Track Map will be released the week before the event


The rules are here to keep everyone safe and ensure good sportsmanship. Whether you’re an Elite racer or a weekend warrior, the same rules apply. Not respecting the rules will result in a time penalty, disqualification or potential ban from racing.

Code of Conduct

  • Be courteous
  • Anti-competitive and intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Remember, this is not the EWS
  • The officials are only human
  • The volunteers have been here for hours setting up so you can race
  • Respect the trails. Do not cut corners or create new lines.

Before you complain, have you volunteered?

Rider Responsibilities

  • Read the rules
  • Ride within your limits
  • Ensure your bike is in good working order before the race
  • Eyes up! Read the trail.
  • Help injured riders. If you are first on the scene of an accident, make sure everyone involved is OK, if there is an injury, stay with them and organise the next rider past to go for help. DO NOT leave a seriously injured rider by themselves.


  • The entire course must be completed under the rider’s own power. No assistance is permitted on race or liaison stages.
  • Only one attempt per time stage is permitted, unless specifically directed by the rce organiser.
  • Catching riders on course is part of racing. If a rider behind you has given ample time and they catch you on the stage, you must move aside.
  • If you want to overtake a rider, clearly and politely let the rider in front know – ‘rider when ready’ is a good approach
  • If you are being overtaken, move over as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Please and Thank you go a long way
  • The only instance where a re-run of a stage is permitted is if you stop to help an injured rider. You must pass the finish beacon first, notify the marshal and proceed to the start of the stage following the liaison route.
  • If you cause another rider to crash due to an unsafe pass you will be disqualified.
  • Riders who wish to not complete the course must proceed to the registration tent and follow instructions.
  • Once you finish the course, return to the registration tent where your times will be uploaded from your timing chip.

The Course

We try to run an inclusive race series allowing differently skilled riders to compete on the same course. The course will consist of:

  • Descents on technical trails with options of ‘A’ lines and ‘B’ lines if appropriate
  • ‘A’ line is usually the more difficult but the quickest path
  • ‘B’ line may direct a rider around a technical trail feature and is usually the slower, although easier path.
  • Short flat or climbing sections may be included in timed stages in accordance with MTBA guidelines
  • Riders check in and out of special stages by passing the start and finish beacons
  • Timed stages are linked together by generally un-timed climbs or liaisons, however there is an overall time cap in which the course must be completed. Dawdling, stopping for food or visiting your car is no excuse for a slow course completion time. If you run into any problems, notify a marshal immediately.
  • Proceed with caution if you are unsure of the course.
  • Stages are designed to suit a mid-travel bike but can be completed on any bike with varying degrees of difficulty
  • The course is usually made up of 4 to 7 stages and depending on the event, can range from 10-25mins of race time and/or 15-25kms

Course Markings

  • The course will be marked out with a mixture of red and white barrier tape, arrows, sign posts and items from the natural environment (e.g. branches, logs) to indicate the direction of travel.
  • To reduce our environmental impact and keep race costs (and entry fees) low, stages will not be double taped in their entirety, riders are expected to remain on the established trail and not create their own lines or shortcuts.
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to read the trail markings. Don’t assume a stage will be marked in a particular way.
  • Where two pieces of course tape, on opposite sides of the course, are installed, riders must pass between them. In these areas, missing, crossing or passing the course tape on the wrong side will be deemed as course cutting.
  • A short cut is any line that deviates from the established trail in order to gain a time advantage whether or not there is course tape in place. The course markings are there to indicate that you are heading in the right direction not to define the track limits.
  • Taking short cuts, or course cutting, is not in the spirit of competition, may cause damage to the surrounding environment and will result in a disqualification and potential ban from all future events.
  • If you leave the course on a race stage you must re-enter the track in the same place
  • If a rider is caught short cutting or unfairly gaining an advantage by a marshal, they may be disqualified
  • If a rider is reported short cutting or unfairly gaining an advantage by 3 or more riders or spectators, they may be disqualified


  • Riders will receive a timing chip at registration to be worn on your wrist using the wrist strap provided. Do not mount it on your handle bars.
  • Riders must activate their chip upon registration. If you don't activate it, it won't work, and you won't get any results.
  • The chip is the rider’s responsibility to keep safe for the duration of the race. If lost or broken, the rider will be charged for the replacement (approximately A$150)
  • Upon completing the course riders must go straight to the timing tent to download their times and return their timing chip


  • You may only use one bike during the event. Wheel rims, bike frame and fork cannot be changed. The race director has the discretion to prohibit unsafe or unsuitable bikes.
  • All bikes must be in perfect working order
  • Bikes can be repaired during the event, but no extra time is granted
  • Competitors are not to modify race plates


  • E-Bikes may only be used for competition in the e-bike category
  • E-Bike riders may not tow other riders on liaison stages
  • Top 3 in each class will be tested for illegal chipping, your bike must not exceed 25km/h as per Austalian Standards
  • 3 riders will be randomly checked at each round

Personal equipment

  • Full face helmets that meet Australian Standards are compulsory on timed stages for all riders
  • Helmets with a detachable chin piece are acceptable
  • Open faced helmets are permitted for non-competitive liaison stages only
  • Riders must wear a helmet whenever they are riding their bike
  • Riders must carry enough food and water to get around the course

In addition to the above, Under 17 riders and below must wear the following at all times.
- Gloves
- Long sleeve jersey
- Knee pads

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COVID-19 Notice

We are taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously.
By entering this event, you agree to the following:

  • you agree to follow Government COVID recommendations applicable to your jurisdiction
  • you agree to follow the Event's COVID directives
  • you agree that you may be asked to leave the event for non-compliance
  • we appreciate your cooperation, our intention is simply to run a safe event.
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