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AWABA Rd2 2022

Sun, 26 Jun 2022
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Round 2 North Coast Enduro Series Hunter Mountain Bike Club AWABA

Lets go 2022 Rd 2 in the great atmosphere that is, Enduro racing in Australia. The North Coast Enduro Series caters for all levels of riders from the A-line elite riders to first-time riders out for a great day with family and friends. This event is Capped at 200 riders All riders must have a current Auscycling Race Membership or purchase a Race Day License. Membership must be valid on the date of the event for which you are registering. If your membership expires before the date of the event, you must renew your membership before entering this event. You will be required to show your membership on the day. SAFTEY FULL FACE HELMETS are compulsory. Riders under the age of 17 are required to wear a long sleeved shirt, full finger gloves and knee and elbow pads. A neck brace is recommended but not compulsory. A helmet must be worn at all times including liaison stages; they must also be secured properly at all times. ALL RIDERS MUST ENSURE WHILE USING THE LIAISON INSIDE THE PARK AND MOUNT FAULK RD ROAD RULES ARE FOLLOWED: HELMET SECURLY WORN RIDERS USE THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD ONLY RIDERS IN SINGLE/DOUBLE FILE ONLY ALL ROAD RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED As responsible riders who enjoy using areas like AWABA it is our responsibility to ensure we follow road rules while using public roads which ensure the ongoing availability of trails to be used and enjoyed by all. SPECTATORS Spectators must report to registration in the event village and scan the QR codes to record their arrival time. RIDER SCHEDULE & PROTOCOLS Registration will open from 6:30 am. Racing starts at 7am once you pick up your race plate riders will not be permitted to leave the event village until 7am. Please come to registration ready to race with your bike and wearing all mandatory equipment. (U17s, U15s, U13s that includes knee pads and elbow pads and gloves). Place your band with SIAC on your left wrist make sure it is tight and will not fall off, you are responsible for the SIAC - if lost you will incur a $120 replacement fee You will have until 12pm to attempt all stages as many times as you like your fastest time on each stage will be kept. All stages must be attempted to complete the race. This will help minimise lines at registration and at the beginning of stages. STARTS When you come to each start line where people may be lined up, please ensure that you follow the bunting. At each Start there will be a start sign riders must be at a complete stop at this sign. From here you will be approx. 3 to 5 meters from the start box so you will have a running start. Give yourself at least 30 seconds between you and the rider in-front, even if you are confident they are faster then you, you can leave longer gaps if you feel you will catch the rider before you. FINISHES When you finish a stage move clear of the finish line before stopping. If meeting up with friends at the end of a stage run, ensure to maintain social distancing. We will ensure that there is plenty of space at the finish of every stage. If it looks like it’s getting crowded, we will hold the start. Finish lines are also marked with signs the finish sign is located on the finish line ride past it at race speed and do no stop until you are well clear of the finish as not to impede other finishing riders. TIMING As usual all timing points are automated. When you pick up your SIAC we will ensure it is turned on test it before giving it to you. Our best advice is to put it on making sure it is well fitted and forget about it. Give each other as much space as possible. Because the timing is setup for multi runs of a stage if you move to close to a start or finish and trigger your SIAC you can simply wait for 1 minute then Start no need to panic. However starts and finishes are well bunted and signed so while not racing or spectating keep well clear of them. There will also be marshals ensuring everything is running smoothly. During the day you can checkin at the rego desk and see your times so far, either on the big screen or the live timing link provided FIRST AID First aid will be provided next to the registration. If you come across an injured rider stop and help them and send the next rider that comes along to the finish to alert the marshal. They will stop racing on that stage and send for the medics. If you require medical assistance for any reason throughout the day, we urge you to see first aid in the event center. Race plates and stage start and finish signs have an emergency phone number on the back call that number for any assistance during the day. RESULTS Results will be published LIVE throughout the weekend, so you can check your results. Results will be collated across categories and will be made official at the end of racing on Sunday. You will be asked at registration If you have read this briefing, hard copies will be available if you have not. PRESENTATIONS Podium positions will be available online shortly after racing finishes on Sunday. We post series points after the completion of the race. Presentations will take place shortly after all riders finish or at 12:10 pm which ever comes first.

Race Categories

Elite Elite Men,Elite Women
Expert Expert Men,Expert Women
Masters Masters 1/2 M&F, Masters 3/4 M&F, 50+ Men, 50+ Women
Juniors U13 M&F, U15 M&F, U17 M&F, U19 M&F
Ebikes Ebike Male, Ebike Female

Race Fees

$80 all categories $55 Juniors Late registrations are subject to availability and will incur a $15 late fee.

2022 Northcoast Enduro Series

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w: http://whitelightningevents.com
p: 0488 434637
E: info@whitelightningevents.com

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