WA Cyclocross
Numbat Cup Race Seven

Sun, 29 Aug 2021
Entries open
Thu, 17 Jun 2021 10:00 PM AWST
Entries close
Fri, 27 Aug 2021 7:00 PM AWST
Pay online by
Fri, 27 Aug 2021 7:00 PM AWST

COVID-19 Notice

We are taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously.
By entering this event, you agree to the following:

  • you will not attend if you have flu-like symptoms within 5 days of the event
  • you will follow all safety guidelines and directions of the event promoter
  • you will maintain excellent hand hygiene and use the provided hand sanitizers before and after your event
  • maintain 1.5 metres separation between people who are not from the same household or groups of other patrons and refrain from all unnecessary physical contact
  • It is strongly recommended that you download the SafeWA App
  • Please register you attendance via the QR codes that will be located around the course
  • People are assuming that it’s all gone away and it won’t come back. We have to realise that it can come back - if we drop our guard, just remember the last 5 day hard lockdown Perth had in January

The Liquor Barons WA Cyclocross Season for 2021

proudly presented by WA Cyclocross on behalf of Perth MTB Club

Numbat Cup21 Series Sponsor

The Liquor Barons Numbat Cup for 2021

proudly presented by WA Cyclocross on behalf of Perth MTB Club

The Numbat Cup is the no-nonsense Cyclocross (CX) state series. No big cash prizes, no professional setups - just pure racing for fun! Local parks, local riders, and local businesses support it. There’s a grade for everyone, and you can race on any bike you choose. Don’t try it if you don’t like having fun!

Numbat Cup Race Seven Entry

Entry Fee

  • Plate Fee $15 one-off plate fee for the RFID timing roll out, in 2021 don't lose it. Replacement plate will be $20

  • Seniors: $25

  • Young Guns(U17): $10

  • Race & Vol: - $15 if volunteering at this race course pull down doesn't constitute volunteering. If that's all you can do just wait until the volunteering entry has closed then sign up at $25, your help at pack up is still greatly appreciated however help at set up is golden.

  • Kids(U9 & U13): - $10 per plate (on the day and keep for the series) - no need to pre-register - relevant license required (see below) no timing or placing will be recorded, please refer to The WACX Philosophy

Please follow WACX on Facebook or bookmark WACylocross to stay current!

Grades, bikes and tyres widths matrix

Grade Bike Tyres Bars Gears
Kidz CX U9 & U13 Any Any Any Any
Elite Men's and Women's CX Only 33mm Drop Any
Men's B, Masters B and Women's B CX Only 33mm Drop Any
Men's C, Masters C, Women's C and CX Young Guns CX Only Max 35mm Drop Any
Men's & Women's Open Any Bike (no pedal assist/e-bike) Any Any Any
Single Speed CX CX Only 33mm Drop or Flat One


  • $15 one off payment and it's your number for the whole season.
  • Keep and bring you plate and rear number along to the next event you enter.
  • These are your numbers and your responsibility.
  • If you leave your plate at home if will be a $20 replacement fee
  • Cyclocross Categories

    • Men's Categories: - CX-Elite, SSCX, CX-B, CX Masters (+40) B, CX-C, CX Masters (+40) C, CX Young Guns U17
    • Women's Categories: - CX-Elite, CX-B, CX-C, CX Young Guns U17

    Any Other Bike Categories

    • Men's Categorie: - Open (any bike or +35mm tyre width)
    • Women's Categorie: - Open (any bike or +35mm tyre width)

    Pre Course Build

    Built it and it will be fun - we have the opportunity to make Sunday a Pro Day for everyone - sleep in, relax and turn up late and enjoy the fruits of the course builders labour.

    Pre Course Build

    • Where: Iho Park
    • From: 1430 o'clock
    • Bring: wellies and your bike for a reccy lap
    • Beers: Post course build absolutely


    Main Activity Start Time Duration Finish Time
    Course set up Saturday 24th July - Pre Course Build 01430 90 1600
    Arrive - and general chin wag 0900 05 0905
    Course open - RFID timing set up and commissioning 0930 60 1030
    Kids (U13) any bike - must wear a helmet (please write names on number plate) 1100 20 1125
    Kids (U13) - Presentations Course adjustment 1130 10 1140
    Men Only CX C CX Bike Only, CX-Masters C +40 CX Bike Only, Young Guns CX Bike Only and Open any bike with +35mm tyres (30mins) 1200 45 1245
    Men Only Single Speed CX CX Bike Only (flat or drop bars), CX B CX Bike Only and CX-Masters B +40 CX Bike Only (40 mins) 1250 50 1330
    Women Only CX W Elite CX Bike Only (45-50 mins) & CX WB SSW CX Bike Only (approx 40 mins), CX WC CX Bike Only, Young Guns CX Bike Only Open any bike with +35mm tyres (30mins) 1345 60 1445
    Men Only CX Elite CX Bike Only (60 mins) 1450 60 1550
    Course pull down - all help appreciated 1550 35 1625
    Mens, Womens & Masters Presentations - All grades, so hang around and heckle some more 1625 10 1635
    Relax, reflect and enjoy and help finish pack-up/clean-up 1635 45 1720

    Subject to change depending on entry numbers.

    * Course Set up and build: 'build it and they will come' head down early and help build the course you race. If the course isn't ready when you arrive, don't blame the organisers/course designers. The question is what could you have done to help, bring a rubber mallet and have a go. If you can't bang in the poles help with rego, timing, ongoing course maintenance, marshals, anything - before or after your race. Just ask or use your initiative. No need to be precious - because cyclocross.

    • Free Practice: - additional free practice (partial course) will be available whilst kids racing is on.

    • Presentations: - See race schedule.

    • Start procedures: - The Chief Commissaire will do a call-up, separate grades and send them away in waves (eg separated by say 1 minute) if grade numbers are sufficient. Small grades may be combined. All results are captured separately regardless of startline grouping.


    • CX bikes must run CX tyres - 33mm max width (as written on tyre with tiny allowance for tyre flare on wide rims). Definitely no gravel grinder or Monster Cross tyres in CX Race Category. Male riders can race in Open Category with any width tyre, any style of bike.

    • WACX style PITS will be in operation: - As is the tradition in Cross, mechanical assistance must be taken from the designated pit area. Spare wheels & bike changes cannot be taken from random locations on the course - only in the pits. Riders must run the course to the pits if their bike is unrideable. We will run double-sided pits so the max distance to pits should be no more than half a lap depending on course layout.

    • Series Races - minimum ages - Older juniors (say U15), with suitable experience, looking to race the full course for a full race duration can enter C Grade in WACX.


    What Grade? ....please be guided by your motor

    "What grade should I ride in CX?"

    A lot of people struggle with finding the right grade in CX, generally for one of two reasons; 1) They race, but are new to 'cross, or 2) They have never raced.

    We will be opening entries soon so please be guided by the following advice when requesting a grade...

    "be guided by your motor"

    What does that mean? It means that you should ride against riders of similar strength, not drop down because of some perceived disadvantage around tech skills.

    Some examples: If you race A grade on the Road/MTB or at your local crit, we request that you enter Elite grade for CX.
    If you don't race but you are a similar level to some of your training buddies who race B grade on the Road/MTB, enter B grade. If you have never raced and aren't able to gauge a grade off any of your training partners, you should enter C Grade and see how you go.

    You will be asked for Grading Information at entry. Please provide information that helps the Handicappers either confirm your requested grade or determine the correct grade for you. Information helps get you into the correct grade. Also note that you request a grade, and that may be changed by the Handicappers. The published Final Start List is confirmation of your grade for race day.

    WACX can and will encourage riders that are capable of riding the next grade. If you are in a lower grade and are consistently lapping times that are above the meantime in the grade above you will be promoted.

    The Call Up will be based on, a combination of recent results, Numbat Cup series standings and heckling kudos

    TIMING - RFID for 2021 - let's see what happens

    It normally works until it doesn't

    WACX is self-timed and requires volunteers for this to happen - please help us to time you.

    I understand that many riders like to see their times, if you do please help out.

    Don't complain if you don't volunteer in the timing tent, as it doesn't fit the WACX ethos.

    LICENSING - Basically this is your responsibility

    Licensing Requirements for Racing WA Cyclocross in 2021 You can race under your current valid • CA Race, or • MBTA Race license.

    As the year progresses you will need to renew your racing license when the above types expire.

    Log on to Tidy HQ here: https://auscycling.tidyhq.com/

    If you don’t have one of the examples above, you will need to read below and decide which racing license suits your needs.

    All rider from U9 to 65+ will need to have a valid license to enter any WACX event in 2021 via Entry Boss and you will need to present it when you collect your racing numbers this season.

    The more riders of this magnificent cycling discipline that cyclocross is, the greater the chance that the sport has of gaining proper recognition - therefore funding and support from our newly formed national governing body.

    AusCycling Licensing Categories

    Click here for AusCycling Licensing Categories and Perth MTB membership info

    Race Location

    Address: Iho Park/South Guildford


    • Parking: Please follow the parking plan and the WACX parking signs, do not park on Bridge or Wilkie Streets, best to park up at Guildford Primary School and ride in. Families please park at the little bit of open space at the CNR GE Hwy and Bridge Street. or better yet ride there!
    • Toilets: 3 x Port-a-aloos or public toilets. Please use them, any riders seen not utilising them will result in an immediate DQ and 2 race exclusion - no refunds.
    • Coffee: Head into Guildford
    • Food: No BYO
    • Water: Nope.
    • Electricity: generator only
    • Playground: No
    • Support: You're on your own - better to be looking at it than for it (ask around if stuck).
    • First Aid: St Johns Ambulance will be on location form 1030-1630

    Entry prices

    Online pricing:

    Regular Entry + race plate
    Regular Entry
    Young Guns + race plate
    Young Guns
    U9-U13 + race plate
    U9-U13 (free after 1st race)
    Volunteers + race plate

    Race Plates are a once-off $15 fee and include a timing chip. Yours to keep all season.

    Actions available