AusCycling Victoria
2022 Bayside Skoda Eildon Junior Tour (VJRS)

Fri, 8 Jul 2022 - Sun, 10 Jul 2022
Entries open
Thu, 02 Jun 2022 12:00 noon AEST
Entries close
Tue, 05 Jul 2022 11:59 PM AEST
Pay online by
Thu, 07 Jul 2022 11:59 PM AEST

COVID-19 Notice

We are taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously.
By entering this event, you agree to the following:

  • you will not attend unless you are double vaccinated (aged 18 years and older)*
  • you agree to follow Government COVID recommendations applicable to your jurisdiction
  • you agree to follow the events COVID plan
  • you agree to follow the events COVID directives
  • you agree that you may be asked to leave the event for non-compliance
  • Our intention is simply to run a safe event, we appreciate your cooperation

  • * Vaccination requirements may change in the meantime. Please keep checking this event page for any updates.

2022 Bayside Skoda Eildon Junior Tour

Round 4 of the 2022 Morgan Blue AusCycling Junior Road Series - Victoria





Friday 8 July - Sunday 10 July 2022

Event Type

State Open Junior Road Tour (3 day stage race including a time trial and three road races)

Eligible Age and Membership Categories

J11, J13, J15, J17

All participants are required to hold a valid AusCycling Race All Discipline membership
Please note temporary/trial memberships cannot be accepted as they cover riders for club events only.

Event Race Categories

JG11, JB11, JG13, JB13, JW15AB, JM15AB, JW17AB, JM17AB

Entry Fees

J11/J13: $90 (+ payment card fees)
J15/J17: $120 (+ payment card fees)

Entries and Refunds

Scratching/refunds Riders wishing to scratch and get a refund from the event can do by logging into their Entryboss account using the scratch button. A medical certificate within 7 days of the event will be required for refunds after entries have closed.

Late entries may be accepted on a case by case and will incur a late entry fee of up to 25% of the standard entry fees.

IMPORTANT: After a successful entry the rider will automatically be given the status provisionally entered. This is normal and means the entry has officially been registered. The status won’t change until grading and membership have been confirmed by an AusCycling staff member.

The status ‘doubtful’ or ‘waitlisted’ generally means the event category has reached it’s capacity and a rider has been moved to a waitlist.

Event Details

Technical Guide (V2)

Please note due to unavailability of last years' venue, that the location for this year has changed. The Event Coordination area being hosted out of the Eildon Community Centre (2 Centre Ave Eildon). Start / Finish line will be updated on a number of routes - more information to come


Start Lists and Results: Start lists and results will be posted here


Start/Finish Locations

Stage 1 - Road Race
Stage 2 - ITT
Stage 3 - Road Race
Stage 4 - Road Race

Race Schedule

Stage 1 - Mt Pinniger Hill Climb - Friday, 8 July 2022
Order Category Distance Start Time
1 JB13/JG13 1.7km 3:00pm
2 JB11/JG11 1.7km 3:01pm
3 JM17A 4.7km 3:05pm
4 JM17B 4.7km 3:06pm
5 JW17A 4.7km 3:07pm
6 JW17B 4.7km 3:08pm
7 JM15A 4.7km 3:09pm
8 JM15B 4.7km 3:10pm
9 JW15A 4.7km 3:11pm
10 JW15B 4.7km 3:12pm

Stage 2 - Back Eildon RD ITT - Saturday, 9 July 2022
Order Category Distance Start Time
1 JG11 4km 9:00am
2 JB11 4km after JG11
3 JG13 8km after JB11
4 JB13 8km after JG13
5 JW15B 10km after JB13
6 JW15A 10km after JW15B
7 JM15B 10km after JW15A
8 JM15A 10km after JM15B
9 JW17B 15km after JM15A
10 JW17A 15km after JW17B
11 JM17B 15km after JW17A
12 JM17A 15km after JM17B

UPDATED Stage 3 - Eildon Wall and Pondage Road Race - Saturday, 9 July 2022
1 JB11/JG11 8km 12:30pm
2 JB13/JG13 8km 12:30pm
3 JM15AB 30km 12:30pm
4 JW15AB 30km 12:50pm
5 JM17AB 36.2km 2:00pm
6 JW17AB 36.2km 2:15pm

UPDATED Stage 4 - Skyline Road Race - Sunday, 10 July 2022
1 JB13/JG13 19km 9:00am
2 JB11/JG11 8km 9:02am
3 JM17AB 42km 9:10am
4 JW17AB 42km 9:20am
5 JW15AB 42km 9:30am
6 JM15AB 42km 9:40am

Course Maps and Profiles

Eildon Stage 1 - Hill Climb - J11/J13

Eildon Stage 1 - Hill Climb - J15/J17

Eildon Stage 2 - TT - U11

Eildon Stage 2 - TT - U13

Eildon Stage 2 - TT - U15

Eildon Stage 2 - TT - U17

Eildon Stage 3 - Road - U11

Eildon Stage 3 - Road - J13

Eildon Stage 3 - Road - J15

Eildon Stage 3 - Road - J17

Eildon Stage 4 - Road - J11

Eildon Stage 4 - Road - J13

Eildon Stage 4 - Road - J15/J17

Presentations and Prizes

Eildon Community Centre

  • Top 3 each stage
  • Top 3 GC
  • KOM/QOM overall

Race Format and Regulations


AusCycling - Victoria (entries, grading, race regulations/format).

Events Manager
Annina Gallagher

Blackburn Cycling Club (for all other queries)

Race Director
Glenn Lake
0415 368 486

Entry prices

Online pricing:


A payment card fee may apply (calculated at checkout).

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